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National Shopping Service Network

I'm sorry if I am asking about something that has already been asked, but I can only find stuff back in 2017 and it doesn't answer my question. I am new to Mystery Shopping and trying to sign up with someone who calls themselves National Shopping Service Network. ... Continue Reading

IMPORTANT! There is NO connection between NSS (National Shopping Service) and NSSN (National Shopping Service Network, LLC) - No payments from NSSN are for NSS shops

We have been assured multiple times by a representative of National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) that there is not now, nor has there ever been, a connection between NSSN and National Shopping Service (NSS). July 15, 2017 "I am a representative of National Shopping Service Network LLC (NSSN) based out of... Continue Reading

NSSN mystery shop

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

NSSN llc

Has anyone shopped for this company? Could you please rate and review them before I start. Thanks.... Continue Reading


I am so upset with this company. I did a shop 9/25 and they still owe me $20. I have emailed at least 15 times and called twice today. No one will fricking answer me. Grrrrrrr. I hate not getting paid for shops. There is no excuse either.... Continue Reading


I completed a shop on Sept. 12, 2011 and the report on Sept. 13,2011 for a company with the National Service Shopping Network, dba NSSN LLC. It was a very detailed report and took much longer to do the actual shop than I expected, however, I did a complete... Continue Reading


Just signed up a week ego to bcome a Mystery Shopper with a company calle ZEOX, and today I received a vogus Check for $1560 and $31.00. Who are these people (NSSN LLC)? How do you trust if you really signing up for the real company? Confused!... Continue Reading


I was invited to work as a mystery shopper. The name of the mystery shopper job offer was read as mistery shopper. I received two checks in the mail one for $1,630 and one for $31.00 from NSSN LLC which supposedly was located at 4300 East Washington St.... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service Network?

Does anybody know anything about this company? I found it while doing a search for casual dining mystery shops. Their website was They looked legitimate but I don't like giving out my information if I am not sure. I know I am full of questions. ... Continue Reading

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The REAL NSSN is on shopmetrics and has a scam warning on their site. (Source). October 18, 2020

"BECOME A MYSTERY SHOPPER Get Paid To Shop And Tell Us About Your Experience National Shopping Service Network, LLC is one of the leading agency specialized in Global Customer Service Research. (Source). October 18, 2020

National Shopping Service Network has them in Colorado sometimes. (Source). October 04, 2019

NSSN is still alive and well. (Source). July 17, 2019

NSSN is still alive and well. (Source). July 17, 2019

There is also another company with a similar name, NSSN, National Shopping Service Network. (Source). July 17, 2019

* Be willing to share your login name and password and forward any transaction confirmation emails or texts to NSSN * You will also need to complete the Certification test called Bill Credit Opportunity on your Shopper's Profile (5 questions) Pay: $15 Per shop Report: No summary or questions to fill out - The report will (Source). December 06, 2018

Here is the link I have for NSSN https://portal. (Source). November 18, 2018

I am new to Mystery Shopping and trying to sign up with someone who calls themselves National Shopping Service Network. (Source). November 18, 2018

It said NSSplease update your login details. I tried to get in and (wondering what the heck was going on) when I realized it was NSSN not NSS. (Source). May 31, 2018