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Shoutout to Kristen at Data Quest and Claudia at North Fork!

Trying to set up my monthly attempt at a New York weekend of shops was not as easy as usual, thanks to a family emergency and full hotel that had me rescheduling the date of my hotel audit twice. Kristen Alioto was amazing at rolling with me while I... Continue Reading

Unable to sign on to North Fork

Have any of you had an issue signing into North Fork today?... Continue Reading

RESOLVED: North Fork refuses to pay

I did a shop last month which required me to be a current customer of a large cable provider. Among the acceptable introductions was "I have a question about my account." I have two services from this company: internet including home phone; and mobile phone. Nowhere in the instructions did it... Continue Reading

North Fork Rating Question

Hello, Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get your rating changed with North Fork? I was consistently doing shops for them, then I had a day where a real family emergency came up and I didn't make my shop deadline. I explained in an email but got no response.... Continue Reading

North Fork Research - where is my Shopper Rating

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

North Fork Research

Does anyone know when this company pays shoppers?... Continue Reading

Anyone do the North Fork wine tasting shops?

Anyone done one of these? I'm not in California right now, but wondering for the future...... Continue Reading

North Fork—watch for 3 part shop—BAD RESULT

I did a three associate interaction shop for North Fork and the survey was impossible to fill out. The first question is: Where you greeted within one minute? My answer was—NO—then in narrative I explained my NO answer with—‘I browsed for several minutes before being approached by an... Continue Reading

North Fork Failure to Pay, Stealing Comps on False Pretenses

Just a warning about North Fork Research. They have a consistent pattern of generating invalid rejections. About 50% of them are being excluded on false pretenses. They are making the grab on out-of-pocket shops for grocers with a required purchase. The shops are time intensive, requiring over one hour to... Continue Reading

North Fork Online Shopping Sweepstakes

I received an email asking me to enter their sweepstakes. They list several online sites, and if I purchased something from any of them in December (I had purchased items from a handful of them), they want me to send my name, address, and order number for each. I stopped... Continue Reading

North Fork Payment

I received a Paypal payment for one of my North Fork shops yesterday but not the other 8 that I did last month. Have any of you had this happen? Do they send each payment separately? I don't normally do many shops with them so I am not sure if... Continue Reading

North Fork Online Comparison Shop Limit

After accepting this shop earlier this month they sent an FAQ saying “You can only be assigned to 3 of these shops at a time. If you attempt to self-assign to more than 3, you will receive a citation and be disqualified from these shops.” Does that mean you can... Continue Reading

North Fork MSC

Has anyone worked with North Fork or have any info on this MSC? I put a lot of effort in a 10.00$ shop. The narrative wasn't satisfactory for North Fork to submit to their client. The information the QSR sent back to me and the paperwork I sent them,... Continue Reading

Can an employee throw the mystery shopper under the bus? (North Fork)

I recently did a North Fork superstore shop where you have to interact with two employees, giving them the chance to escort you to an item you have asked them about. One of the employees did not escort me and did not offer to escort me. So I just got... Continue Reading

north fork

do you have problems if the instructions say you have to say you are just looking and another instruction you have to ask about a certain item if you follow those instructions not in that order is that ok... Continue Reading

Awkward Moment (North Fork style)

So there I was doing my second grocery shop for NF and feeling like "oh I got this" when I popped around an endcap and spotted the Seafood guy from the chain of grocery stores I used to do. Now I saw this man every two weeks for a year... Continue Reading

North Fork Self Assignment Shops - What am I missing?

I recently signed up with North Fork and have done a couple of shops for them. Now I'm being bombarded with emails for a series of phone only shops which I would love to sign up for, but when I click on the link, there is what appears to be... Continue Reading

North Fork emails?!?

I've only recently signed up with North Fork and today i have gotten 26 emails about the same shop!! And none of the shops were even remotely near me. Is this the norm for them?... Continue Reading

Once again no payment from North Fork.

Once again I was not paid by North Fork. They use to be one of the most dependable companies I work for but in the pass three months this is the third time I had not been paid as promised. Also their phone number is out of... Continue Reading

North Fork Research

Hi has anyone had experience with North Fork? Are there any special tips to completing their reporting required. And there is a lot of it. I'm scheduled 6 department audits at 3 locations to a major grocery store chain here in Michigan, tomorrow. I'm afraid I overbooked myself. I... Continue Reading

Kudos to North Fork for the Christmas Gift Card!

Wow. What a nice surprise in my inbox. Thank you, Sanaz! Merry Christmas to you, too.... Continue Reading

North Fork missing payments again

What is up with northfork. I have been with them two years and never a late payment. Now all a sudden ev e y payment is late.... Continue Reading

North Fork

I turned in my shop on Monday and it still says completed. Should I be concerned?... Continue Reading

North Fork missing payments

Was anyone paid on Friday for shops done on 9/3/16- 9/7/16?... Continue Reading

Shoppers View and North Fork?

Good or bad? What are the pay schedules?... Continue Reading

North Fork Research is awesome!!!

An hour after submitting two shop reports to North Fork Research, both had been reviewed and I received thank you emails. Does not get much faster than that! Thank you North Fork!... Continue Reading

North Fork Gift Card Pass

Did anyone receive an email from Virtual Reward Center stating you have received a $10 e-gift card pass from North Fork Research? I am emailing them to find out more, but in the meantime I was curious. For possible spam, it is legitimate looking. However, I refuse to click on... Continue Reading

Anyone have a contact for North Fork Research?

I am having problems assigning a shop for tomorrow on the North Fork website. I have looked high and low on the website for a email contact to no avail. Does anyone have contact information for them? Thanks in advance.... Continue Reading

ICCDS/North Fork - WOW!

I completed a shop YESTERDAY, which was promptly reviewed, and I was paid TODAY. Merry Christmas to me!... Continue Reading

North Fork payments

Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new at mystery shopping and I did some shops for North Fork Research. I can't find their payment dates on their website, does anyone know when it is? I know it's via PayPal, just don't know when. Thanks!... Continue Reading

North Fork

Good morning, I have been MS'ing for about 10 years and recently decided to tryout a company called NorthFork. I use Geo-Verify, the time I entered (re geo-verify) indicated the correct time). the receipt had the wrong time, it showed a couple of hours earlier, and the store wasn't... Continue Reading

North Fork Timings

I've been a MS quite awhile, but I mostly lurk on here. Something happened recently that has been perplexing me, so I wanted feedback. I do grocery store shops for North Fork. I'm in an area where some of these are extremely hard for them to fill, so my scheduler... Continue Reading

North Fork Research

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this company? I have my first shop with them but they don't have a FAQ's section and I cant find to much information on them, or when they pay. Anything on this company would be great :) Thank you!... Continue Reading

north fork

Am I just overlooking a thread about this company? Looking for info about how they grade. My score isn't shown but I notice they offer self assign if you have a certain rating. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them.... Continue Reading

North Fork Research (ICCDS)

Has anybody ever heard of this MSC (North Fork Research (ICCDS)? I was solicited by them...they say they got my name from another MSC that I work for at times.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of North Fork Research

If response is good here I will keep the post updated with the current list. Here are the one's I have seen mentioned so far: Ath ACL Amusement Advantage Bare Bestmark Informa Jancyn JM Ridgeway North Fork Sentry Shopper's View[/quote] (Source). May 18, 2019

Kristen Alioto was amazing at rolling with me while I found a date that would work and I highly recommend her. Also, many thanks to Claudia Santos from North Fork, who was super sweet working through a system glitch with me. (Source). May 01, 2019

North Fork HS Brands (Source). April 28, 2019

North Fork Research claims to give a referral bonus; I referred two of my kids to do age compliance shops and a bonus was not forthcoming for either referral. (Source). April 24, 2019

If response is good here I will keep the post updated with the current list. Here are the one's I have seen mentioned so far: Ath ACL Amusement Advantage Bare Bestmark Informa Jancyn JM Ridgeway North Fork Sentry Shopper's View (Source). April 24, 2019

Have any of you had an issue signing into North Fork today? (Source). April 16, 2019

We're now in Nor Cal and I do miss the cheap tasting prices, low bottle prices and zero traffic of the Central coast. Sign up for North Fork for sure!! (Source). March 08, 2019

[/quote] There are wine tour mystery shops in this area but I can’t remember the MSC. Edited to add that I just saw an email from North Fork Research for these. (Source). March 06, 2019

I'm not talking about the alcohol check ones (I think North Fork has those the most? (Source). February 14, 2019

North Jersey seems to have lot of shops. I suggest that you register with Ath Power, North Forks Research, and Maritz just to start. (Source). January 28, 2019