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Norton Norris - when do they pay??

Hello everyone! I am new to mystery shopping, and have only performed a few shops. Most of the shops I have performed have been college shops for Norton-Norris. Does anyone know when they pay and if they pay via paypal or direct deposit?... Continue Reading

Norton Norris - Feedback please

This is an MSPA member company that seems to specialize in college admissions. Is there anyone who has any experience with them? Thanks, :) Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Norton Norris

The MSC is Norton Norris (Source). February 03, 2020

You are only a victim if you deposited the check and got ripped off, which we advised you not to do in the Norton Norris thread. (Source). November 02, 2019

One of them is the New Mystery Shoppers section. Another link takes you to a list of REAL MSCs and Norton Norris is one of them. (Source). October 31, 2019

@Cubphan, I was notified you had been targeted for a scam that is going around pretending to be from Norton Norris. (Source). October 31, 2019

Please, please call the "real" Norton Norris. (Source). October 31, 2019

I am certain that person is NOT one of their reps. They have on their home page the following message: "Norton Norris will never require you to purchase gift cards. (Source). October 31, 2019

Did you give your social security number and fill out an application form on their website? That is the only way to get jobs from Norton Norris. (Source). October 31, 2019

Hi, I was connected with Norton norris thru a LinkedIn connection. (Source). October 31, 2019

Did you sign up with Norton Norris and fill out your application on a secure website, being given a user name and password to log in? (Source). October 31, 2019

You might not want to do Norton Norris as a first shop, then. (Source). October 31, 2019