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Mystery Audit Assignment - Onion Insights

Easy, Exciting and of course Lucrative Assignment. Simple need to Evaluate the Store as per the guidelines and parameter. [I]Mod note: Welcome to the forum raj. If you are representing a company, please feel free to add a signature line with your company name and contact info. Also,... Continue Reading

Onion Insights Scam

The company Onion Insights ( is cheating its clients. Despite my work done for them I did not receive any payment. I don't recommend to cooperate with them.... Continue Reading

Onion Insights

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Beware of the mystery shopping SCAM in the name of Onion Insights!

We recently identified that there is someone posing as a Onion Insights Market Research Inc. (Address: Unit, 142, 587, Austin Place Bronx NY 10455) and is trying to recruit secret/mystery shoppers across USA and other parts of the world. We would like to categorically state that these communications are purely... Continue Reading

Onion Insights

Anyone ever heard of them? I got this email but have not found out much about them except that they're located in India. I'm reluctant to sign up because of their location and my inability to find any MS info about them. What do you think? Hello Friend, Greetings from Onion... Continue Reading

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3. Keep an eye on the outcomes constantly 4. Combine Mystery Shopping results with other measurement tools One of the mystery shopping company( from whom I do audits is Onion Insights. (Source). January 31, 2019

Onion Insights is a Sassie Company, whose list of companies that are on their "shop" board include the Slovak Republic. (Source). November 19, 2016

There is a company called Onion Insights on the Mystery Shopping Company list below, I'm not sure about Onion Sights. (Source). November 06, 2016

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What follows is the reply posted back in 2012, I think. "We recently identified that there is someone posing as a Onion Insights Market Research Inc. (Source). May 28, 2015

The company Onion Insights (http://www. (Source). May 28, 2015

Stepanuk Wrote: - Onion Insights is listed on the not viable list. (Source). December 15, 2014

Maybe its name changed? Also, Restaurant Evaluators is listed as questionable, but its domain is for sale. Any opinions? Onion Insights is listed on the not viable list. (Source). December 12, 2014 National Shopping Service National Shopping Service Network / NSSN New Image Marketing North Fork Research (formerly ICCDS) Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants Norton Norris - n•site Market Research website: Oculus Training website: Onion Insights website: www. (Source). December 08, 2014

The link goes to another company. Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants – Valid. Onion Insights – Uncertain. (Source). December 07, 2014