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Performa Logics

Does anyone know how the heck you can delete your account with this company. I am not even able to set my profile up to not receive any emails.... Continue Reading

Performa Logics - opinions please

Has anyone shopped for this MSC? If so, what do you think?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Performa Logics

I did one shop in my life for Performa Logic and maybe 10 for Intouch Insight so this is going to have a major impact on my shopping business. (Source). February 25, 2020

This information was posted on the ACL site regarding a scam with a company pertaining to them: ***SCAM Alert*** It has come to our attention there is a company called Performa Insight who has set-up a website resembling ours (http://PERFORMAINSIGHT. (Source). June 13, 2018

Hope there will be more before I become too old to do them anymore. I signed up for Performa a long time ago and they reset my password on me. (Source). August 08, 2015

Lanla, Performa Logics, Shopncheck, Service Inetlligence, Spotcheck and Premier Service are good too. (Source). August 10, 2009

I currently work for Gapbusters, GFK, Performa Logics, Secret shop net (service intelligence), Shop n Chek. (Source). February 02, 2009