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Person To Person MSC any thoughts ?

I have been getting shop offers from this MSC. Any feedback would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

Person to Person

I just got paid for my October job, and low and behold, they gave me an extra fee for gas. This was not in the original fee and although I mentioned it was a bit further than I normally go, I did not ask for more was surprised... Continue Reading

Person to Person Quality

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Is Person to Person Quality still doing health shops?? Haven't seen any this year yet.

P2P usually has particular health shops available this time of year. I've done several in past years, but now, since I am actually going into a particular age group (!), I'd like to do more for them. They paid decently, but did require a face-to-face, and a good bit of... Continue Reading

Person to Person Website Issues

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Person to Person

Shoppers in Texas - go for it!! Shops paying $40-$50 plus mileage.... Continue Reading

Person to Person Quality Bonus Payment Issue

I did these shops a couple months ago for Person to Person Quality, but I recently joined the forum and never had the chance to ask. I did a few alcohol compliance audits (ID Check) for them, and there would be a $2 bonus applied if I added a step... Continue Reading

MSC FEEDBACK PLEASE: Person to Person Quality

So how are they to work for???? Thank You and Happy Easter and Passover... Continue Reading

Person to Person Quality

Has anyone had any problems being paid by this MSC? I was paid today, but at least $45 short. I've emailed them and am waiting for a response.... Continue Reading

Person To Person

any feedback on this company. I am new to mystery shopping and have been looking at jobs offered by this company and am hoping they are honest.... Continue Reading

Great! Assigned a shop and didn't know it re: Person to Person Quality

hi friends, I just discovered I was assigned a shop by Person to Person Quality that they never confirmed. It was due Sept. 2nd. I have e-mailed and told them I never knew I was assigned it and would be happy to do it ASAP. Has anyone had this happen... Continue Reading

Person to Person quality --A BIG COMPLIMENT !!!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a compliment to the MS company: Person to Person Quality. I recently was paid for a job and they included a extra 15 bucks for travel expenses,which I don't remember seeing the extra fee when I accepted the job. I just wanted to pass this name on,so... Continue Reading

Person To Person Quality Opinions ?

Hey everyone, Anyone have any dealings with this company,I was just offered some assignments and was just curious about other shoppers experiences (opinions)as far as pay and dealings with their editors,etc. Thanks in advance !!!!... Continue Reading

Person to Person Shops

I did a shop for this company and it paid $45 for each shop which is pretty good. However, I got no feedback - good or bad - and neither was I paid. I tried contacting the company and no response either by phone or email. Has... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Person To Person Quality Mystery Shopping

Person to Person is first rate. (Source). May 13, 2021

Current assignments pay $40-$60. Person to Person Quality is a proud member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association and the Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition. As a division of ADI Consulting, we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. (Source). January 26, 2021

As a division of ADI Consulting, we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. (Source). January 18, 2021

I am doing some kiosk and phone Medicare Advantage shops in North Carolina for Second to None and Person to Person. (Source). November 01, 2020

Hi Shoppers! Person to Person Quality has an immediate need for shoppers age 65+ with Medicare Parts A and B, to do Medicare informational shops for us. (Source). July 16, 2020

Are you looking for a high-paying shop you can do completely from home using your phone and computer? Person to Person Quality, a leading mystery shopping provider based in Fairfax, Virginia, has been commissioned by one of the nation's largest provider of Medicare plans to audit their agents and evaluate their products. (Source). July 06, 2020

And I'm now hearing the virus has mutated and has not become deadlier but has become easier to pass from person to person. (Source). July 01, 2020

Person to Person Quality has easy drive-thru teller shops that require you to have an account, but obviously I can't post the name of the client on a public forum. (Source). June 18, 2020

There are things that seem to be generally accepted as fact: The virus is transmitted most easily person to person. (Source). May 18, 2020

It's a stressful time for everyone and many of us are really frightened. The source of our fear may be different from person to person, but it is still fear. (Source). May 08, 2020