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Phantom Shoppers has become Confidential Consumer

At least for now new shopper registration is apparently still Email received today indicates they have a restaurant client with locations in CT, NY, GA, VA and DC. I never worked for them or for Phantom Shopper before.... Continue Reading

Phantom shoppers

Has anyone shopped for phantom and know how they pay you? When I signed up I gave my paypal address on the profile, then the job I took stated I needed to sign up with as that's how they pay so I also signed up for Continue Reading

Phantom Shoppers using anyone have comments???

I signed on with Phantom Shoppers and get some good shops from them but they use a method of sending out the checks... does anyone have any experience with this. I did sign up but I am more than a little nervous about this payment method as I... Continue Reading

Phantom Shoppers

Anyone know the pay date / frequency for this company?... Continue Reading

Phantom Shoppers

I got an email from a scheduler for this company. I don't see any discussions about them, so I'm wondering if anybody has ever heard of them or done any shops for them. Anybody? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Phantom Shoppers

Has anyone worked for them?... Continue Reading

Phantom Shoppers?

Hey All! Has anyone recently worked for Phantom Shoppers? If so, please share your experience! I received an e-mail about an awesome mystery shop at a concert venue that I would love to complete... but I can't find any recent feedback about them. Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Phantom Shoppers

[/quote] They are listed. Their previous name was Phantom Shoppers, which is on the list. (Source). September 14, 2020

was bought out by IPSOS but maintains its sassie page now referred to as Sassie IPSOS MVentix went out of Business as far as I know Northfork Research formerly ICCDS is now Buzzagents Phantom Shoppers is now called Confidential Consumer Movie Measure is a new Mystery Shopping Company specializing in Trailor Checks and Movie Stand Installs Feel free to verify any info provided. (Source). January 06, 2020

As mentioned already confidential consumer formerly phantom shoppers has $2 phones shops. (Source). August 06, 2019

I love them. Their original name was Phantom Shoppers. (Source). June 22, 2019

Aka: Phantom Shoppers I receive payment via direct deposit via Bill. (Source). January 16, 2019

Custom Risk Solutions was Corporate Risk Solutions and may have also used the name Asset Protection Associates. It looks like Confidential Consumer was Phantom Shoppers until September 2015. (Source). November 18, 2017

Yes, we used to be called Phantom Shoppers, then we were acquired by a larger firm a little over a year ago. (Source). July 07, 2016

intellishop also does baseball and phantom shoppers. (Source). July 06, 2016

.. I do think they and Phantom Shoppers are the same company. (Source). June 05, 2016

Used to be Phantom Shoppers. (Source). April 12, 2016