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Primo solutions

I searched the forums and found a thread from years ago about how someone had issues with pay from this company. But that was awhile back, anyone with any recent experience know when this company pays or knows how they pay? I cant find anything regarding payment. This would be... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions - Pending Applications

Hello! I have not worked for Primo Solutions before but have been registered a month or so. Applied for an Assisted Living shop (In Person) on Friday but 48 hours later it is still showing as a "pending application" when I log in. There isn't a FAQ... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions Community Web Page

I have searched high and low for this page when logged in. It supposedly has the scenario for a shop I have coming up. Does anyone see the Community web page on their homepage?... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions

I was just recently contacted by a scheduler for this company inviting me to sign up as a shopper, which I did. Once I logged in there was one senior living shop in my area, but due to working full-time the timing for it didn't work out so I didn't... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions

I worked for this company once 5 years ago (Assisted living home) they just email me to do another new one built in my town. I write back, yes, I can do it and have experience due to my sister whom I put in the home I learned... Continue Reading

Bild & Co Acquires Primo Solutions

@vlade5394 reviewed Bild & Co this week for mystery shopper magazine. They recently acquired Primo Solutions, and are now offering Senior Living Facilities assignments. Check it out here: Thank you @vlade5394!... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions

Does anyone know an e-mail for this company? They have several jobs posted in my area, but when I attempt to accept them, I am advised to contact the scheduler. The big issue is that there is no e-mail listed for the scheduler or the person whose name was on... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions

Primo Solutions, LLC Dawn Hunt Project Manager Does anybody know who he is?... Continue Reading


I just received an email from this organization. Can anyone tell me anything about them? Thanks... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions - might be a new favorite of mine.

I just completed a shop with them over the weekend. Easy telephone shop, paid $10. The scheduler, Dawn, is awesome! This is a company I can see myself developing a professional relationship with. I do not see them mentioned often, and through a search I have seen some rather questionable... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions

I just wanted to report on this company. I did two shops the last week of June and one the first week of July. I received payment for all three today. This was my first affiliation with this company and just wanted everyone to know the results.... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions

Has anyone heard of this company and do they pay fast or slow.... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions

Anyone heard of them?... Continue Reading

Primo Solutions: Bounced Check

Beware: Just received this from my bank: Good evening and thank you for contact. Our records indicate return fees incurred was due to a check issued by Primo Solutions LLC YUP - Primo Solutions just bounced their check to me. Insufficient funds. Do you know how much the fee is to me is? $... Continue Reading

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Primo Solutions, LLC is looking for shoppers 38+ years old to shop a senior living community. (Source). December 20, 2018

Primo Solutions, LLC has senior Living shops $45 Connecticut: South Windsor Rhode Island:Lincoln Maine: Dartmouth, Ipswith New Hampshire: Salem, Dover Vermont: Burlington, Shelbourne, Middlebury This is a recorded call with a non-recorded onsite visit (tour). (Source). December 20, 2018

Primo Solutions, LLC has senior Living shops in Roanoke, VA $50 3 Part Shop This is a web request, recorded call with an onsite visit (tour). (Source). December 20, 2018

Primo Solutions, LLC has senior Living shops in Suwanee, Ga Lexington, SC and Rainbow City, AL This is a recorded call with a RECORDED audio onsite visit (tour). (Source). December 20, 2018

Primo Solutions, LLC has senior Living shops in Danville, Va. (Source). December 20, 2018

I have completed 10 jobs for Primo over a six year period and always been promptly paid. (Source). November 25, 2018

Hello! I have not worked for Primo Solutions before but have been registered a month or so. (Source). September 24, 2018

$45 pay. Recorded call, and with non recorded visit. Please email me if interested or sign up with Primo Solutions reginaprimosolutions@gmail. (Source). August 07, 2018

If you're retired, and don't mind driving, there's plenty of apartment shops all along I-5 from Canada to Mexico. EMPS, Cirrus, Jancyn, Grace Hill among others. Primo Solutions and JP Morgan seem to have more senior living shops and look for shoppers 55 or older. (Source). April 16, 2018 (apartments) (retail) (banks) ( (cars) (restaurants) (gas) (credit unions) (cars, retail) (banks) (post office, major appliances, phones) Secret Shopper, Harland Clarke, International Service Check, Primo Solutions PLATFORMS: http://www. (Source). March 29, 2018