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Private Eyes Scheduling

I just received a weird email from Private Eyes. The subject says they need shoppers ASAP. The body is just the schedulers signature (twice) which includes a link to Shadow Shopper. Did anybody (everybody?) else get this? I can't figure out if it is a mistake or spam.... Continue Reading

Freeman Group/Private Eyes Scheduling

Anyone that has done a mystery shopping job for Freeman Group knows they are not getting paid. Some of these jobs are expensive motel shops. Private Eyes Scheduling is recruiting shoppers to complete jobs for Freeman Group, knowing FULL WELL the shopper will not be paid. SHAME... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Private Eyes Scheduling

Scheduling through Carrie is the ultimate low, and doing shops for the MSCs that she works for. As a matter of fact, her (non) existing Private Eyes Online and Private Eyes Scheduling are on the forum’s list of legit MSCs. (Source). September 06, 2018

I also brought up their "legitimacy", which they also would not respond to. Fishy.[/quote] I suspect they got your email from Carrie Coyle, who now schedules for Private Eyes Scheduling. (Source). April 06, 2018

/ NSSN(4 Discussions) Nationwide Services Group(5 Discussions) North Fork Research(3 Discussions) nsite Market Research(17 Discussions) Ocean Road Consulting(1 Discussions) Oculus Training(1 Discussions) Onion Insights(4 Discussions) Palm Scheduling Services(10 Discussions) Patron Edge Mystery Shopping(0 Discussions) Phantom Shoppers(6 Discussions) Private Eyes Online(8 Discussions) Private Eyes Scheduling(2 Discussions) Promotion Network, Inc(0 Discussions) Provantage Corporate Analytics(4 Discussions) QSI Specialists(1 Discussions) Quality Assurance Consulting Inc(7 Discussions) Quality Scheduling(1 Discussions) Quality Service Control / QSC(0 Discussions) Quality Shopper(0 Discussions) Red Brick Scheduling(2 Discussions) Reflections MS(4 Discussions) Reflections MS(4 Discussions) Rentrak Mystery Shopping(4 Discussions) Research (Source). July 31, 2015 PerformaLogics website: (The) Performance Edge website: Phantom Shoppers website: Pinnacle Financial Strategies Premier Service Inc. Primo Solutions LLC (see also Bild & Co.) website: Private Eyes Scheduling NOT Private Eyes Online Promotion Network Inc. (Source). December 08, 2014 Pinnacle Financial Strategies – Valid Premier Service Inc – Valid. Private Eyes Online – Valid. (Note: This is a scheduling company and it goes by the name “Private Eyes Scheduling. (Source). December 07, 2014

.." The body: Thank you for all that you do! ~ L. Sampson Owner, Private Eyes Scheduling www. (Source). March 10, 2013

The subject line was "Shoppers needed ASAP in your area..." The body: Thank you for all that you do! ~ L. Sampson Owner, Private Eyes Scheduling www. (Source). March 09, 2013

Should I write to Labor department and complain against Private Eyes for scheduling the shops and not getting those shops paid. Thanks, Shiv Kumar That is the reason Private Eyes scheduling is no longer in my good books. (Source). January 16, 2013

PrivateEyes said, "Based on this event, Private Eyes Scheduling has restructured all client contracts to state that MSP contracts will automatically be cancelled if shopper payment is delayed beyond 30 days of the advertised pay date. (Source). August 13, 2012

Private Eyes would like to offer the most sincere apologies to any unpaid mystery shoppers that were scheduled by Private Eyes Scheduling (March-May, 2012) for The Freeman Group's advertised shops. (Source). July 29, 2012