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Big shout out to QAMS and Mary

QAMS is the best. Had a shop go sideways yesterday when I showed up and the location was temporarily closed for remodeling. QAMS is not only paying the $5 fee, but the $20 reimbursement I was expecting for the meal purchase. Typically, I would not expect... Continue Reading

Qams has no shops but scheduler says they do.

I have gotten 2 e-mails this week from an indepent scheduling service listing shops in my area - a bunch of them, actually. When I click on the provided link in the e-mail to visit the Qams site, there are 0 shops available either in my area or total across... Continue Reading

Is QAMS still in business?

I did two shops for QAMS at the beginning of the year, and got high scores on both. I check their site daily, but it shows zero shops since my last shop.... Continue Reading


Has this company gone out of business? I see nothing on their job board and haven't for some time. I contacted Mary from the company but no response.... Continue Reading

Non-payment Issue With QAMS

I have been trying to get a payment from QAMS for shops I did back in October. I can see in my profile that a check was generated for the work I did on 10/24. I have not received any check. I emailed the contact person several times but I... Continue Reading

Is QAMS still around?

There were only two clients I shopped for them but I thought both the clients and the MSC were class organizations. They seem to have disappeared.... Continue Reading

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers (QAMS) Mary Flurrie

Thank you for the lightening fast payment!... Continue Reading

QAMS-- Why so few shops

I haven't done anything for them since Jan 2016. I just went looking as I was looking at shop metrics MSPs and find 9 total shops nationwide. They no longer seem to have the car wash client, the mens beard client, or even the burger client. I did not name... Continue Reading

QAMS contact information? Completed job disappeared from Pay History

I did my first shop for QAMS a few days ago. When I checked my pay history today, to be sure everything was OK ,the job was no longer listed . I've double checked all my emails and didn't receive any correspondence from them except those asking me... Continue Reading

QAMS - Quality Assessment Mystery Shoppers no shops across the country?

I've done quite a few shops for QAMS over the last year. For the last three weeks their job board has been showing me zero shops anywhere in the country. I know that there were shops on September 16th because they sent me an email for a shop... Continue Reading

Quality Assessments Mystery Shopper (QAMS)

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

QAMS-- Still in Business?

I logged onto their job board at shopmetrics today. I saw zero shops available throughout the nation. Did they go under?... Continue Reading

QAMS and the misguided 1099

Hello shoppers. Perhaps someone can help me. I did a search on the forum for this topic but didn't find anything. I nevr have luck with that. Also, I know QAMS sent out emails on this subject but I can't find mine. Anyway, they sent out a 1099 for amounts way... Continue Reading


I did a search, but didn't find anything. I have not done very much with this company. Can someone remind me, how long does it generally take QAMS to pay? I did a shop for them the last week of December, 2014. It shows up on their Jan... Continue Reading

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers (QAMS)

It's an MSPA member company without any thread of its own I could find. What do you think about it? Thanks.... Continue Reading

is this scheduling still in business (QAMS)

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

QAMS - Lightning Fast Payment

I just received an early payment from QAMS for a delicious shop. The check arrived exactly ten days after I did the shop and submitted the report. Taking into account mailing time, that was sent out quickly. Woo hoo! As I write this, it's triggering a memory... I... Continue Reading

How does Qams (Quality Assessments) pay?

How does Qams (Quality Assessments) pay? Do they use check? Direct deposit? Paypal?... Continue Reading

Heard of Quality Assessment Mystery Shoppers Inc (QAMS)?

I couldn't find any reviews on this company but I did find this on the BBB website: "According to information in the BBB files, it appears that the company is no longer in business. The phone numbers the BBB had for this company are disconnected, and directory assistance does... Continue Reading


Is there some secret to getting jobs? I've tried for 3 months, and get nothing...ever! I've tried KSS, and still nothing. Very frustrating.... Continue Reading

QAMS volume

QAMS seems to be high on many posters' top ten lists, and though I've done a couple of at-home phone shops for them (cheap but easy) I never see any more than a handful of open shops nationwide. Am I missing something?... Continue Reading

Qams mystery shops

Has anyone done a Qams 32 questions mystery shop for a retail store?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers

Here's the companies I've got URLs for on my MobiAudit, there may be more: qams. (Source). March 27, 2021

I shopped for Mary/QAMS when I first started, and I would love to work with her again! (I donít think I can pull off the one client they currently seem to have in my area). (Source). May 23, 2019

QAMS is the best. (Source). March 16, 2019

" Other companies do not tell a shopper when she is deactivated, the shopper just no longer sees any shops. QAMS and several others do this. (Source). February 15, 2019

I believe you have to do a pre-visit call and then on-site visit. Another company - maybe (not sure) Quality Assessment Mystery Shoppers (QAMS) - has them for like $25/$35. (Source). November 11, 2018

depends on where you live but I have seen car wash shops at HS Brands, Intel 360 (Formerly Goodwin and Associates), Aboutface, QAMS at one point I believe, Ace, and Intouch Insight. (Source). August 06, 2018

It's good that you posted and let us know another company that deactivates without notice. I'm keeping a list. So far I've got ath, QAMS, and Sentry. (Source). June 22, 2018

When I go to Qams, I'm sent automatically to KSS Scheduling. (Source). June 03, 2018

When I click on the provided link in the e-mail to visit the Qams site, there are 0 shops available either in my area or total across the board. (Source). June 02, 2018

When I click on the provided link in the e-mail to visit the Qams site, there are 0 shops available either in my area or total across the board. (Source). June 02, 2018