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Does anyone have any information relative to payments for service from QACI?... Continue Reading


Am I the only one that pronounces the name of this MSC as "Quacky?" Some of these names are just silly.... Continue Reading

QACi I got an email from the inviting me to join. Usually these invitations are scams, but this one at least appears to be legit. But they are not liste with MSPA. I'm not about to give them any info unless I can confirm they are legit. They list restaurants in... Continue Reading


I did a restaurant shop for QACi. I did not use their spell check function, but I do shops for another company that has a spell check function integrated into their save function. So I saw my spelling of the word "apologise" with an "s" being corrected to "apologize" with... Continue Reading

Quality Assurance Consulting

Has anyone done any work for Quality Assurance Consulting? I received an email from them about doing a casual dining restaurant shop for them and was curious since I hadn't signed up with them as they are not on the list.... Continue Reading


I have been a QACI shopper for several years and I enjoy doing restaurant shops for them. I think they hired a new editor and, I received several Emails with questions on my report. Some of the questions were already covered in my report. Has anyone else experienced this with... Continue Reading

QACI Pay Timeframe - Is This Normal?

Hi, there. I'm new to the forum but not new to MSing. I've been here reading for a while, and I truly appreciate the sharing of knowledge by all of the experienced posters (Flash - this means you, among others. :) I haven't posted before because there... Continue Reading


Has anybody worked for this company? I would love some feedback. Thanks a lot... Continue Reading


Desirable restaurant shops, compensation with gift cards and straight reimbursement. The scheduler I have been assigned to is difficult at best; in all the shops I have completed I received all exemplary ratings. I have asked for re-scheduling for two jobs: once because of a major snow event (18"... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Quality Assurance Consulting Inc

My next favorite after that is shopmetrics, then prophet, then ISS (I dislike ISS a lot). There are a few companies like QACI that have there own software that I like. (Source). May 04, 2017

Just say you were in business for yourself, managing a freelance quality assurance consulting firm. (Source). April 27, 2017

Keep pen and paper handy ![/quote] I'll have no problem taking notes and remembering everything, plenty of practice writing with Coyle and QACI. (Source). September 14, 2016

Does anyone have any information relative to payments for service from QACI? (Source). April 30, 2016

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Yes, she schedules for Nsite, Qacinc. (Source). July 12, 2015

Just say, "quality assurance consultant" or a similar thing. (Source). March 18, 2015

com/ Pinnacle Financial Strategies Premier Service Inc. Primo Solutions LLC (see also Bild & Co.) website: Private Eyes Scheduling NOT Private Eyes Online Promotion Network Inc. website: Provantage Corporate Analytics Quality Assurance Consulting Inc (QACi) Two websites: qacinc. (Source). December 08, 2014

Quality Assurance Consulting (QACi) - still active . (Source). December 04, 2014

I watched the interview that the owner/client and sons had given at the local news channel and it was too obvious there was a completely different thinking than Qaci. (Source). September 23, 2014