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Quest for the Best

I did a shop on 3/18 for them and expected to get pai in april but the payment never came. I can't find a connect name and number can someone help?... Continue Reading

Quest for Best, Matt Wicking

I have been accepted as a mystery shopper for my area by Matt Wicking. He sent me an acceptance letter and a big check for a prepaid salary.. He asked me to deposit it and then he would e-mail me the shopping jobs. Is this legit and... Continue Reading

Quest For Best Pay?

I searched for this & didn't find it in another thread. QFB has paid by the 25th every month. But not this month. I thought I would have seen others posting about it by now if it was company wide.... Continue Reading

Quest for Best???

Anyone work for Quest for Best? I received a lead to Quest for Best via LinkedIn. I applied on their website, and received an email from a Scott Fishman ( about a week ago, and again today. However, something is definitely fishy (no pun intended!) with his... Continue Reading

Quest for Best

Jack Lowry is claiming to be part of Quest for Best, secret shopper program. He sent me a check in a USPS Priority (8 1/2 x 12" envelope) of $2850 with the bank name, Republic Bank and Trust on 4/28/17. He then told me via email ( to buy money... Continue Reading

Quest for Best

Has anyone had problems with one of the schedulers >>> Chuck? He is an older man that sometimes reschedules shops. Lately he has been complaining a lot in his reply to me. I asked 2 days ago to please reschedule. So I helped him out a bit.... Continue Reading


I accepted a shop this morning from this MSC. I have a question about the shop but I see no contact information on the site and there is not a Scheduler email to contact. Does anyone have a contact email or phone number for this MSC that they can give... Continue Reading

Quest for Best Mystery Shoppers

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Payments from Quest for the Best?

I recently performed a shop for Quest for the Best - my first for that company. I am having trouble locating any FAQ section on their website or anything indicating if/when payment is coming for the shop beyond the fact that the shop's status is "accepted." Does anybody know when... Continue Reading

Quest for Best e-reader?

Just signed up for Quest For Best and got an e-mail saying to download an e-reader to read the Reference Guide. I have never seen that before plus it came from Charles Roam at a sprint e-mail address. Is this legit? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Quest for Best.

I'm pissed at them. I traveled 150 miles RT to do a sandwich shop and when I got there it was closed permanently. When I told them, they simply removed the shop, apologized and didn't compensate at least the evaluation fee. The shop was relisted on this month's wave of... Continue Reading

Quest For Best

Does anyone know how long it takes to get paid from Quest for Best? I did a high end dinner shop, spending $200 and have not been reimbursed.... Continue Reading

Quest for Best

What do you order in their fast food shop that would be under $6.00? My hamburger, fries and milkshake was almost $10 today. I like this company, though.... Continue Reading

Quest for Best Pay ...

They're suppose to pay on the 17th of each month but this month the 17th fell on a Saturday. Does anyone know if they pay over the weekends?... Continue Reading

"Quest for Best" link wrong on MSF List

On the MSF list of shops, the "Quest for Best" link takes you to the same page as the overall list. Correct Link is: Continue Reading

Quest for Best

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

I like Quest for the Best

Yup, I really do. Fast pay, decent pay, friendly folks, interesting assignments, encouraging feedback. 'Nuff said. :)... Continue Reading

Quest for the Best is one of the best!

They invited me to do a shop for them Jan. 19th, gave me terrific feedback, and paid today less than 30 days later. Kudos!... Continue Reading

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If you are already registered and interested, please reply with the date you can complete and I will highlight your request for the scheduler. (Source). January 09, 2019

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In the past week before that after they had added the new question, that had been sufficient. Which makes me think the client made the request for the comment, not the MSC. (Source). November 04, 2018

After you register, please reply to me at with the following information, so I can highlight your request for the scheduler: Name: Email: Zip Code: School District Employed By: Dates Available to Visit: I look forward to working with you. (Source). October 05, 2018

If you are already registered and interested, please reply with the date you can complete and I will highlight your request for the scheduler. (Source). August 22, 2018

If you are already registered and interested, please reply with the date you can complete and I will highlight your request for the scheduler. (Source). August 06, 2018

Quest for Best does them but I don't have any of the details. (Source). August 02, 2018

i put in a bundle request for the normal audits that were accepted, but somehow i ended up with one of the locations being a "visual standards" visit. (Source). July 23, 2018

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