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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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Direct Scheduling Service & Ramack Scheduling is a SCAM

Do not take jobs from any postings by JuneRSS (June Raeder-MacKinnon, scheduler) on this forum. She is part of a BIG RIP-Off and SCAM. She has delayed and mislead shoppers about getting paid for work she schedules. She will tell you that she is just a scheduler, but She continues to... Continue Reading

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Security Group Greet America Inc Harris Teeter Infotel Insight Shoppers LLC JDS Market Solutions Marketing Systems Unlimited Mars Research Mass Connections Merchandise Concepts Mystique Shopper Nationwide Services Group Nationwide Services Group Nimble Support Services Peak Techniques Pinkerton Compliance Ramack Scheduling Services Restaurant Evaluators Secret Shopping Services Service Advantage Star Scheduling Total Research Solutions Truss Communications Undercover Essentials LLC Wireless Store Shopper Wonder Marketing Inc (heart) (Source). December 08, 2014

I JUST signed up with June/RaMack and SHE emailed me verifying my registration. (Source). July 08, 2013

JuneRSS, Ramack Scheduling, is an independent scheduler. (Source). December 23, 2012

Are you referring to Ramack (JuneRSS, who, after scheduling for several companies which disappeared owing shoppers money, is still scheduling)? (Source). December 23, 2012

AustinMom Wrote: - Direct Scheduling, no, I think Charlie is referring to Ramack and to June. (Source). December 23, 2012

It is nice to have someone on the inside looking out for us shoppers. JuneRSS, also Ramack Scheduling, does schedule for other current companies. (Source). December 22, 2012

Direct Scheduling, no, I think Charlie is referring to Ramack and to June. (Source). December 22, 2012

I see postings from a JuneRSS (an outside scheduler - RaMack Scheduling Services scheduling on behalf of Service Research Corporation) but I can't seem to find any feedback about this MSC. (Source). July 01, 2012

RAMack is no longer in business, so, that might be your problem. (Source). March 19, 2011

I have nothing to do with RaMack. (Source). March 19, 2011