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Reality based group file upload not working

I can't upload a receipt to finish the shop. When I click on Add Files, nothing happens. Suggestions? Thanks, Jamie... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group

What's going on guys? Tracy Ziemendorf never replies on time. Have lots of Tantrums and shops are assigned like 'doing a favor'. If we are working as a team and this is not a fair treatment. Nothing personal but I can't help it, as I compare with Robin Myers, Tracy... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group Closing (?)

They are months late on payments with several people I know and they are not answering their phones on any extension. Is Reality Based Group closing down?... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group

Does anyone have experience with this MSC? I just did a large audit for them and it was a flat fee per item scanned and total was over 500 but on the report the most you can claim is 300. I am just wondering if now I won't get... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique (SCI) has MERGED with Reality Based Group (RBG) over on Sassie!

Just logged in to my account with Shopper's Critique and saw this on their announcement page: [b]SCI is excited to announce we have recently merged with Reality Based Group (RBG), another prominent mystery shopping company. We will be moving everything over to Sassie and hope to accomplish that by April 1st.... Continue Reading

Robin Myers, RBG (Reality Based Group)

Kudos for: * A very, very quick response to an email question about a shop * Having a number in your email signature for texting questions (did not use, but great to know it is there if I need it)... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group pages freezing up

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group

Good morning, all. Yesterday I accepted a few RBG jobs but now today I can't log on in order to print out my paperwork. I've tried every which way. Anyone know if they're having website issues? I did receive the "accepted" emails yesterday but I didn't confirm them,... Continue Reading

Tracy @ Reality Based Group

Tracy has been great working with me on a couple of shops!... Continue Reading

Does Reality Based Group pay by check or Paypal?

I searched, didn't find the information. I've just started with them, am Canadian. My SSN status is 'approved' (I wrote before doing any shops with them to make sure I could shop without a US SSN). The first shop I did with them in December says it was paid on... Continue Reading

New Member - Sales for Reality Based Group (RBG)

Hello all! I am new to the MSP world and have loved all the insight you all give one another. My first shopping experience began when I took a sales role at RBG. I believe the best way to sell any process is to fully understand it. Feel free to ask... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group Problem

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

GameFilm Consultants ?

Has anyone dealt with this company before?... Someone sent me a link to this company but my comp is treating it like a "bad website" at Is it legit?... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group - payment issue contact

Does anyone have a contact phone or email for Reality Based Group's accounting dept? I completed a shop in April and still haven't been paid. It was approved and shows up in my log. I have done several other shops for them later and have been paid.... Continue Reading

Problem with Reality Based Group website?

It's not showing me my past jobs, it's only showing the current one I have. I want to check on a payment. Anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group - Confirm Shop

Am I the only one that continues to get the emails to confirm the shop even after it has been confirmed? I love the shops but I get nervous when I continue to get the emails especially on the day of the shop.... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group

I have completed multiple shops for this MSC. The shops, of course, require EITHER a business card OR a brochure. I always get both. For the last 3 shops that I completed, on a route, I somehow misplaced the business cards, but had the brochures with each... Continue Reading

Reality based group. How do you get ahold of them?

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Reality Based Group Price Audits

Greetings shopper friends, I received an email from Reality Based Group to conduct a pricing audit. Apparently, they email you a list of items, and you go to the store and fill in the prices, and send them to them. Has anyone ever done these? I searched the Forum, and saw... Continue Reading

Silver lining of a very dark cloud: Reality Based Group

Last week I posted about my first time video shopping experience with Reality Based Group (RBG). I submitted several shops which were all rejected due to audio irregularities the company found unacceptable. I was floored because Id never had this issue come up before, although I had used the... Continue Reading

Photo audits for Reality Based Group...anyone done these?

Hello everyone I have received several emails for photo audits at stores very close to my house. It basically states that you can make $1.00 per completed item (approximately two pictures per item). When I first read this it sounded like more trouble than it is worth, especially since it is... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group's Restaurant Shops

I'd like to get started doing a few restaurant shops for this company, but after checking the restaurant out (the name of which, by the way, Reality Based Group does not mention), I learned that the menu offerings are likely going to cause me to have an out of pocket... Continue Reading

a couple of concerns about Reality Based Group

I did my first shop for them on Jan. 3. The shop log says I was paid on Feb. 20. I was not paid by Paypal. Even if they had mailed a check it would not take 13 days to get here. I emailed two people... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group Scam

I received the following notice today Reality Based Group Shoppers, It has come to our attention in the last several days that there are scammers out there trying to take advantage of professional shoppers like yourself. A couple things to keep in mind. These types of scams go on all the... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group - I goofed and need help!

I signed up to completed 2 separate shops for the same client at different mall locations. I goofed and uploaded the wrong report under the wrong shop. My 2nd shop upload is due today, but I can't upload that info because I entered the wrong location yesterday. ... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group now doing video shops????

I got a PM from someone who says he is with Reality Based Group (aka Game Film consultants) stating that they are seeking tons of video shoppers with their own equipment who are willing to travel. Has anyone in the video community ever heard of them doing video shops??... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group - Receipt Problem - Suggestions?

I did my first shop for them two weeks ago. The requirement was to purchase a food item and any beverage. I purchased both, however my receipt lists the food item, but not the beverage, although if you look at the subtotal and total, the cost of the beverage is... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group

Just got a shop offer from them. It doesn't pay much which isn't the issue,though it is a consideration. The issue is that they don't reveal the client. The thing is, if I knew who the client was, I might take the low-paying reimbursement shop if it... Continue Reading

reality based group weirdness

This is a co that I have worked for b4 and basically what they said is: we need shoppers in your area to accompany a member of our video team to do 16-24 shops in your area. You do not have to do anything else and you will be... Continue Reading

Reality Based Group

Greetings all, I'm a cautious newbie. I've done a couple oil change shops for this group and have been paid on time. I would recommend them, because I have a 1991 NSX which requires the high mileage oil change and I'm fully reimbursed for the extra cost. Reality Based Group... Continue Reading

GameFilm / audio recorder

This MSP is posting $40 non-reveals in my area and the job requires an audio recorder, with the recording to be uploaded as a .wav or mp3 file. I haven't worked with GameFilm before, but have read here that they are sloooowww in paying. However, I also haven't... Continue Reading

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