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Regal HG

Who has done the Regal shops? Is it still written in third person? I'm do most of my work for ACL and Coyle. I also do most of my work in hotels and fine dining. I'm trying to get a feel for what Regal is like. Third person seems scary... Continue Reading

Kudos to the Regal scheduler!

While on an overnight audit I emailed, Ashley, the scheduler,with a non urgent, clarification question. Not realizing she still checked her emails after hours, I emailed her at 11 PM, expecting I'll hear back the next day. To my amazement (and significant amount of guilt for emailing so late), she... Continue Reading

Regal hospitality group. How are they?

I just signed up with them. The third person writing thing is strange for sure. But how do the hotel shops work? I haven't done one yet but just curious in case one does open up near me. Thanks... Continue Reading

Regal Hospitality

I have done some shops for Regal Hospitality and have paid for the expenses in cash. You do not charge to your room as it is a cash integrity shop. Are all of the shops like that or do they have room charges for other shops?... Continue Reading

Regal not being done?

Normally there is a monthly Regal shop in my area. This month I saw no postings about it. Did anyone see any August postings? I shopped one location in May and another in June. I saw a post in July, but it was outside my rotation.... Continue Reading

Regal-no shops in the Pacific Northwest

This past week, I've been slowly signing up with msc's and have essentially been going in alpabetical order. Imagine my suprise when I came across the R's and saw Regal listed. I began to get very excited, because movie shops are my favorite. I began to fill out... Continue Reading

Regal Hospitality

Anyone else having issues signing up on their new Sassie platform? Been a week since I signed up on the new platform and they still haven't activated my account yet.... Continue Reading

Regal Theater Shops

If you do these, you are not allowed to use your Royal Crown Club card. When you get your tickets back, there is a claim code that you can use to get credits within 7 days. What would the consequences of this be?... Continue Reading


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Regal showtime question

I know we are not allowed to watch the show after 11 PM but am I allowed to watch the one starts at 10:30 PM and finish around 12?... Continue Reading

REGAL HOSPITALITY: Your valued feedback please

So how are they to work for please ??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Overdue applause for Liza, Alex and Alina at Regal

Great Team! Super fast text and email reply time. Easy to follow/clear cut instructions and clarifications. Useful editorial feedback. Thanks guys, I mean, gals!... Continue Reading

Intense Integrity - Regal

Got my first 2-night intense integrity coming up wth Regal. It APPEARS simple enough but these things never go as smoothly the first time. Anybody got any tips? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Regal Hospitality Resolved

I just found out that this was my error and I located the payment (90 days, FYI). I'm redacting the post now.... Continue Reading

Regal Registration link?

Hi all, Does anyone have the Regal Hospitality registration link? I attempted to access the registration from their main page, but it gives a bad address that it was unable to resolve - http://shopper. I tried the login link from their site and it went to a similarly bad... Continue Reading


Hey everyone, I got my first opportunity to do a regal hotel shop... do they pay back quick? Or anyone know their payschedule? It also seems that there reports are through excel, is this correct? On the main login page it says to not fill out reports via wireless internet?... Continue Reading

Regal hotel

I am doing my first hotel shops for Regal. Any pointers? I have read up on them under their company name, so I am preparing early so I can ask questions if I have any. It seems like the instructions are easy, but they may leave some stuff out. For... Continue Reading

Regal Non-Reversal of Hotel Charges

I did an evaluation for Regal on August 21. The charge has not been reversed. I emailed the scheduler last Monday and did not receive a response. I followed up on Friday, and the response was, "I sent this to the sales rep. Unfortunately we have no... Continue Reading

Crying over Regal :(

I give up! I just did my second overnight for Regal and didn't do too well. The first one was messed up because I didn't realize the "Mgmt verify" statement had to be included and worded a specific way. Otherwise, it said the report was well written.... Continue Reading

Regal Hospitality

Has anyone had issues with the instructions provided by this company for their shops? I have done three hotel shops and one bar shop for them. Each time I have found the instructions to be vague and without the level of detail I find with other companies for... Continue Reading

Regal out of shops?

I have been searching several states for the past month for Regal assignments. There isn't even one. Any one else see shops with them?... Continue Reading

Regal vs Coyle Hotel Shops

Hi, After reading another post, I have a question. Are the Regal hotel shops comparable to the Coyle ones in terms of reports, editing, and the MSC expectations? TIA!... Continue Reading

Regal Prophet Site Eating my "saved" reports?

Is anyone else experiencing this? I have a 4 survey hotel report to do. In each survey, I do a set of check box answers, save, get a confirmation that my work has been saved, go to WORD and type my narrative, go back into the report and... Continue Reading

Regal hospitality. Some questions

It's never clear in Regal's instructions if I'm allowed to bring a friend to the bar or buffet evaluation. And if I am allowed, would they reimburse for one or two people? I've done one bar for them but I went there alone. Also does anyone happen to know how to... Continue Reading

Is anyone else having trouble logging into MCP or Regal Hospitality Group

I've been trying for a few days and just can't get in.... Continue Reading


Oh no! I misplaced(aka lost) some paperwork including the info for my first Regal Cinema shop. I can't figure out which company I am supposed to perform this shop for...please help. Will someone send me a private message? I would appreciate it sooo much, thanks!... Continue Reading

Question on Regal Hospitality

How soon afterwards should I expect to get feedback on a mystery shop? Thanks... Continue Reading

Anyone wrked for LRA Worldwide or Regal Hospitality?

I was given these names and have googled them and they seem legit. i was just wanting to see if anyone had any experience with either one of them.... Continue Reading

Have you worked for Regal Hospitality Group?

Hello, I have done two shops for Regal so far. I have a couple of others coming up. They seem to have really good clients - and I love doing hotel shops. I don't think their forms or requirements are too cumbersome (after doing Coyle shops everything seems... Continue Reading

What is your experience with REGAL? I have had some issues....

...before I share, I would like to hear some comments. thx... Continue Reading


If you are a new mystery shopper, here is a fair warning. I completed a Hotel Overnight Shop and they completely scammed me and refused to pay me. They were not willing to listen to my side of the story and just assumed their own conclusions. Not to... Continue Reading


Stay away from REGAL HOSPITALITY GROUP. I did my first and last shop for them. It was 4 parts. Lodging, 2 bars, and room service. I spent 3 hours just doing the LONG lodging report, and when I hit save and came back to report, all my work was gone. They told... Continue Reading

Careful with REGAL HOSPITALITY...they are not straight shooters.

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Regal Hospitality Group....any one has any feedback or reference of them?

thx in advance... Continue Reading

Does anyone know if REGAL is a good payer?

???... Continue Reading

regal hospitality group

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I already have a subscription to Regal Unlimited so 'free' movies via secret shopping are of no interest. (Source). July 14, 2021

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