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Remington Evaluations

Does anyone have a direct contact number for anyone at Remington Evaluations? I completed a shop back on November 12th and it still has yet to be edited. I've e-mailed with no response now. No one is picking up at the general number I find online. Just checking to see... Continue Reading

How Often (& How Many of Them) Do You See Remington and Ellis Shops in Your Area?

I wouldn't mind doing some apartment shops again, having taken a long break from them. I have done Remington in the past, but never Ellis. I am subscribed to their email job postings, though. I haven't seen Remington in my area in over a year probably. ... Continue Reading

Remington Mystery Shoppers

Does anyone work for Remington Mystery Shoppers? I am waiting to get paid and I keep getting the runaround.What can I do?... Continue Reading

Remington Evaluations - Getting Paid

Does anyone know if there is a special trick to getting paid by Remington Evaluations? I completed a job for them on 12/8/17. My report was accepted and given the green light to invoice on 12/14/17. I sent the invoice on that date. I received no response and no payment. After several weeks, I... Continue Reading

Remington Evaluation

Does this MSC have their own schedulers?... Continue Reading


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Remington Evaluations have not paid me- Updated They paid me

I completed shops for them back in December. I submitted my invoice and it was accepted minus the bonus pay. I received an email that my check was processed for Feb. 1st and I should receive it in the first week pending delivery of USPS. Well, it's almost the second... Continue Reading

Remington Evaluations

Hello! I'm new to the board and I'm still learning how to navigate the forum. My apologies in advance If this is posted in the wrong selection. Does anyone have experience with Remington Evaluations? I did two apartment shops with them over a week ago and my shops haven't been evaluated... Continue Reading

Remington Rant

I am beyond frustrated with their manifesto narratives. I incorporate their editors' feedback from previous shops into the current shop. I've received a rating of 10 on one shop only. The last feedback that I received was basically a rewrite of my entire shop! Another MSC pays the... Continue Reading

Remington Payment Question

I did a highly bonused shop for Remington. I submitted the report the same day and received a 10/10 with a kudos from the editors. I was told that I could submit an invoice for $60. The shop had a $65 fee. I emailed the editor with a... Continue Reading

Remington Evaluations' "LAST MINUTE CANCELLATION!!!" Emails

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remington apartment shopping

Anyone have trouble getting paid from them? I just did my first shop with them. Submitted an invoice back in June. I haven't heard anything back about the pay yet. Anyone else have trouble getting paid?... Continue Reading

Remington.......SHEESH lay off the emails!!!!

there must be somebody new sending emails....I am getting tons everyday........ Continue Reading

Remington mystery shop company

I am trying to sign up for this company. I keep getting red flag on password and Ssn#/ein where it say: answer and confirm. It do not tell me what I'm doing wrong. Can someone help me out????... Continue Reading

Remington -- venting

I have not shopped in 8 months to take some time off. I have been shopping over 9 years and decided to try some different companies. My first assignment with Remington was a nightmare, 12 calls, 1 visit 40 minutes away and no one was there. There was a sign... Continue Reading

Avoid this shop! (Remington Evaluations)

Editors: I am hoping you will not erase my specific references since this was a shop that was not accepted and I received no pay for a great deal of effort. Remington Evaluations: Scheduler: Andrea Pay was $40, now $45 plus bonuses Bonuses are outlined in the guidelines -$7 for a 12-hour turnaround time -$5... Continue Reading

Remington apt shops.....

how do they compare to EPS???... Continue Reading

Remington Evaluations

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Remington Shops

I'm fired up and this is a long post! Can any of you believe that I am still being tied up with 3 targeted apartment community shops accepted in early February 2014? Well, I did finally get a target to say that she would meet me at a site and... Continue Reading

Remington Evaluators

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Remington APT shops.

Just signed on. Read the guidelines. ON and on and on. Email, phone, target. My head exploded. Recorded, do this not that. If everything is not exact, no pay. My head still hurting thinking of reading it. Geez,... Continue Reading

Remington Evaluations

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I need some input on Remington shops

I am going a little nutsy with some Remington shops and am not sure if it is my ADD or them or a combination and would love some input. I am finding their instructions to be detailed to the point of absurdity--and contradictory. Email the community two days before you... Continue Reading


I received an email to do an Apt. for them, and they are giving a bonus to Gold shoppers. This would be my first job, but it is actually too far for my schedule this, Gold does bring you something.... Continue Reading

Remington Evaluations

Is anyone else having problems being paid from this company? They require invoice submission but the contractor's agreement states that payment will be issued within 6 weeks of performing the assignment. I have consistently found out that they don't pay on time and the owner does not respond... Continue Reading

Remington Evaluations

I have never done a shop for them I never see any in my area from them but they have contacted me to be an evaluator. Anybody got the FYI on that?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Remington Evaluations

I also do shops for EPMS and Remington. (Source). March 18, 2021

I have seen a lot of these recently. Can anyone tell me how detailed the report is? Do they want a detailed account of every aspect of the visit (think Remington)? (Source). March 17, 2021

Has anyone experienced signing up for apartment shops with Remington Apartment shops and then wait to be approved to for them, only to find out they've all been assigned to someone else without being considered for them? (Source). January 02, 2021

Remington Evaluations requires an invoice. (Source). March 07, 2020

Hi, other than Remington and EPMS, who else does non-video apartment shops. (Source). January 08, 2020

Remington, no question. (Source). December 06, 2019

Remington Evaluations and SQM are two others where you submit your own invoices. (Source). October 28, 2019

One of my targets was in maintenance. I always prefer them over RE. [quote=chrisg0619] I've always enjoyed working for Ellismy input time is fairly short by now. The shops for Remington are much more of a pain, but I'll still take them if the price is right. (Source). July 26, 2019

The shops for Remington are much more of a pain, but I'll still take them if the price is right. (Source). July 24, 2019

[/quote] I was really bad with printing the first....4-5 months or so? of ms-ing. I printed all guidelines. I printed that massive Remington Evaluations handbook. (Source). July 17, 2019