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The Total Research Services Group Mystery Shopping

Yesterday I received a message from a friend that she was doing mystery shopping for research masters and shared there was an opening. The application asked for my cell, my e-mail and that I would hear from them today. This morning I received an email RE: EVALUATION... Continue Reading


Anyone still doing work with them? I haven't seen any emails from them in a long time...months and months. I always enjoyed their shops.... Continue Reading

mystery researchers (RSG)

I would be cautious to do the auto mystery shops with this company. They are very tough and critical and if you ask a question or two they might give you the boot. The auditor is very harsh and critical and for the most part unforgiving. I... Continue Reading

mystery researchers (RSG)

I would be cautious to work with this company, they are very rigid and inflexible. Asking them a simple question might be a loss on your end of time, a shop and energy. Very risky investment to work with them, most companies are more willing to work with... Continue Reading

RSG isn't paying or answering about you?

Ok. A few weeks ago, I performed and completed a couple of cell phone shops for RSG. The shops were accepted, and the shop log was updated to say I'd be "Paid on 11-15-14. When I wasn't paid by the 17th, I contacted them by telephone. I was told that... Continue Reading

Over half my shops rejected by RSG

I have sent the rates and fees sheets pictures to RSG at least six times each. I have taken pictures with three different cameras. They look perfectly readable to me. But they are still rejecting them saying they are not readable. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading

creating PDF files for RSG

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what program to use to create PDFs that RSG can read. I have tried three different program and they say they can't read them. I emailed them and all they said was use your computer and not a mobile device. ... Continue Reading

Phone for Darius Jackson at RSG?

I had the contact phone number for Darius Jackson of RSG however when my phone got ran over I lost me numbers. Can anyone please help - thank you. ps I did mention that this was a really bad year for me right?... Continue Reading

RSG/Maritz mobile phone report

I did one of their Pricing and Options study shops on Friday. The place was a madhouse because of the IPhone 6 launch, but I only had to wait about 10 minutes. When I finally got to sit down and enter the report about 10:30 that night, there was no... Continue Reading

Blue Bank Shops for Maritz vs. RSG

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

RSG (Payment dates?)

I was under the impression that RSG pays on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. The 9th was the 2nd Tuesday of Sept., but I haven't been paid. Anyone else having this problem?... Continue Reading

Mystery Researchers is RSG?

Was just following up on a shop offer on the job board part of the forum for a company that seemed to be called Mystery Researchers ... but when I went to I suddenly found myself signing up with Sassie for Research Services Group. Just making sure that all is... Continue Reading

RSG and Maritz Merge?

I just signed up for 5 shops through RSG but client said Maritz Research. I know we are not supossed to name clients and msp but the store being shopped is not called Maritz research so I was confused. Did they or are they merging? Anyone with info thank you.... Continue Reading

I'm liking the bank shop for RSG

Just had to stop by after doing my first bank shop for RSG - easy, easy, easy! I wish all shops were this easy, I really do. No narrative, just downloading photos of the materials the banker hands you, making sure you put your shop ID number on... Continue Reading

RSG Menu Audits

I did multiples of these this past weekend. The instructions said that there was a $1 expense reimbursement for the required purchase (POV). All of my shops are in the received status with $0 expenses and just the $14 payment. I submitted a receipt with each one as required. The shop... Continue Reading

RSG, is this normal?

I did 3 shops on the same day, just got paid today for 1. I checked my log and they are all shown as completed and the 1 shows as paid......seems a little strange to me, but is this normal for them?... Continue Reading

burned by a bank through RSG though I love RSG.

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Does anyone know how and when RSG pays?... Continue Reading

RSG Website Down??

Just received the following when I tried to login and do a report. Anyone else? 502 Bad Gateway The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.... Continue Reading

RSG pays lightening fast!!!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Contact number for RSG

Please, does anyone know a contact number for this company? I apply for a few shops, I did not get them, but are still available on the job board. I sent an email to one scheduler asking about it, she said that my profile needed to be updated. The only... Continue Reading


Reminder the home improvement shops the required time frame is not revealed until it is accepted. Hard to route shop.... Continue Reading

RSG....can't seem to get in...anybody else?

I need to fix something from a shop and it just sits....... Continue Reading

RSG scoring

Hi everyone, Quick question, I have 4 shops I did for RSG and I have been paid but the shops were never scored. Do they not score or should I contact someone. Thanks for your help.... Continue Reading

Research Services Group

Has anyone worked with Research Services Group before? I applied for couple of assignments. 2 of them are due today. It's noon and they still haven't been assigned. Can't to find a link to email them about it.... Continue Reading

Research Services Group Schedulers: Really? (Rant)

Okay, I received an email about some cell phone shops that were due today, according to the email. I signed up for two of them close to me and emailed the scheduler to inquire about the shops before I left to do my other shops. I received this email in... Continue Reading

RSG Phone Project this week

Did anyone on this forum participate in the conference call earlier this week (email invites) for the phone shops that were paying $18 an hour for this week? Did anyone get assigned shops?... Continue Reading

Can't apply for available RSG jobs

I recently made an account with RSG and there are a bunch of public transportation shops available in my area. I need pre-approval in order to do these shops, but there are no tests listed on my main page. The shop application states that if I'm interested but don't have... Continue Reading

Help with RSG?

Anyone have a good contact for them? I'm having a problem with payment for a shop I did that included reimbursement, but the reimbursement didn't list on Sassie, so I didn't get paid for it. I emailed the scheduler multiple times and the person listed on the payment. Nothing. This... Continue Reading

RSG won't pay me!

I performed a negotiation shop for RSG. When I could not get the salesperson to give me written quotes the way that RSG wanted them, they removed my shop from my log!!!! Luckily I printed out the form. They stated that I did not do the shop... Continue Reading

RSG and Bare International Contact?

Can anyone give me an email address? I put in 2 apps earlier today. The jobs are kind of far way, but I'm going in that direction tomorrow any way. I just "assumed" they would be assigned to me pretty quickly. I would hate to have... Continue Reading

RSG - Scheduling Time Lapse?

I applied for three shops with Research Services Group for the same project as soon as they were posted last night to be completed between the 10th (yesterday) and the 13th. One was accepted this morning, one late afternoon, and the other one is still pending. Hoping to... Continue Reading

Mystery Researchers aka Research Services Group

Who's worked for this company before, and what has been your experience with them regarding continuity and consistency? Here's what I've encountered with them: They pay really well. They pay QUICKLY! I like that. The bank shops I've done with them have been easy and... Continue Reading

Research Services Group Conference Calls

Anyone have trouble with RSG conference calls. I was placed on hold for an extremely long time, receiving a message that says, "Sorry, the conference organizer has not arrived. When the conference organizer arrives, the conference will start".... Continue Reading

RSG-Research Services Group paid me in 2 days!

I was blown away when I saw an assignment I did just 2 days ago, already paid! Has anyone done alot of work for this group? I have done very, this makes me want to do more! :)... Continue Reading

RSG question about cc shops...

If I have too much info on here...somebody just let me know. I can't for the life of me figure out if my shop is a 1 or 2 person interaction...can somebody point me to where it states it?... Continue Reading

Research Services Group

I did 4 of the Electronic Shops where you got info on 3 or 4 products from a particular brand. I did 2 on one day and 2 on another. I have only gotten paid on one shop. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

Research Services Group/Mystery Researchers

I can't name the client but I have been having trouble attaching my POV images to my reports (just for this round of shops.) I had been in contact with the Client Manager (Carla) thru e-mails. She had me send her my attachments and she uploaded them to... Continue Reading

Mystery Researchers and RSG

There are jobs listed on jobslinger for ATV shops. They show they are through Research Services Group, however, when you click on the link to the shops it takes you to the website for Mystery Researchers. First of all, are Research Services Group and Mystery Researchers related companies? Secondly, has anyone... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

RSG Shops

Does anyone remember what proof we can get (aside from a receipt) for these New RSG Electronic Retail shops? I heard brochures or pictures from the outside are ok? I did one so far and had to get a .99 candy, which they don't reimburse, because there was... Continue Reading


Last week between August 2-August 4, I completed four shops for RSG. Today I was PAID!!! I love RSG!... Continue Reading

RSG Contact?

Does anyone have a good contact at RSG? Trying to get a couple of shops approved since today is the due date but haven't received an approval yet. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Research Services Group (RSG)

Does anyone have a phone number for them?... Continue Reading

Research Services Group = anyone doing the big box pharmacy/optical study?

I have one scheduled and wanted to know how it went if you have done one.... Continue Reading

Happy with Research Services Group :)

I did a shop for RSG on 6-13 and received payment on 6-26. I don't know if it was just good timing or if they always pay this quick, but I am really happy with them! It was a fairly easy shop without much narrative and only one picture required... Continue Reading

Research Services Group aka RSG

I just got pretty well paying shops from these folks. I got an email from them so I signed up. Anyone work for them? Do they pay on time?... Continue Reading

You rock, RSG!

I did a shop for RSG on May 17, and got paid for it the day before yesterday. I am blown away!... Continue Reading

Research Services Group

I received payment today for a shop that I performed on 5/20. Yet I didn't receive payment for a shop performed on 5/6. The shops were for the same client. What is up with this? These were the first two shops I've performed for RSG. ... Continue Reading

RSG paid me in less than 24 hours

Money was in my pay pal account before I finished eating lunch!... Continue Reading

has anyone heard from research services group this month?

has anyone heard from research services group this month? i've been working with them regularly for the last 8 months. typically, they immediately offer 1000's of assignments at the beginning of each month. however, it's the 2nd of the month already, and nothing is even availabe within my state.... Continue Reading

Research Services Group 75.00 Auto Shops

I have been in contact with Lisa the scheduler several times today. They really need some new shoppers to do the 2 phase shops. If anyone is interested I will give you my phone number througth PM and help you with the information and with the forms at... Continue Reading

rsg - research services group

there is one company recently that keeps on closing out my reports before i even complete the shop, so that i can't even fill out a narrative. it's been a chronic problem that i've notified them about several times, with no response from them. just again today, i visited the... Continue Reading

Research Services Group

Research Services Group is doing their two phased auto shops again. If anyone is interested they pay 75.00 but you have to visit same dealership twice. I like the company because the work is not that difficult and they pay quickly. You have to take part in... Continue Reading

Research Services Group

I don't get it. I thought they were a mystery shopping company, but I'm now thinking they're just a scheduling company? I recently accepted a shop, and the link goes to Mintel.... Continue Reading

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69 price tag and the fact that it was not very strong. I sweated during a heavy workout.[/quote] The price is definitely high. They claimed 48 hour coversge. (Source). March 08, 2020

HS bought Service Sleuth SeeLevel is bought Beyond Hello and Research Services Group. (Source). July 17, 2019

[quote="Lady Marius"] SeeLevel (Just not my types of shops; they were, however, the first MSC I ever contracted with, back when they were Called RSG. (Source). September 01, 2018

have heard the stories re: Payment issues), and SeeLevel (Just not my types of shops; they were, however, the first MSC I ever contracted with, back when they were Called RSG. (Source). September 01, 2018

I did one car dealership shop (my very first shop ever), and I swore off of those. (It was one of the two part negotiation shops from RSG (now SeeLevel HX). (Source). March 05, 2018

I googled and found this site. Wanted to share without naming so the msp could be named. here is the site link https://www.hoursguide. (Source). November 07, 2017

Lisa was one of the first MSC owners I dealt with directly back when the company was Research Services Group. (Source). September 13, 2017

RSG (Research Services Group ) before they merged with Beyond Hello and Insula and became SeeLevelHx. (Source). April 03, 2017

com Service Evaluation Concepts Service Excellence Group DSG Associates Godwin and Associates Shopper Critique Coyle Hospitality Research Services Group ACPView. (Source). February 21, 2017

My very First Shop was the 2 visit nogotiation shop from SeeLevel (they were RSG at the time). (Source). February 09, 2017