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Ritter and Associates

I just want to brag on this company. I have worked for them for several years and have always thought they were great. They are very forgiving and helpful and I just wanted to say something flavorful about them.... Continue Reading

360 formerly ritter

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360 formerly ritter

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Ritter Associates is now Alta360 Research

I just logged on to the Ritter Associates website and the page redirected to one explaining that they have now changed their name top Alta360 Research. After 15 seconds, it further redirects to: the good news is that my old username and password worked fine, and other than a... Continue Reading

ritters (service station) test

How many chances do you have to pass the test I failed the first is their any way to see what one you missed [i]Mod note: Topic edited to remove name of station. Linking an MSC with any of its clients is a Forum rule violation and probably a breach... Continue Reading

Ritter Associates Parking Shops

I performed a parking mystery shop for Ritter Associates in Hawaii. I was offered Saturday, May 23 as a valid shop date. I performed the shop. When I arrived, the valet parking was closed, with a sign showing Monday to Friday hours only. There is a procedure for shops... Continue Reading

Ritter associates

For the people that are used to ritter associates how are the gas station audits? They are posted at 8.50 near me, is it worth it are the reports easy? Oops. Wrong section. :/ sorry everyone Thanks in advanced tho for any feedback!... Continue Reading

Comments on Ritter Report

I'm heading out for my first Ritter shop and was looking over the guidelines. It states: "Make sure each comment is typed in UPPERCASE letters." Is that really what they want? Looking at their grammar document, it appears they want proper use of upper and lower. I figure I'll get... Continue Reading

Can't log in to Ritter

Please would somebody out there test the ritter site and tell me if I'm the only one who gets a bad password error... Continue Reading

Help!!! For Ritters gasoline shops, may I use my camera on my cell phone or ?

I am tempted to do these shops, since they are plentiful in Chicago. Is it best to use digital or will my camera phone do???? I want to make sure I get it dome right and avoid the no compensation situation. Still a rookie, should I invest on a... Continue Reading

Don't waste your time with Ritter Associates

I spent about 2 hours completing a survey for this company (and purchased an item which I don't get reimbursed for) in order to get paid $8. Except, that my thorough survey was rejected because I was missing a picture. A picture of a downright frightening bathroom on the back... Continue Reading

Ritter gas shops

Is it even remotely possible to remain inconspicuous while taking a dozen pictures during these shops or do employees see it so often that they just don't care at all?... Continue Reading

Does Ritter make it a habit of not reimbursing for shops?

So I just checked my invoice from Ritter. Most of my shops have not been reimbursed. Of course these shops are the gas station shops that tell you NOT to include the receipt with your pictures. Sure it may only be 1.00 per shop (and I can tell you I... Continue Reading

Maritz vs Ritter Gas Stations?

Hi, I am trying to find out how much different the gas station shops are for each msc? Which shops are easier in terms of time at location and report time? Which pay better? I would really appreciate your help and any other advice that you can provide. Thank You... Continue Reading

Ritter Associates food audit

Has anyone done the food audits at the convenience store? How are they? Any pics required?... Continue Reading

First time I've been angry with Ritter

I had a route of gs shops scheduled with Ritter today. Two of the locations had the wrong address given. The first one wasn't a big deal, as the correct address was only about 10 minutes away, and it was in the direction I needed to go. ... Continue Reading


Has anyone done their gas station shops I was trying to find out what has to be done and how many pictures are required. I asked and they replied information is located on line. What I could see was nothing unless you sign up for the job... Continue Reading

Ritter Lotto Tickets

I was thinking about how Ritter requires you to purchase a lotto ticket for one of their shops. What would happen if the lotto ticket was a winner? Do you suppose Ritter would want to claim that $50 million or more??? Oh how I hope to one... Continue Reading


So I applied for shops yesterday, the scheduler emailed me that it couldn't be scheduled without passing the test (even though I have passed the test and done these shops in the past), so I take the test and pass. All is good. Now I am planning my day so... Continue Reading

Has anyone ever not been paid by Ritter?

I've done shops with Ritter for 3 years now and have never had a problem. I was going through my calendar and noticed that I did 2 shops for them in August and never got paid. Has this happened with anyone else? I sent Ritter an email inquiring and... Continue Reading


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I just completed my 5th shop with Ritter and never had a problem until now. The guidelines said on even months shop xxxxx and on odd months shop yyyyy; however, it was not clear to me what was meant by xxxxx. I thought it meant one thing and it meant... Continue Reading

Any Problems with Ritter?

Has anyone had any problems with Ritter? Like many mystery shoppers, I have occasionally made mistakes when doing a shop and have had to bite the bullet and not be paid. I have accepted it as a learning experience. I have not done many shops for Ritter... Continue Reading

Heads-Up on 1099s from Ritter Associates

In an email today: "You are being notified today that FORM 1099-MISC distributed to you by RitterAssociates that you have received, or will receive, is incorrect. A revised FORM 1099-MISC is being prepared and will be distributed via postal mail as soon as possible. The revised FORM 1099-MISC... Continue Reading

The Redundant Ritter's

Just finished a shop with Ritters, and a very long section was NA for me, as I wasn't instructed to perform that scenario. Yet everytime I checked NA, it came up, you must provide an explanation for any NA answers. Also, oddly, you must write in all caps. So over... Continue Reading

Ritter gas stations

I used to do stations for this company before the company switched MSC's. Their pay was OK. So once a year, I try and do some just to keep the account active. I go down to Virginia Beach once a year for vacation, and do about 10-15... Continue Reading

TIME SENSITIVE: Ritter Associates

As of last night and this morning, I can't log on to the Ritter website. I have 6-8 shops to do today but I can't access their locations, the instructions, or the forms. It is asking me to reset my password which I have tried to do but... Continue Reading

RITTER: Dog Boarding shop????

How is this shop? And is it easy to pretend you have a dog even if you do not own one??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Ritter question SOS

Hi I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have a rather urgent question, as it involves my filling out these Ritter reports. I've been signing up for so many MS companies in the past 3 weeks, I'm a bit dithered. ;0) Did I imagine this, or does... Continue Reading

Ritter Associates

I just did my first two gas station shops for them yesterday. I was a little confused that there was a purchase requirement, yet no need to upload the receipt. But, they asked for the specific purchase and amount in the survey. I could not find anywhere... Continue Reading

Ritter & Associates

Anyone heard of them or done work for them? They have a few shops near me but I'm not keen on them only paying by direct deposit and was curious if anyone's had experience with them.... Continue Reading

Ritter question

For their fuel shops they don't show examples of the photos they want. Any help I can get would be appreciated. I have 2 of them tomorrow.... Continue Reading

Ritter MSC

Hey everyone, Anyone do any work for this MSC,I just received a email to do some shops for $5.75 and make a $0.50 purchase(wow).These are convenience store type shops.Gosh,I can't believe anyone would do a shop for this price and try to buy something for $0.50. I was just curious if this... Continue Reading

Ritter Associates--Giving Check Info

I am thinking of signing up with Ritter Associates. As part of the application process, they ask for direct deposit information: routing number, checking account number, etc. I have given this to companies in the past--after I have been accepted as a shopper. Is this legit? I don't... Continue Reading

Ritter Associates

Ritter has me so aggravated. This is the second time in a couple months that I signed up to do one of their phone shops. And again they did not assign them to me. What does it take to get a shop from Ritter?... Continue Reading


Got this e-mail this morning. I am not questioning your integrity, but honest mistakes are mistakes nonetheless. I just back tracked all of my sent e-mails to you over the last few months. They are all attached. These date back less then 5 months. Iím counting 9 different... Continue Reading

Ritter Associates

I signed up with Ritter, but have not done a shop for them yet. They have been e-mailing me for a few weeks about this shop. No one seems to be interested. Sounds like a easy shop to do and the pay is 15.00. Just wondering if anyone has any... Continue Reading

Ritter Associates

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Ritter: fair or foul?

There is a shop available near my area that is being advertised with a gas reimbursement, even though the pumps are out of order for remodeling. The scheduler is aware that this is the case, and has not changed the description of the shop, or added anything that would... Continue Reading

Ritters Associates

Hello again, It is sooo good to be able to come to you with questions. I've recently signed on with this company, get through the log in process at the bottom just fine, but where in the world do I go from there? All I can find to click... Continue Reading

Ritter Associates

Has anyone done any work for Ritter Associates? I keep getting emails from them to do surveys for large amounts of money. Legit?... Continue Reading

Best Mark , Ritter Associates, and Sinclair Mktg.

Hi, all. Have any of you worked with Best Mark, Ritter, and Sinclair? They are the slowest when it comes to paying: two months after the shop is completed and approved. Has any one else had the same problem with them?... Continue Reading

Be careful of Ritters Associates

They are too picky, demand too much time, every single time e-mail back to ask basic questions of the reports and the pay is too low. Any comment?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Ritter & Associates

Do not inform them that you are coming. 2. Initially place an order for a required item, which is a doughnut/specialty item (fritter or bar) AND any beverage. (Source). June 09, 2021

. Once in an blue moon I will either get the fish or the chicken critters. (Source). May 12, 2021

[/quote] 95 % of the time I will get the Road Kill. . Once in an blue moon I will either get the fish or the chicken critters. (Source). May 12, 2021

During our little road trip we had fog, rain, sleet, snow, cold, critters, three counties, and assorted signs of springtime everywhere. (Source). May 10, 2021

In the period from 2008 until 2010, Ritter was paying me $12+$4+$1 to visit two different stations near me. (Source). April 28, 2021

I love Fritter Days! I am adjusting quite nicely to my new schedule. (Source). March 10, 2021

Came home and pretty much frittered the rest of the day away. (Source). March 09, 2021

Some are new, new-ish, and being built. Others are being updated or replaced. These processes are endless. There is substantially less usage here than in Texas. There are more critters than humans here, and they do not need human-generated energy. (Source). March 07, 2021

We have also scheduled on ShopMetrics since it's inception (back in the Ritter and Associates days, but for multiple companies since). (Source). March 06, 2021

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