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Second to None Compliance Shops

Are there any shoppers who have completed these shops and have followed the posting pattern? I live in south Florida and have completed quite a few of the compliance shops in my area. I noticed that they had a massive cluster of the shops in Naples and Ft Myers. Two months... Continue Reading

Second to None web site.

I am trying to log into the second to none web site and it is not letting me. I even clicked on forget user ID/password link just in case I type the info in wrong and it would take me back to the main page. I have e-mailed the scheduler about... Continue Reading

Second to in phone shops? Is this fake?

Hi, I just received an email..says from second to none stating they have a compliance shop requiring used phones being sent in the mail and attempt to trade them in..I don't recall the client selling phones? Have any of you done this shop,it just comes off as fake to me... Continue Reading

has anyone used second to none?

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Fine dining lunch or dinner mystery shops in Chestnut Hill, MA!

This fine dining restaurant provide top-quality food at a great value in a casual neighborhood tavern atmosphere. Lunch and dinner shops available! These are monthly shops! This shop requires two guests that are 21 years or older (No children are allowed) You must eat in the dining room (not in the bar... Continue Reading

Trouble signing up - Second to None

Hello. I am new to mystery shopping. I set up an account with Second To None but I did not receive the welcome email to activate the account. Has anybody else had a problem with this?... Continue Reading

Second to None Reports

I just completed my first report with them. I didn't realize that I was on the last page and hit "next." Then I was told that the report was submitted. The system did not give me a chance to review my report before submitting it. All the other companies... Continue Reading

STN Medicare shops

Hi All - Have been off work for seven months due to serious surgery. Am just getting started and was thinking STN's Medicare shops would be an easy way to get back into it since I practically have the form memorized. However, I haven't seen any posted yet except a... Continue Reading

Second to None

I grew up in a small town about 35 minutes from where I currently live. They have a farm store that has dog grooming mystery shops and to make the most of my time I like to meet my mom there and get lunch or pedicures. I finally got around... Continue Reading

Second To None

I just started shopping and I am working with BestMark and Secret Shopper. Both have been great to work for. I also joined Second to None I did my first shop with them and got one part incorrect as I only purchased one item for $5 and I was supposed... Continue Reading

Second to None

Because of this forum I signed up for Second to None on Thursday. On Friday I had an email from a scheduler asking me if I could do a shop this weekend. I agreed and looked and saw another shop I could do. I've just turned in both shops. I've... Continue Reading

Second to None Reject

Has anyone else had a report rejected from STN? I didn't even know until I was looking at my shop payment list and the shop is nowhere to be found. I did not receive a email stating info was needed or why it was rejected. The shop is just gone... Continue Reading

Anyone ever get a notice from Second To None that your password has expired and need to change it???

Hey all, I've been signed up with STN for 10 years, and have had the SAME password for all 10 years. This evening, when I attempted to log in, there was a notice at the top, typed in a pink banner, saying my password had expired and that I... Continue Reading

Second to None

Hi, Can anyone advise if Second to None is having any issues? A couple week ago, their website would not load up on any device I tried. This week my login shows my account is inactive. Are they transitioning? Thanks Don... Continue Reading

The 1st assignment that i was assigned to from Second to None was 18 miles away.

I would like something closer then 18 miles away. That's a bit far for $12.00... Continue Reading

Second to None - Status Codes (?)

Those who do secret shops for second to none, do they anywhere on the website explain what the various codes are? Right after I submit them I see they are in an "R" status, but I have one where I was a bit late on submitting the details (as in... Continue Reading

Second to None report time frame

How long does Second to None give to get completed reports in? I'm not seeing it on their website.... Continue Reading

Second to None has a lot of shops.

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Second to None

I did a shop for Second to None last Wednesday. Apparently I've been in their system for three years without completing a shop (they NEVER have anything near me, until last week). I even got a clarification email about my shop. Today I go to log in, only to find... Continue Reading

Second to None - no payment

I did 2 jobs for Second to None about three or so months ago yet I haven't received payment from them. I can't find the jobs anywhere on my account page at Second to None but I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right place. Where would I look?... Continue Reading

Second to None $1 PayPal fee

I received a payment from Second to None this morning that was one dollar short of my shop fee. The PayPal email indicated that there was a monthly $1 fee assessed for shoppers who elect to be paid by PayPal. I don't recall seeing this fee before. ... Continue Reading

Is there a problem with second to none?

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Second to none report today?

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Second to NOne Website

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New shopper to Second to None

So I recently signed up with Second to None. I have read both very positive reviews and a few negatives. I was wondering what people can tell me about them in 2015 almost 2016. I was going to sign up for a Cable TV shop because I... Continue Reading

Second to None Feedback or Scoring?

I recently did my first shop for STN, and the reporting platform isn't one I've seen or used before. My shop was reviewed within two days, and is now pending payment. So it was acceptable and accepted. But I don't see anyplace that they give any feedback, and am not... Continue Reading

Second to None weekend contact

Is there any way to contact them over the weekend? There is a shop I can pick up, but I can only do it tomorrow.... Continue Reading

second to none payment question

I did a few high paying jobs with second to none, saturday the 28th but It says my reports are still processing, so will I get paid for those shops still in march for having completed them in February? Or since they are still in processing will I not see... Continue Reading

Beware of Second to None- RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL

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Second to None - Shop Reporting Issues with Website

So, I've completed shops for Second to None before; however, why can't I figure out how to get to the questionnaire this time around? So when I click on my list of Scheduled Shops, I can click on the following: - Assignment #: This lead me to "Assignment Details" but I can... Continue Reading

Second to None new site, can't login Password box blocked with text box

STN 2nd to none, .. Second to None - their new site is interesting and on a laptop looks great ! But I can't login from my smartphone because the Password box is blocked with text box designed below. I have a 4.5 inch Android EVO...what's up? Anyone... Continue Reading

Second to None down for maintenance

Just tried to get into S2N and got a message that the site is down for maintenance. Does anyone know if this was scheduled maintenance. Was there an advance warning, or did something break on the site? I'm just wondering how long it might be down.... Continue Reading

Second to none (Shopper account problems)

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Need information on Second to None

Hello Fellow Shopper's I'm back again with questions about another company. I have signed up with Second to None. Just wondering who out there has worked for them. And again would like to hear any good or bad points you might be able to share with this very inexperienced shopper. My second... Continue Reading

Second to None, dropping like a fly

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Account deactivated -- Second to None

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Second to None deleting completed Jobs without paying

I completed 6 jobs with Second to None. Today I decided to look at the status and WOW. THEY ARE GONE. NO sign of the assigned show, no sign of payment. NO RECORD AT ALL. What's up with that? Did they accept my report/submit... Continue Reading


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Second To None -- Shop assigned too late

I may have to call Second to None. I had signed up for a shop that was due this morning between 6-9AM. As of 10PM last night I didn't have it so I decided to sleep in and not set the alarm clock. I got up at 10 and there was... Continue Reading

Second to None -- rejected shop issue

Second to None may be legitimate, but I am very disappointed in them. They rejected a shop because I did not get the name of the person who called to schedule an in-home medical exam. They did not inform me that they rejected it. I had to find out by... Continue Reading

Second to None

Just checked email and it is flooded with emails for STN wanting images for shops all the way back to November - so far that is as far as I have seen but haven't opened all the emails. They had some technical problem. I have no problem... Continue Reading

Does Second To None still do the large office supply shops?

I just realized that I haven't seen any in my area for ages. Did they switch to another MSC? Are they still being shopped?... Continue Reading

Second to None

I shopped [i][/i] Jewelry store the other day. Warning: Take photos of every advertising poster, banner etc... Don't miss one single detail including the fine print. Record the conversation with the sales person. They want to know about what is on sale, in detail. Exactly how many cases... Continue Reading

Second to None Healthcare Shops - NOT PAID

I'm posting to warn others about non-payment by Second to None on their Medicare Advantage shops. This is the first time in 4 years that I have received non-payment by ANY company. I conducted the shops and submitted all as required. However, because I checked the box... Continue Reading

Second to None Shop Submissions

Is there a way to save a shop in the middle of inputting it and then go back later and finish it? I couldn't figure out how to do that with this MSC. I do it all the time with the Sassie companies. I started my... Continue Reading

Second to None Searches

At StN, when I use the "Quick Search" feature, I get two shops that come up. Using search by radius, those shops don't appear, and in fact, none do. When I search by state, no shops show up, including the two from quick search. And no shops show up no matter what state... Continue Reading

Second to None medical shops

I received an email this morning from Second to None for one of their specimen shops. Since I have a very high pain threshold and it didn't sound like a big deal, I was thinking of doing it but I see a lot if negative feedback regarding their other... Continue Reading

Second to None Responsiveness/Unresponsiveness?

Does this company respond to shoppers' inquiries? I requested my first shop with STN and was accepted. Due to instructions that were not clear, I e-mailed my scheduler, using the link provided on the STN website for "help." Waited many hours with no response (I was to start the shop today,... Continue Reading

Second to none rejecting my shop for impossible photo

I mostly lurk and read others posts but I need to rant right now. I recently did a shop where I had to complete my drive thru order then take a photo of the menu bored. Well unless they want me to drive back through (instructions said not to) that... Continue Reading

I used to enjoy working for Second to None

My shop was rejected because I shopped outside of required time range. "The event starts at 10:30 AM. You must arrive within 30 minutes AFTER the scheduled start time (NOT before)." The shop times I entered were 11:05am-11:20am which caused the report to be rejected. I didn't arrive at... Continue Reading

Second to None - time to part ways? What would you do? *resolved*

Edit - this problem has been resolved by the MSC Original post: After this last shop with Second to None, I will likely not do any more unless it has a really good bonus. I did an office supply shop where I'm supposed to be assisted by an employee in ordering one of... Continue Reading

Second to None deducts $1 off your fee for paypal..

Has anyone seen this? STN deducts $1 fee because paypal charges them... I see an option for Direct Deposit in the notation... but still... Do we need to eat the $1 fee? I like STN. Not being mean...but this is a first...... Continue Reading

STN fine dining shops

Well did one. I have worked for them forever. But Got a huge clarification notice which I sent right off. Question is they want me to confirm exact times re when order was placed and received, appetizer same, etc. Now I did my best but as... Continue Reading


They would not pay me because I supposedly did not repsond quick enough to clarify something which is utter b.s.---SLEAZE I should have listened when somebody earlier posted about them finding any reason imaginable to reject payment to shoppers.... Continue Reading

Second to None

Has anyone been paid by Second to None? I can't remember if they pay on the 15th or the last day of the month.... Continue Reading

New STN Payment Schedule

I noticed that STN is now paying a lump sum to do grocery shops without breaking down the reimbursement portion. I assume we will now be liable for the full tax amount of both the fee and what used to be the reimbursement. Has anyone seen any notices about this... Continue Reading

Second to None

Has anyone heard of or worked for second to none?... Continue Reading

FEEDBACK PLEASE: Second to None lunch/dinner shops

How are are their lunch and dinner shops at the three letter French chain that encourages communal dining?? And the sandwich place with a "fat stomach" name ??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

second to none, stay away from them.

stay away from then, they say that they will not pay since they tried to conact me numeous times for a office supply shop that pays vary poorly. They in fact never contacted me and I tried to contact them. I have to send them a threat and they send... Continue Reading

SECOND TO NONE: Unfilled shops get increased fees??

Does this msc ever raise it's shop fees for those that remain unfilled after a certain time span ??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

STN - Clarifications

Good morning, I have a question about STN. When they want clarification, you cannot respond to the email, however, when you go to the site and try to pull up the report, you cannot do that either. So I have to send to the scheduler and manager to get... Continue Reading

Canadian Shoppers - A question about STN...

Does anyone know if STN has lost their contract with their "sub shop" client? The new month's shops have always been posted on or around the first of the month. They have not posted any new Sub Shops for October and, in my province, a bunch of shops... Continue Reading

Problem with Second-To-None (STN) unpaid charges.

Problem with payment, but now it is resolved. I guess I won't knock them off my list of companies just yet.... Continue Reading

Second to None Soc # issue

When I logged into my Second to None account, I got a message about providing my social security number because I have done 5 or more shops. Every time I try to enter it I get this message "We were unable to match the supplied SSN, please try again."... Continue Reading

Second to None Requesting shops

Getting very frustrated with Second to None. I go and request myself to a shop. A day later it disappears. I contact the scheduler and she assigns it to me. This happens every sing time.... Continue Reading

Second to None Closed Store advice

Has anyone had a closed location at a shop for Second to None? I looked through their FAQ and didn't see anything that would cover this topic. Their report doesn't have an option that says you were unable to do the shop due to it being closed. So two questions........ 1.... Continue Reading

Second to None can kiss my @ss!

So I get an email 6 days after I submitted my report to them saying that one of my photos was missing and I needed to resend. I resent and never heard back from them, I just checked on my payment status and they rejected my photo bc it... Continue Reading

Problem submitting reports for Second To None?

I am a brand new shopper. My first two shops were for "Beyond Hello". My next two shops were for "Second To None". For some reason, when doing my report, I was unable to advance beyond the first page of mthe report. When I hit next it goes back to... Continue Reading

Second to None

Anyone having difficulty accessing the job board? I log on successfully but that's as far as I can go all morn.... Continue Reading

Second to None - Having Issues with submitting report

I'm having problems submitting my report. It comes back saying I have over 1000 characters and I copied it to a word processor to check and it says I'm under 1000 (actually like 955). I had to work really hard to get it that low. I don't know what... Continue Reading

Second to None Website Issues

Has anyone had a problem. I have gone in on different days for the past week or two and am unable to find jobs, it says searching for results after I submit my parameters and never gives me the list of jobs. I have shopped for them for years and... Continue Reading

Second to None - Rejected Shop

I was not notified by email, but just saw on my account page that I have two rejected shops. Does this mean that I will not be paid? If so, I have a real problem with that. I did three shops in one day because they were geographically close to... Continue Reading

Second to None

Every time I have to upload a receipt to this company, my upload does not work and I tell them and they let me email my receipt to them. Does anyone else have problems uploading to Second To None?... Continue Reading

First shop for: Second To None

I did my first shop for this company. The scenario was pretty easy. The shop itself was pretty easy. The report was pretty easy. But when I got done with the report, instead of the $10 I had signed up for, an invoice appeared that said $15! No, it was not... Continue Reading

STN Instructions?

Do any of you feel that STN's instructions aren't clear enough? I just recently completed some mobile phone shops for them and to me the instructions aren't detailed enough to know exactly what they want. And I'm never sure if their time restrictions are MUST interact or MAY interact. I... Continue Reading

Second to None

Anyone else having problems uploading receipts for your jobs? I have talked to a couple of friends having same issue. I sent all my receipts to my scheduler and was not contacted that there was an issue. My jobs are all back on the board and no notice to me.... Continue Reading

Second to None

I did a shop for them last month. One of the things I was supposed to ask was for a price quote for 500 more of the same printing I had just paid for. I messed up and ask for a quote on 300 more. They rejected the... Continue Reading

Second to None

Double check your paypals.... paypal is deducting service fee money for payment from s2n.... Continue Reading

Second to None

Hi Any thoughts on this company good or bad would be appreciated.All their assignments require training why is this?Takes on average 30 mins to read throught all the material take the test and apply for one assignment.... Continue Reading

Second to none

Anyone get paid this morning by them (15th) via Direct Deposit? I haven't yet and last month busted my hump and they owe me over 500 bucks and I have not gotten it in yet to my checking account. I had to buy new tires so I borrowed... Continue Reading

Second to None

They sent back a shop today asking exactly what did the cashier say in closing? It's a little odd because in the comments I had previously stated, after ringing me up, as I left, the cashier said, "have a good one". I thought that covered it. By the way, that... Continue Reading

Second to None Warning Payment

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Ideas on how/who to contact at STN

There is a Quick Info Booth shop I would love to complete tomorrow, but you have to be at least 40 to request it. The shop said you can apply if you under 40 as long as you get permission from the scheduler first. I have no idea who to contact.... Continue Reading

Second to None

I just ran across this one in Jobslinger, they have a few jobs in my area, I have never registered with them for some odd reason. Anyone know anything about them?... Continue Reading

Second to none problem to submit form

I am currently having problem submitting second to none form. It is for a wireless kiosk. At the end of the form, it ask for store no, which is 4 digit. This match their instruction. But when I tried to enter it on the form, it insist that it start... Continue Reading

Anyone ever have a Second To None shop rejected?

I just had my first shop rejection. It was a shop from Second To None. I know that happens and I'm trying not to take it personally, but the reason they rejected it is not in the directions. It says it was rejected because of the small item I purchased,... Continue Reading

Anyone ever have payment issues with PROS and Second To None?

I did some shops for PROS and STN in August and then didn't go back to the site for a couple months. I checked them recently and my shop logs for both show them as being paid. I have checked my Paypal history and they were not paid. I contacted both... Continue Reading

Second To None Account Termination

I just received an email from Second To None saying my account has been terminated because I was recognized as a mystery shopper. HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THIS WITH SECOND TO NONE OR ANY OTHER MYSTERY SHOP COMPANY????? If so, how does this effect my reputation and what other... Continue Reading

Second To None

Just wanted to let everyone know that Second To None is a great company to do shops for! They have really great clients and the pay is pretty good too. FYI... Continue Reading

Second to None coffee shops

YEAH>>>>>>>>>>....the coffee shops are back.......about 700 or so posted around here for Feb and March.....i was going through caffeine withdrawal.... Continue Reading

STN Downtime

Has anyone heard anything about stn changing the time they're down at night? I was able to log in at 10:30 pst tonight. Sure would be nice if I didn't have to wait til midnight to file reports.... Continue Reading

Is it Second To None a good company?

Has anyone shopped for Sencond To None? I filled out the application but it requires a SS#. On most applications you can use 000-00-0000. I just want to make sure they are legit. Thanks! Robin... Continue Reading

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Kevin Costner (Source). June 15, 2019

Payment for this shop will not reimburse purchased items. Shoppers may return the items after the shop. LEE PREMIUM OUTLETS LEE MA 1238 Seaport Square Boston MA 1750 Wayside Burlington MA 1803 Legacy Place Dedham MA 2026 LEGACY PLACE DEDHAM MA 2026 Mansfield Mansfield MA 2048 WRENTHAM VILLAGE PREMIUM OUTLT WRENTHAM MA 2093 STATE STREET BOSTON MA 2109 SHOPS AT CHESTNUT HILL CHESTNUT HILL MA 2467 Wareham Wareham MA 2571 Mashpee Mashpee MA 2649 MERRIMACK P/O MERRIMACK NH 3054 Nashua Nashua NH 3060 Concord Concord NH 3301 Powerhouse West Lebanon NH 3784 North Conway North Conway NH 3860 North Hampton North Hampton NH 3862 Main Street Freeport ME 4032 Freeport Outlet Freeport ME 4032 FREEPORT VILLAGE STATION FREEPORT ME 4032 Home Store Freeport ME 4033 Bike, Boat, & Ski Freeport ME 4033 Bangor Bangor ME 4401 Ellsworth Ellsworth ME 4605 Burlington Town Center Burlington VT 5401 WESTFARMS FARMINGTON CT 6032 Evergreen Walk South Windsor CT 6074 TANGER O/C FOXWOODS MASHANTUCKET CT 6338 CLINTON CROSSING PREMIUM OUTLT CLINTON CT 6413 Danbury Danbury CT 6810 WESTPORT MENS WESTPORT CT 6880 SHOPS AT RIVERSIDE HACKENSACK NJ 7601 Paramus Park Paramus NJ 7652 JERSEY SHORE PREMIUM OUTLETS TINTON FALLS NJ 7753 GLOUCESTER P/O BLACKWOOD NJ 8012 Sagemore Marlton NJ 8053 PROMENADE (Source). June 14, 2019

and cleanliness of the establishment in a report with Y/N and supporting narrative o Pre-arrival phone call o Complete study of guidelines and pass quiz to certify readiness Compensation: o Shop fee is $25 Locations: Naperville IL 60654 Chestnut Hill MA 02467 Annapolis MD 21401 Baltimore MD 21208 Columbia MD 21044 Clifton NJ 07012 Edgewater NJ 07020 Florham Park NJ 07932 Fort Lee NJ 07024 Livingston NJ 07039 Matawan NJ 07747 Paramus NJ 07652 River Edge NJ 07661 Short Hills NJ 07078 Toms River NJ 08753 Totowa NJ 07512 Wayne NJ 07470 Westwood NJ 07675 Wyckoff NJ 07481 Beaverton OR 97005 Clackamas OR 97015 Lake Oswego OR 97035 Portland OR 97210 Draper UT 84020 Midvale UT 84047 Vancouver WA 98684 **** New Shoppers: To become a shopper go to https://admin. (Source). May 23, 2019

To contact Pret, especially the HR dept. or if you know a name of someone at HQ then firstname. (Source). May 14, 2019

I'm excited! I did a test phone shop with Call Center QA and I'm waiting to see if I am accepted with their company. I also applied with Second to None and Best Mark. (Source). May 14, 2019

If you like grocery shops, you should look into other MSCs that do them. I don't know where you live, but MF and Second to None, and Confero have them. (Source). May 09, 2019

Liberty Ave Jamaica NY 11417 12201 Jamaica Ave Jamaica NY 11418 11704 101st Ave Jamaica NY 11419 8840 164th St Jamaica NY 11432 300 E 3rd St Jamestown NY 14701 125 E Main St Kings Park NY 11754 90 Cornell St Kingston NY 12401 50 Main St Kingston NY 12401 1001 Hawkins Ave Lake Grove NY 11755 2 W Fairmont Ave Lakewood NY 14750 1 Chatsworth Ave Larchmont NY 10538 150 S 8th St Lewiston NY 14092 14 Chestnut St. (Source). May 06, 2019

Harbor MI Burton MI Dearborn Heights MI Detroit MI Fowlerville MI Grand Haven MI Harbor Springs MI Hemlock MI Holland MI Jenison MI Lansing MI Lapeer MI New Hudson MI Petoskey MI Port Huron MI Portage MI Prudenville MI Redford MI Rochester Hills MI Rockford MI Romulus MI Saginaw MI Sandusky MI St Joseph MI Stevensville MI Swartz Creek MI Traverse City MI Walled Lake MI Westland MI Wyandotte MI Belleville NJ Bergenfield NJ Bradley Beach NJ Chatham NJ Chester NJ Dover NJ East Brunswick NJ Edgewater NJ Elizabeth NJ Elmwood Park NJ Englishtown NJ Fair Lawn NJ Flemington NJ Florham Park NJ Forked River NJ Franklin NJ Hackettstown NJ Hillside NJ Hoboken NJ Jersey City NJ Kearny NJ Livingston NJ Long Branch NJ Manalapan NJ Monroe NJ Morris Plains NJ Morristown NJ Mount Freedom NJ Newton NJ North Arlington NJ Old Bridge NJ Palisades Park NJ Park Ridge NJ Paterson NJ Red Bank NJ Ridgefield NJ Saddle Brook NJ Somerville NJ Spring Lake NJ Stanhope NJ Trenton NJ West New York NJ Bay Shore NY Bayside NY Bedford NY Briarcliff NY Brightwaters NY Bronx NY Brooklyn NY Chappaqua NY Chestnut Ridge NY Cicero NY Cornwall NY Croton On Hudson NY East Meadow NY East Rockaway NY Elmont NY Fairport NY Flushing NY Forest Hills NY Fort Salonga NY Freeport NY Garden City NY Garnerville NY Greenwood Lake NY Harrison NY Highland Falls NY Howard Beach NY Irvington NY Islip NY Katonah NY Kingston NY Levittown NY Lindenhurst NY Little Neck NY Mamaroneck NY Manhasset NY Massapequa NY Mattituck NY Melville NY Merrick NY Middletown NY Monroe NY Monsey NY Mount Kisco NY New City NY New York NY Nyack NY Oakland Gardens NY Oceanside NY Ossining NY Peekskill NY Pine Bush NY Port Jefferson NY Port Jervis NY Port Washington NY Poughkeepsie NY Queens Village NY Rego Park NY Rochester NY Sag Harbor NY Shelter Island NY Somers NY Southampton NY Staten Island NY Stewart Manor NY Stony Point NY Suffern NY Sunnyside NY Valley Stream NY Warwick NY Washingtonville NY West Babylon NY Yonkers NY Yorktown Heights NY Akron OH Brunswick OH Chesterland OH Cincinnati OH Circleville OH Cleveland OH Columbus OH Dayton OH Delaware OH Findlay OH Gahanna OH Granville OH Greenville OH Grove City OH Heath OH Lancaster OH Lima OH Lorain OH Madison OH Mansfield OH Marion OH Medina OH Mentor OH Minerva OH Mount Sterling OH Newcomerstown OH Pickerington OH Reynoldsburg OH Saint Marys OH Sidney OH Stow OH Tipp City OH Troy OH Wapakoneta OH Warren OH Whitehall OH Williamsburg OH Willowick OH Wooster OH Broken (Source). May 02, 2019

and if I had all the shops I could do and this was the criteria I'd use it :) Sometimes I'm lucky enough to be there, and Ipsos / Second to None / Maritz wins. (Source). March 12, 2019