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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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Pssstů I know how PRESTO! got its name!

(Rant ahead) It is so frikkin slow that when you choose an answer, like YES, it eventually remembers that it was not finished scrolling and the screen suddenly catches up to you, continues scrolling and, PRESTO! your YES answer has now changed to NO. If you lose just one... Continue Reading

Getting accepted to Coyle asssignments?

I'm new to Coyle. Does anyone have any tips on getting their assignments? I've been applying for hotel shops. Is this why I'm not getting anything-- am I starting with something too big too soon? Should I start with restaurant shops instead?... Continue Reading


Thank you for the accurate posting in our Jobs Forum. It is a pleasure to see a job posting that does not mislead. It is nice to see a posting for limited locations that does not contain, "In Your Area", or "Near You"! ...:D... Continue Reading


This is not my first complaint, however, it will be my last. I am doing work in a mall in my town today, and they had a job with a cell provider, so I apply...last day to do it today. I check and it is still pending, I applied... Continue Reading

Secret Shopping Services does not pay shoppers!

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secret shopping services

Hi I have done few assignments for "Secret Shopping services" (SSS) I tried to contact them many times to be paid but they do not answer any of my emails Do you have similar experience with this company ? many thanks... Continue Reading

not being paid by SSS

I, too, have been ignored by this company. Over four months with no pay and no return calls or emails. Here's a solution. It might not get you paid, but it will give you some satisfaction. Most of the shops, I believe, are for *retailer*. ... Continue Reading

Secret Shopping Services

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Secret Shopping Services, has anyone gotten paid?

I did my first job for them in August 2011. I have yet to be paid. I'm awaiting a response from accounting regarding the status of my payment. Is anyone else having payment issues with this MSC?... Continue Reading

Increased Fee ?? oh pleeaassse!!!

A certain MSC I do fast food shop for is advertising "increased fees" on the job board this morning. They raised it from $7.50 to $8. 50-cents; are you for real? This is almost an insult.... I can find 50-cents in my couch cushions!... Continue Reading

Secret Shopping Services

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Secret Shopping Services Scamming UK shoppers

This company have one UK client in the jewellery trade and they have scammed UK shoppers who have undertaken assignments for them and then not paid despite the reports being approved. I did jobs for them in September and not been paid and I know other shoppers in the same... Continue Reading

Secret Shopping Services

Anyone worked for them? They seem to be on the slow side when it comes to paying (6-10 weeks), so I was wondering if it was worth signing up with them? Thanks! Continue Reading

Secret Shopping Services

Anyone else get this email about purchasing very high end items? Is this legit? I've got to say I'm a little nervous about putting $1,000 on a credit card then waiting to be reimbursed.... Continue Reading

Secret Shopping Services still not paid for June shop

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Any one has experience with Secret Shopping Services

They are a little slow to pay...more than 60 days!!!... Continue Reading

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[quote=ArkLaMissshopping] Trying to take a picture of pizza without shadows. (Source). June 17, 2021

The fat and sodium come from the cheese. If you want the healthiest option, go with a bowl, no cheese. [quote=ArkLaMissshopping] Talking about sticking to the veggie sandwich to stay under budget; it has 440 calories, 15 grams of fat, and 1040 mg of sodium. (Source). June 09, 2021

yesss the PV 500 is industry standard. (Source). May 31, 2021

If you accesss the photos from the pink color "gallery", they are not always there immediately. (Source). May 12, 2021

It violates your ICA [quote=ArkLaMissshopping] If the MSC can put company and client together why is it a violation for us? (Source). May 04, 2021

It's okay. I accumulate a decent amount of steps when I look for each next open exam room there. :D [quote=ArkLaMissshopping] These are extremely simple to me. (Source). April 27, 2021

[quote=ArkLaMissshopping] You will do the mystery shop by going in and checking the exterior, interior, bathroom, etc. (Source). March 31, 2021

You can go anytime they are open. Please register and apply at Available locations: Lincoln, NE 68510 Lincoln, NE 68504 Omaha, NE 68134 Thanks, Shelly Martin KSS International, Inc. KSSShelly@kernscheduling. (Source). December 17, 2020

[quote=ArkLaMissshopping] After years of doing these jobs, I FINALLY got a shake on my last one! I am so excited! It was SO-O good, too![/quote] Yes, the shakes are excellent! (Source). November 25, 2020

Lol. Have you checked out They take credit cards to the extreme, and routing shoppers can hit minimum spend easssssyyyyy. (Source). October 14, 2020