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Sentry has Open Opportunities for You!

Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a variety of projects! There are many, many opportunities that may be near you! We have shops throughout the US; including automotive shops, coffee shops, retail stores, waxing/massage shops, casual and fine dining, valet services, telephone shops, dine-in, drive-through, delivery ....... Continue Reading

Look at all the shops available at Sentry Marketing!

Variety is the Spice of Life, Right? Sentry Marketing has 100's of Open Shops to choose from! Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a variety of projects! There are many, many opportunities that may be near you! We have shops throughout the US; including automotive shops, coffee shops, retail... Continue Reading

Sentry is Now scheduling Merchandising Shops

Sentry has a lot of new merchandising projects on our website. We need shoppers one merchandiser in LA to collect 200-250 SKUS weekly for another 5 months. We also have an assignment in the below cities to complete an assignment at a big box home improvement store. For these,... Continue Reading


I have been unable to sign on with either the instant account or the micro deposits and I am owed in excess of $500.....any help or ideas. I am very concerned about getting paid after several back and forth conversations by email with the owner of the company. ... Continue Reading

Sentry new payment method, they want your bank sign in information

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Sentry payment system

Anyone else get the email about Sentry switching to a new payment system? Legit? Seems a bit odd to make the switch just a few days before January payments are issued.... Continue Reading

Sentry big box store

Are they gone? I haven’t seen anything in months. This is one of my favorite clients. I love this store... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing (Dwolla)

Good morning everyone! I have not been shopping for a while but I received an email this morning that said: You've received money. Time is running out on your ability to accept the $40.00 sent from The Sentry Marketing Group, LLC on 6/27/2018. In order to receive these funds, you'll need... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing and Dwolla

Has anyone else seen that Dwolla will be ending transfers to bank accounts on 12/03/2018? I received an email this morning and reached out to Sentry to see what they plan to do for payments. It took quite a few months for them to switch from checks to Dwolla last... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing

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Sentry Marketing

I can't get logged into the website to do my report. Are they in the path of the hurricane? Anyone know?... Continue Reading

Beware: Sentry Big Box Store report rejections

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Sentry "Quick Pay"

Could someone tell me what constitutes "Quick Pay" with Sentry? I took three assignments back in July - they were "bonused and set to Quick Pay" -- Completed the shops, they were accepted, and....nothing. Invoice drops on 8/16, looks like they are set to pay on SEPTEMBER 30th?? How is... Continue Reading

Hey Sentry - PAY ME to take your survey.............

I am kinda sick of MS companies that think nothing of presuming on my time: Here is my response to Sentry asking me to take a survey: "Thank you for the opportunity to do a survey. Were you planning on paying shoppers to complete it? If only a few dollars?... Continue Reading

Sentry and Dwilla

Still waiting for my $ even tho I set up Dwilla and verified email. I received notice of payment but no $$ Dwilla sent another "verify your email " message after I inquired about missing $. I will see how this goes...... Continue Reading

Look at all the shops available at Sentry Marketing!

Variety is the Spice of Life, Right? Sentry Marketing has 100's of Open Shops to choose from! Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a variety of projects! There are many, many opportunities that may be near you! We have shops throughout the US; including automotive shops,... Continue Reading

And you wonder how Sentry stays in business...

when they treat their shoppers like crap! Wow, what an attitude! Here is an actual PM exchange I recently had with a Sentry employee: In reply to [] @winemaker wrote: Julie, My two cents.... I respect you and Dave, BUT... Sentry pays what I would call an barely average rate in the MSC... Continue Reading

Changes at Sentry

Hello Everyone, I wanted to come here and introduce myself. My name is Susan and am the new head of the scheduling department at Sentry. I have read many discouraging comments regarding Sentry Marketing over the past year. I want you to know Dave has heard your feedback and... Continue Reading

Look at all the shops available at Sentry Marketing!

Variety is the Spice of Life, Right? Sentry Marketing has 100's of Open Shops to choose from! Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a variety of projects! There are many, many opportunities that may be near you! We have shops throughout the US; including automotive shops,... Continue Reading

Look at all the shops available at Sentry Marketing!

Variety is the Spice of Life, Right? Sentry Marketing has 100's of Open Shops to choose from! Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a variety of projects! There are many, many opportunities that may be near you! We have shops throughout the US; including automotive shops,... Continue Reading

Application for shop due this week sitting for days - Sentry Marketing

Hello, I have seen others report this and the company responded it did not happen. Well it is happening to me this week. Applied for a shop a couple of days ago. The last day is tomorrow.... Continue Reading

More "Let Them Eat Cake" attitude from Sentry.

Not only does is this company just too dang special to allow self assign (though many other MSCs do) they also have an answer for how long you should expect to wait to get an answer on whether you application shall be accepted or not. The answer right from the... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing

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Sentry Marketing unfair rejected report

The first time I submit a shop for Sentry they rejected report bc they said the photo of my food was Inadequate - they didn’t really say what was wrong but I assume they were complaining bc some of the sauce was smeared on the plate (required to take photo... Continue Reading

Sentry - shop input computer/laptop onely

I just did a shop for Sentry and in the guidelines it states that you can input on a desktop or laptop not a mobile device. I was wondering two things. 1. How do they know we are using a mobile device? 2. Why would they want desktop or... Continue Reading

Sentry and Dwolla

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Short pay from Sentry. Hasta nunca!

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Sentry denied two reports because I used the words "patio heater" instead of "outdoor heater."

I responded to the denial email that I disagreed, and I am waiting for clarification. What do you think, is a patio heater and an outdoor heater the same thing? ?... Continue Reading

Has Sentry reverted to a new scheduling system?

Just wondering....they seem to have disappeared...are they still in business?... Continue Reading

Did Sentry leave Gigspot?

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So how does one get paid by Sentry

I did 4 shops that were put on their invoices October 16. According to their payment policies I understand I would be paid at the end of the month following the invoice which would have been November. I did not sign up with opting instead to take the... Continue Reading

Sentry marketing new payments

Does anyone else wonder why Sentry Marketing can't just do direct deposit like eveyone else without having to go through another company. I hate entering my bank info in all these different places just to get paid!... Continue Reading

Do not what know to do about assignment for Sentry Marketing

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SENTRY should make SELF ASSIGN more available to shoppers.

I have done a number of burger shops with good results and no need for corrections but am still not given the opportunity to self assign. Is there some reason for this? As a shopper I want to often plan and combine shops with other Mystery Shopping companies and if I... Continue Reading

Why does people hate Sentry Marketing so much?

This is one company that shoppers continually dogpile on, and I'm just curious as to why?... Continue Reading

Has Sentry Marketing sent out payments for invoices processed 9/30 yet?

I received a direct deposit on 8/31/2017, but I have not received one for 9/30/2017. I am (not so patiently) waiting for payment for two jobs completed 7/18 and 8/2. The invoice date was August 16, 2017 so the payments should have been processed September 30. Here it is... Continue Reading


Any recent good or bad experiences with them?... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing reputation

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Anyone receive a Sentry payment today?

I've never had a payment from them and have never used I'm not sure what to expect. I did set up my account with using the link from Sentry so hopefully it works like it's supposed to. Thanks Edited because I goofed.... Continue Reading

Sentry having payment issues?

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay-but I finally have an update. Thank you for all your responses. I finally got paid today for the May shop. After several emails- and a couple of phone call attempts- I sent a screenshot in an email showing the company what I was seeing... Continue Reading

What Kind of Reputation Does Sentry Have

Just had a very disappointing experience with this company on my first shop for them. It was a restaurant shop. The report was eight pages, and required 100-200 specific observations. It took me between three and four hours to complete, as I was extremely meticulous on every point. I'm skeptical it's... Continue Reading


I don't see many shops this month. Seems to be a pattern with a few companies. Anyone seeing the same thing?... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing payment?

Anybody receive their payment(s) from Sentry Marketing this past month?? I did a triple 'B' shop in February and haven't gotten paid through as of yet. I submitted an invoice to them, but haven't heard back.... Continue Reading

Sentry/Gigspot issue

Did a job for Sentry that was scheduled today. I go through all the questions and narratives. It is not accepted and won't let me turn it in because of blackout date. The due date of the submission falls on the blackout date. What is up with this? I... Continue Reading

Did anyone actually get paid on time from Sentry this month?

These payments are from shops at the beginning of January. Still haven't paid for them. I was told payments are suppose to go out by the end of the following month from the statement date. It's past the end of the month and they haven't even been processed or paid.... Continue Reading

For Sentry, how many casual dining shops does one need to do before being eligible for fine dining shops?

Does Sentry have any guidelines regarding how many casual dining shops a new (to them) shopper must do before they will be eligible for fine dining shops? (Obviously, I'm assuming the casual dining shops were acceptable and were done well.) In other words, is there a magic number... Continue Reading

Are Sentry's Narrative Expectations too Great for the $?

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Trouble logging into Sentry and TrendSource today

Is it me? I'm not able to log into either Sentry or TrendSource today. With regard to Sentry, when I hit the "login" button, nothing happens. And when trying to log in to TrendSource, it says it's an invalid username or password. Uh? I then... Continue Reading

Having Trouble Getting Paid @ Sentry Marketing Group

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Sentry Marketing - Rejected shop

Hello, I got an email today stating that my shop that I had performed on 2/6/2017 had been rejected. It was a shop where I ordered a blended drink, smoothie, etc. On the report it asked to document how a problem was handled. This was not covered in the instructions.... Continue Reading

Nice surprise from Sentry

Received payment this week from a job performed for Sentry in November. When I went to check it paid in my spreadsheet I noticed the amount of reimbursement was higher than my figures. After verifying my receipt, I sent them an email asking them how to return the... Continue Reading

GigSpot and Sentry

Since I signed up for GigSpot, I cannot seem to get into my old favorite mystery shops that I shopped on a regular basis for years. I asked an employee of GigSpot why I cannot get into my favorite shops even to take a test to qualify for shops... Continue Reading

Sentry Sent me a message that my shop has been rejected

I'm starting to get the feeling that this MSC Treats there shoppers like we're not human. To send me a message that my shop has been rejected because I did not ask a question word for word. There is a lot to remember with the big box shops.... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing used telephone number to ask me to vote for a candidate.

Received a message from Megan, at Sentry Marketing that was a political solicitation for a presidential candidate. I was very disturbed by this. My number was only to be used for shopping and not to ask me to vote for a specific party and/or candidate.... Continue Reading

Apparenty Sentry thinks our work has no value

Just got this email, titled, "Go Shopping, Get Paid and Get Reimbursed on us!" It's not "on you", dude.... Continue Reading

Sentry Paying Late This Month?

I completed a job for Sentry on July 30. My shop was accepted with no problems and the invoice is in my pay history with a date of August 16. I see on their website it shows payment will be in my account by the last day... Continue Reading

Being terminated due to false accusations by editors (ie Sentry)

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Sentry pending validation

I did a shop through Sentry on 09-02-2016 and it is showing as Pending Validation still. I have not received any email regarding this shop since I completed it. Is this typical? I have never had a shop pending for so many days, however I would rather not bother Sentry... Continue Reading

Sentry writing assessment

I just logged into enter a shop from today, and was met with a screen requiring me to enter a writing sample. I've shopped them for a while so was surprised, but I know others have done updates like this occasionally. My sister doesn't shop them anywhere as frequently as... Continue Reading

Invoices for Sentry Marketing

I have been looking on their site for invoices because it says my shops are "OK to Pay", but haven't been put on an invoice. I cannot seem to find where an invoice is to put it on. Anyone have any help for me?... Continue Reading

Sentry payments

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Sentry -- Stop being so cheap.

First I want to say I know that I don't have to accept any assignment that I feel the pay is not worth the work. I understand that and do a good job of avoiding jobs that don't pay enough for the work required. Now here is my rant as today... Continue Reading

Sentry editors?

Is anyone else having Sentry editor being extra picky this month and last? I'm starting to hate working for them. Same shops as always, just being ridicules and they seem to be trying to get out of paying for perfectly done shops from previous standards. Really ruins you day. Also, stop calling... Continue Reading

Sentry pay issues?

Is anyone else having issues with Sentry? I now show two invoices on their website that have never shown up on my bill account. I searched the boards but don't see info on payment issues. THANKS... Continue Reading

Sentry is a ripoff outfit and this Dave character is a con man - Need to put them out of business

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Sentry Survey to help them improve.

Heres your chance tell sentry how they are doing. Theres even a open comment to tell Dave any suggestions you have at the end of the brief survey. Who knows maybe he will take your suggestions. Here is the email I received exactly and I hope posting it doesn't violate... Continue Reading

Stressed out about Sentry

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Sentry payments via

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Sentry-NONSENSE editing yet again

I don't want to give too many details to identify myself....but NUMEROUS INVALID complaints including instructing me to comment in violation of the directions on the form, telling me to repeat comments in multiple boxes when that has not been required in the past...I seriously just need to copy and... Continue Reading


9 answered. 10,12, and 13 answered in the original, not gonna answer them again. If unacceptable, DQ me and delete my shopper profile. Thank you. I sent that to the editor at Sentry. Asked and answered! Fully expecting the shop to be DQed, magically... Continue Reading

Signing up with Sentry

I'm trying to understand how they pay shoppers. I've seen associated with them, but I'm unfamiliar with how that works. I'm very hesitant to sign up with any company that doesn't make their payment policy clear, and the FAQ page that should explain it hasn't worked for months. Anybody... Continue Reading

Sentry-surprise bonus

The amount I was paid just wasn't adding up, so I looked up what I was paid for and it included a bonus which I wasn't aware of! It was one that had sat for awhile, but when the scheduler asked me to do it, didn't mention anything about... Continue Reading

Burned by Sentry

A scheduler begged me to do a shop at a popular burger/chicken restaurant and added a rare $5 bonus. More to help the scheduler than for the $22 payout, I did the takeout shop, which required a restroom visit. I ended up getting dunned because, according to the proofreader, I... Continue Reading

Sentry Phone Number

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In Support of Sentry ... (ducking for cover as I type :})

Note: I actually wrote the below as a reply to a post in another Sentry topic. There are a ton of Sentry topics out there and I decided I didn't want my little forum editorial, as it probably is, to get lost. Obviously, the topic where I... Continue Reading

Ath and Sentry?

Out of curiosity, how are Ath and Sentry connected, or are they? There's an email going around supposedly from Ath in an attempt to get shoppers to sign up for epayments and while the subject line and email say Ath, the sender says Sentry. Odd? Fraudulent? ... Continue Reading

Sentry Survey Won't Load

Is anyone else having an issue with Sentry's site today? I was in the survey I am working on earlier. I had saved it and now when I try to reopen the survey, the page keeps timing out. I tried more than one computer and three different browsers.... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing payment issue

I've been waiting on a payment from Sentry related to a couple shops I performed. I have been emailing back and forth with Dave @ Sentry and he indicated payment would be sent by today. So far I've heard nothing so I emailed again. The email returned indicating the email... Continue Reading

Sentry ~ Thank You Dave ~

getting help... Continue Reading

Anybody else have difficulty accessing Sentry Marketing Certifications?

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How reputable is SentryMarketing? I've attempted to apply for a couple of their shops but have been unable to start the certification process that they require for each shop. I've written to them several times addressing this issue, but have had not response.... Continue Reading

Highly paid jobs from Sentry

Earlier tonight I got an email from Sentry listing about 20 shop locations with fees ranging $180 and up. I was curious and amazed but I am not signed up with Sentry so I did not check their website for details. I just came home to see... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Group

From 30+ years experience with mystery shopping, I feel the 60+ days waiting for a payment from Sentry Marketing is excessive and not the industry norm; however, if you accept an assignment with the knowledge that you'll receive nothing until then, you have no complaint. Possibly of more concern... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Payment

I did a SM shop on July 15. I was told that it took about 60 days for payment and then a additional 5 days or so. As of Sept 25 I have not received my payment. Will I be pay by check or Pay Pal. I checked the... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing

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Sentry Marketing

I just did my first shop for them and it was awful, low pay, long long ways away and I had to do a certification test for a burger joint that paid $4.00, and then it had this ridiculously long narrative and form which took me about 2 hours... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus, Sentry, how to reach someone a little sketchy?

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Can't get paid from Sentry

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Sentry Marketing Group

I have to say, this has to be the most horrible mystery shop company I've ever worked for. Not only does no one respond to the various email addresses they list in their emails to you, but they also don't pay you promptly. If you are going to... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing

I completed a shop at a local Big Box store. I heard nothing from them about the shop until I received an email stating that my shop was being rejected because I did not respond to their numerous requests for additional information. Really? I never received an... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Group

Does anyone else find Sentry the most difficult company to work with? I tried numerous times in the past and it was all negative. They make navigating their website and completing their certifications so difficult. And, their scheduler is just RUDE. I pulled back and stopped... Continue Reading

Login problems for Monterey and Sentry

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Payment for Sentry Marketing

Sentry Marketing pays by check (ACH or eCheck), they are encouraging the eCheck and I received an email to sign up for their system. Do I need to create an invoice to send to them via this system? Does anyone have experience with Sentry that can provide some... Continue Reading

Sentry-switching to direct deposit

I logged on and was prompted to update my info. It asked if I preferred a check or direct deposit...then some other screen flashed on and off and I couldn't read what it said.... are they going to do direct deposit?... Continue Reading

Sentry black out dates

On the instruction form you get after signing up it says: This visit may not be conducted on any of the following dates (a date range in April) or weekdays. They let me assign it for Friday (May 22)..the weekdays were in black font, the weekends are in red..nothing appeared to... Continue Reading

Sentry's New Site?

I signed up with Sentry and never heard from them with a confirmation. I was contacted by a scheduler to do a retail shop I'm not terribly thrilled about, but it's bonused... I needed to do the quiz, turns out I can login, and I can login to profit, but... Continue Reading

sentry marketing and feedback plus

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Sentry Marketing

Has anyone did work for this company? I am fairly new to mystery shopping, but have completed jobs for a few companies. Sentry was on of the first companies I signed up for but never saw any jobs that interest me. I received an email from then... Continue Reading

Sentry--2 websites?

on one job board through prophet I see the fast casual restaurant and a few others....but on teh shopmetrics page that is linked in the email they sent I am seeing the new retail store....they the $10 shops were picked up quick..... the restaurant doesn't show up on shopmetric and the... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing--specific time

I just accepted a shop with them...they require you you to list a very specific they really expect you to show up at that exact time? I might be able to get there an hour earlier, but I didn't want to list the earlier time in case I didn't... Continue Reading

Noreply/Sentry Marketing.

I recently signed up for Sentry. I received 11 of the same emails yesterday within a minute of each other. Today I received 15 within minutes, not counting what went to Spam. Is this their normal? I also think their pay is low for taking pictures,... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Website security issues

When I logged into the Sentry Marketing website to complete a report today I received an error message that the link had a broken security protocol. Firefox wouldn't even let me continue to the page, but Chrome did (although it gave me a stern warning before it let me... Continue Reading

Payment for Sentry

I did a $$$$ restaurant shop in October and am wondering what the timetable for the pay is. I have a wedding I have to pay for.... Continue Reading

sentry marketing

This company decided to not give me a second chance to submit my receipt. When I received it was slightly wrinkled and that was not acceptable. They needed it perfectly straightened out. I sent another receipt that came with the receipt and it had name, date on... Continue Reading

Feedback Plus/Sentry Marketing too many emails?

I received 8 emails from Feedback Plus, mobile shops, under Sentry Marketing in 3 minutes. I replied and asked the scheduler to not send me 8 of the same emails in 3 minutes. All of the same shops. Is this a problem with anyone else?... Continue Reading

THEY DON'T PAY ( Sentry Marketing) (Plus, all loose rants collected into one thread. :) )

I have worked for many secret shops but this one DOES NOT PAY! They are always calling for last minute shops and I try to oblige only for my shop to be rejected! Why? Who knows...I guess they just want free service. They give no explaination... Continue Reading

Sentry survey -- yay for Dave!

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SENTRY MARKETING: Are they paying on time and are the reports reasonable??

Never worked for them and notice they picked up some clients from Corp Research International. So, are their reports still overly long as was the case with their burger chain client??? Read it was seven pages long....and was nit picked when submitted. And are they paying more quickly?? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing company

Sentry Marketing has the worst schedulers and site ever. The schedulers don't give you enough info to complete a shop and there is error page on site so you can't get guidelines. They have you pay all out of pocket and then reject your shop. I bet they send report... Continue Reading

Sentry paypal

Anybody got payment via paypal from Sentry Marketing?... Continue Reading

sentry website down?

Hi, i could not login to the main portal, do you guys experience the same thing? I can only login to the task portal.... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing payment?

I did a shop for Sentry on April 12th that cost me a pretty penny out of pocket. Their website says they pay within 60 days. It's now 61 days after April 12th and the shop is still "pending" on their board, despite also being accepted. Does anyone have any... Continue Reading

Sentry scheduling question

Hey guys, I need advice. I had a shop scheduled for yesterday, but I got the stomach bug and nothing would go down. I sent an email asking to reschedule to today. I didn't hear back. I sent another email today and haven't heard anything, I also called the company and... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Group

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Sentry and Feedback

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sentry buys Feedback Plus Continue Reading

Help Please -- Sentry Marketing

Hi Folks, I am an experienced mystery shopper. I have shopped with many companies over the past 6-7 years and have rarely had issues with shopper payment. This is first time I had this situation and I need some advice. I did some massage shops in December for Sentry Marketing.... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Corp Owes Money and it is a Scam

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing - payment problems?

I did massage shop for Sentry marketing . When I went to enter the shop on Prophet, the shop was not there. I emailed the scheduler immediately and she told me that she would talk to I.T. to get it restored. Meanwhile she asked me to email her the... Continue Reading


I am filling out their application and good heavens! 250-300 words about my last dinning experience! If I had known that, I would have asked to go into the kitchen!... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing

I just had a shop show up as accepted and done. I then look at the payment schedule and it shows the fee, bonus and reimbursement. Then I see a Content Deduction of the amount of bonus. What is that about? I only took it because... Continue Reading

How long does it take to get approved as a shopper for Sentry Marketing?

I was going to begin a new thread, but the top one was about Sentry, so I figured I'd piggyback (hope that's okay!) :) Does anyone know how long it takes for an application to be approved? I applied on 8/5 and haven't received a second email from them and want... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing

I applied for them. Received an e-mail to do the enrollment. Was told my application was accepted and to wait for a user name and password. According to the page, it said 24 hours. It's been over that. Do I contact them or do they... Continue Reading Payments

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing deactivating you for no reason?

So, I completed a couple shops for Sentry and then a couple weeks later I tried to log in and I find out they've deactivated me. I emailed them several times and they would not email me back. So I gave up and decided I did not want to work... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing: Feedback Requested

I have never worked for Sentry and request your feedback on the company and schedulers. Thank you so!... Continue Reading

SENTRY MARKETING: Your valued feedback please

Just wondered how their reports are and if they pay on time. How is the shop for their popular hamburger chain please???? Thanks in advance everybody.... Continue Reading

TSMG The Sentry Marketing Group

Has anyone had difficulty getting responses from TSMG? I have emailed them three times letting them know that I want the shops, but cannot self-assign because the Certifications that I have taken and passed (and show up in my profile) are not recognized by the program, preventing me from... Continue Reading

sentry marketing

Tried to log in. Is the website being worked on? recieving error messages.... Continue Reading


I have been shopping for 20+ years and receiving "thank you's" and 9 our of 10 or 10 out of 10 on most shops until I signed up with Sentry. There is a new food establishment in town and I wanted to shop them so I signed up with... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing

Sentry Marketing is a terrible company to shop for. I was lied to regarding bonus pay, quick pay, and then after 3 months of inquiring regarding my payment, I received an email stated my report had been rejected by the client. Stay away. Terrible website and unreliable... Continue Reading

NOT happy with Sentry Marketing!

Sentry recently sent me an e-mail soliciting feedback on their new website and I took time out of my day to log in and poke around and provide what I thought was some constructive criticism. I was honest, and yes blunt, saying it was not user-friendly and pointing out specific... Continue Reading

How is Sentry Marketing

I found an old thread about them. Are they okay now ? Thanks in advance. S.... Continue Reading

No Communication From SENTRY At All...

Greetings, I haven't EVER been able to get a live person at SENTRY Marketing, Ever. I had to decline one shop after I had accepted it because I didn't find out until AFTER I had accepted it that the second person was a requirement, Not an option, AND I was to... Continue Reading


I just spent two hours+ looking for my original post regarding this company. So I am back. Six months ago I registered with this company. But b/c of the blouhaha that was being discussed on this forum about this company, I got a headache. I postponed myself from... Continue Reading

Sentry Warning

I just saw on their job board. Do you Copy and Paste ****We have found some shoppers are coping and pasting the same descriptive comments/answers for questions from previous shops to a current shop and/or from one question to the next within a current shop. Should we discover content is being coped,... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Group Survey

Today I got an e-mail from Dave and he wanted me to fill out a survey about what I liked or didn't like about Sentry Marketing. Did anyone else get this survey and do you think it will help some of the minor problems that we all have encountered.... Continue Reading

Problem with Sentry Marketing Group

I was offered a shop at a seafood restaurant that is 16 miles from my home. The pay would be $5 and I would be reimbursed $30 for food for myself and one other person. My bill came to $37.39 and I left a $5 tip. The company expects you... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Group

Is this group legit? Bob... Continue Reading

SENTRY Marketing deduct payment unreasonably

I was surprised when I received feedback from Sentry marketing that payment was deducted for being late. For the shop that I did for them, I was supposed to receive a follow up call before I can submit the shop. So, I hold the report for another day before I... Continue Reading

The Sentry Marketing Group, any input?

I did a search and found nothing.... Continue Reading

Anybody know them

Hi I found a website from this forum which was and on that site, i found a MS job board. This job board has so many new jobs posted by different companies and this one was there. Anybody done any shop for them or used the website or the job... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing

There is a large discussion on volition as to Sentry Marketing's credibility. Many are saying unflattering things as being docked unfairly, and not being paid. I recently completely 2 shops which looked good on paper and turned out to be nightmare. In one case, the report would not accept an "N/A",... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Group LLC

Is Sentry Marketing Group LLC legit... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing

Does anyone have experience with Sentry Marketing?... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing

As you may know, the reviews of companies posted on this forum are a valuable resource for many mystery shoppers. They also should be taken with a grain of salt. It is wise to be careful about whose opinion you trust on the forum. It is also... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Group

Anyone know anything about Sentry Marketing Group? They are recruiting in Texas currently and contacted me. I filled out the initial and there are several tests. In taking the first 2 tests, some red flags came up for me. The shops they offer required a high... Continue Reading

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Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a local-favorite dining project featuring a relaxed, fun, burger and beer restaurant in your area! These are some of our most popular shops, so apply online before they are all gone! (Source). August 16, 2019

Sentry Marketing is currently looking for teen or young adult shoppers to complete a retail shop at a consignment store featuring clothing for young adults and teens. (Source). August 16, 2019

You will be reimbursed for all the required purchases plus tax and shipping. Available Dates: o EASY ONLINE APPLICATION! o Check the “Open Opportunities” at https://admin.sentrymarketing. (Source). August 16, 2019

The Sentry Marketing Group is currently recruiting shoppers who own: o Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles, model year 2000 or newer, to complete a service department shop. (Source). August 16, 2019

Sentry Marketing is looking for shoppers for a massage and facial shop. (Source). August 16, 2019

The Sentry Marketing Group is currently recruiting shoppers to complete a retail hardware store shop in MN, ND & SD. (Source). August 16, 2019

We are excited that you would like to join the Sentry team of shoppers and merchandisers! We are adding assignments weekly and need reliable, consistent and professional representatives to be the face of Sentry on these opportunities. (Source). August 16, 2019

Join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a variety of projects! There are many, many opportunities that may be near you! We have shops throughout the US; including automotive shops, coffee shops, retail stores, waxing/massage shops, casual (Source). August 16, 2019

Hurry to join our team of Sentry Evaluators for a dining project featuring delicious Mesquite Grilled Chicken with flavorful Tex-Mex sides! There is a specific scenario to follow that will be provided in the guidelines for the shop. (Source). August 16, 2019

Compensation: o Shop pays $8.50 survey fee o Reimbursement paid for any small purchase (up to $8) Available Dates: o EASY ONLINE APPLICATION! o Check the “Open Opportunities” at https://admin.sentrymarketing. (Source). August 16, 2019