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Kudo's to Service Sense

Can't explain, but Kudo's to Service Sense for caring about their shoppers, great company.... Continue Reading

Service Sense and Kern Scheduling

Recently, Kern Scheduling began promoting opportunities for Service Sense. I observed that the opportunities were being cross posted on both Job Boards. Bill Koch (Service Sense) responded to my inquiry as follows: "There is only one Job Board. If a specific assignment is open for application it is only... Continue Reading

ServiceSense Report Reviewer/Editor needed

Hi all, this is Amy from ServiceSense. We are expanding our reviewer staff, and we’re reaching out to this community looking for candidates to work from home reviewing/editing shopper reports online. ServiceSense is 25 year old company, based in Ma., specializing in quick casual restaurants & specialty retail... Continue Reading


Two things I thought worth sharing, even though it's small. Cashed my ServiceSense check this week. Realized they did not give a bonus for a last-minute shop. It was a good reminder to be aware of what I'm owed. I contacted them that night, got an email the next morning with... Continue Reading

Service Sense - Issue Resolved

I ask the above question as I did a mystery shop for them yesterday of a burger place. This MSC gives you a generous 24 hours to submit your I sat down awhile ago to input said report only to find that I am unable to access their... Continue Reading

Love to Service Sense!!

I've only done one shop with them, but they pay on the 10th of the month following the month you do the shop. For instance, if I do a shop on the 30th of January, I get my check on the 10th of February. That rocks! It's... Continue Reading

Service Sense

I just completed my first shop with Service Sense. It was a burger shop. I was hesitant to sign up with the company at first seeing as there hasn't been too much discussion about them on this forum. I took the chance and am glad I did. The report was... Continue Reading

Service Sense

I have already searched this forum and could not find anything on this company except one post. Does anyone have any feedback on this company? Thanks.... Continue Reading

My first assignment for ServiceSense

This one works differently. You apply and wait for them to contact you with a shop in your area. They offer it to you exclusively, and you may accept or decline. I won't have the details until 7 days before the shop, and apparently the report input is done very... Continue Reading

Anyone work for ServiceSense?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Service Sense

Has anyone worked for Service Sense?... Continue Reading

Feedback on Service Sense

Has anyone done work for Service Sense,... Continue Reading

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You can : 1. Verify that this is the correct SASSIE account for this login (many accounts look alike - this is the login page for SERVICESENSE) 2. (Source). November 27, 2018

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We hope to continue our relationships with all of you that have been with us for many years well into the future. Sincerely, Amy & Bill Owners - ServiceSense (Anybody notice there isn't a space there? (Source). September 06, 2018

[quote=isaiah58] I would reach out to the owners of Service Sense. (Source). September 06, 2018

I would reach out to the owners of ServiceSense. (Source). September 06, 2018

Totally depends on your MSC, for instance, Service Sense and DJC gives a few days and one is able to do any of those days and enter within 24 hours. (Source). August 21, 2018