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Is Service Check still in business?

Hi, all! After a long time off, I've been going through the list of companies I've worked for in the past. I'm unable to reach the Service Check website. Are they still in business? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Service Check no jobs available

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Anyone worked with Service check

Just would like your opinion on service check. Thanks... Continue Reading

Service Check Paying Late?

Is anyone else late receiving payment from Service Chack? This company states they pay according to the following schedule: "Funds are then transferred within the first 2 weeks of that month. For example, June shops are paid within the first two weeks of August." They owe me a lot... Continue Reading

Dear Service Check...

I see that the minimum shopper rating to accept your shops is 8, however, you need to allow shops with a lower ratings in order for shoppers like me to complete their first shop with you.... Continue Reading

Int'l Service Check... jobs on the way?

Anyone else frustrated because International Service Check has been advertising "one of [their] easiest shops" for a while? I'm signed up with them and sent the scheduler an e-mail expressing interest; I never heard back. Are these shops ever going to get here, or what?... Continue Reading

Intíl Service Check, skipping questions?

I completed my first shop for this company and it went smoothly. When I went to fill out the report though, several questions on the left hand list were skipped over every time I hit ďsave and continue.Ē I emailed the scheduler, but Iím wondering if anyone has experienced this?... Continue Reading

My frustrating experience with Service Check

This is my personal experience with I know everyone has a different opinion about every company, but I've never been so annoyed that I've started a new thread to complain about a company as a whole. Their editors are inconsistent. I've done a few shops with them for a major... Continue Reading

Service Check

I recently received a low grade due to narrative revisions with Service Check. Iím new to mystery shopping, and was wondering how bad a grade of 7 is. Will they still pay me the regular fee, as well as the bonus?... Continue Reading

Taking a Break from Service Check Job, Editor Issues

I usually do a certain Service Check shop once a month or so and donate the products purchased to a local rescue. A few months ago I had multiple problems with an editor requesting vague changes to a narrative and addition of other information that did not follow the guidelines... Continue Reading

Service Check MSC

Does anyone on here do shops for Service Check? I signed up with them a few days ago and I'm very frustrated. The only shops available in my area are either for someone much younger than I am, or they require you to have a rating. I... Continue Reading

Service Check./ Karin Williams

This Company completely wasted my time...3 hours by the way for a restaurant shop. They want extensive detail and narrative for going to eat a meal. The customer must be too cheap to hire a manager and relies on Service Check to break down everything for them and then screw... Continue Reading

Service Check payments late

Last month, Service Check advised that payments would be made early -- on Dec 30 rather than Jan 15. They were not made. I have long defended Service Check as they are a great MSC to work with -- good shops, great schedulers, fair fees, clear shop guides & etc.... Continue Reading

Service Check Is Not Honorable In their Dealings

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Service Check

Karin Williams, Ops manager as well as scheduling manager major problems. I would not reccommend doing work for them.... Continue Reading

Communication issues w/Int'l Service Check?

I did a shop for them at the end of August. Payment time frame said I should "expect" payment 10/8. I got an email from them last week saying there was an issue with my Paypal email address and they wanted to send my payment but couldn't. ... Continue Reading

Service Check

Fyi a movie shop concern: a diabetic can have sugar to a certain extent; but, monitoring sugar is required to order a dessert. We have done this shop before and ordered a dessert cookie for $1.25 sugar levels were okay. Well this time sugar levels were too highhigh to order... Continue Reading

Here's to Kate and Lorrie at Service Check.

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Here's to Kate and Lorrie at Service Check.

Always pleasant and helpful, today they added a good dose of patience after the untimely death of my laptop.... Continue Reading

Service Check

I completed a shop for the msc on 9/9. I was asked for edits on 9/11 which were completed. On 9/16 i was asked for more edits from a different editor. Now today i get a two more requests for more clarifications. I finally emailed the editor... Continue Reading

Service Check--Late, Late, Late

Is anyone else having issues with Service Check and tardiness? It's 7/27 and I still haven't been paid. Last month, they paid on the last day of the month, which was more than a week later than usual. They're sometimes excruciatingly slow in responding to emails and reviewing reports,... Continue Reading

Service Check

Pay issue with Service Check... I completed a shop for them in March of this year. I just started shopping that same month, so it was all very new for me. I registered with Service Check under a Yahoo email, but my PP address was Gmail, so I did not... Continue Reading

Service Check Feedback

I type my shop comments on Wordperfect and then copy/paste them to the Sassie form. Apparently this process creates two spaces after each period and the editor mentions this in the feedback. I have tried going through the narrative before submission to reduce all the spaces but it is a... Continue Reading

Service Check payment

i completed a shop for them in March and recently received an email telling me that I had been paid. The email had a message that read "Claim Money" which led to the PayPal site. Once at that site, I was instructed to enter my ID and password. Something didn't... Continue Reading

Service Check

Hello all! I'm a long time mystery shopper but I'm new to this site. I just recently signed up with Service Check and I am curious as to any feedback anyone has. I recently performed a couple of high paying shops and I know that they take... Continue Reading

Upset with Service Check

I guess service check must be in the mood to deactivate accounts this week. I have done multiple shops with them with high ratings. They sent me an email at 1 p.m. more than 3 days after a shop asking for the clarifications to be completed by midnight of the... Continue Reading

Service Check has just deactivated my account.

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Service Check report issues...

I did my first Service check shop over the weekend. It was a simple movie theater shop. I submitted my report and got back a message today asking to clarify my report. I understood the things she asked me to clarify, but at the end she put: Please note for... Continue Reading

Service Check Payments are going out late.

Hi Everyone, I don't know if this has been discussed or not, but I just saw on the website that Service Check's payments are not going out until 11/18 which is today. I still haven't gotten mine what about you all have you gotten your's yet?... Continue Reading

Baffled by ServiceCheck

Well, I may have burned a bridge, but I just didn't know what to do and I was kind of frustrated. I completed a shop for them and tried REALLY hard to make that narrative perfect. I copied the sample and went point by point through it and wrote my... Continue Reading

Service Check Not working

I have a shop to report and cannot get connected. I tried some other Sassie locations and could not connect their either. Anyone else having the same problem?... Continue Reading

Service check reviewers

I recently added Service Check to my MSC list and did my first shop for them. This is my first experience with this company. I did a weekend shop and submitted on time with a lengthy narrative. I've now gotten the shop kicked back to me twice... Continue Reading

Service Check You Have Shops I Have Time!

Dear Service Check, Your site is great. Your self assign is not functioning however. Also there is no way to contact you. I have looked in several assignments and only found : -->"Shop Log" --> "Print" --> "Click Here to Download Instructions" and save for your records. ALWAYS review the Guidelines... Continue Reading

Service Check

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Service Check

By my calculations, we should be paid today. This will be my first payment from them. I actully like the company but not getting paid timely will turn me off quickly. Anyone get paid yet?... Continue Reading

Dear Service Check

I see that you keep pushing back this month's payment date. However, if my report isn't in by 4pm, you cancel the assignment and issue me a citation. How can I issue you a citation?... Continue Reading

Service Check

So I'm just going through my spreadsheet on shops that appear to be unpaid and I see that all of my December shops with Service Check are unpaid. Woah!... Continue Reading


Has anyone had any problems with them? A couple of my first shops were with ServiceCheck. To make a longer story short, I'll just say that they were aware that I was a new shopper, and I feel that they were trying to take advantage... Continue Reading

Internat'l Service Check

Anyone done any work for them. I had an email this morning for some shops here and I put in for 4 of them that need to be done on Monday. I haven't seen anything on them but some old, old stuff on Volition where folks were complaining... Continue Reading

Service Check

I did my first assignment for this company on Saturday. Today I received an email from the editor stating: "Please include in your narrative a discussion of the appearance of the interior and exterior of the store. Also,please update your narrative to include the durability question you asked,... Continue Reading

Service Check

signed up with this company many months ago and just got my 1st email for a guitar shop. Has anyone worked for them before? Any input would be great!!! I know they are on the sassie system.... Continue Reading

Service Check

Has anybody had problems with Service Check? I did 5 shops for them and they threw out all 5 saying that I didn't elaborate enough. None of the other companies I shop for have problems with my reports. I was deactivated also from Service Check. I told the that was... Continue Reading

Service Check

Comments on the editing of reports. I did my first store for them today, and have a restaurant tomorrow. My report said I didn't give enough narritive, however, I did write quite a long one, as I wanted this to be a good report, and instructions said,... Continue Reading

Service Check Report

Has anyone else had a problem with this company? I just recenty did a restaurant bar shop for them, and spent a bit of time reviewing their instructions. They stated if there was a wait to be sitted in dining room proceed to the bar. Two large... Continue Reading

Service Check?

Can anyone tell me about this company? They have a shop on jobslinger that looks intriguing...I just can't find any info about this company.. thx jac... Continue Reading


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If you worked for Service Check and live in the West, you will know this client. (Source). December 04, 2020

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I also have favorable experiences with "International Service Check" as I still call them. (Source). November 09, 2020

Yes, they were formerly "International Service Check" - they have some high-paying shops and are a pleasure to work with, at least from my experience with them. (Source). November 07, 2020

The eye glass shop I did for international Service check allowed me to keep 1 pair but they were basic and super cheap approx $18! Totally not worth it. (Source). September 10, 2020

I quit keeping track about 10 years ago. Iíve probably received 100 8ís. One or 2 7ís and a 5 (adios Service Check). (Source). September 09, 2020

International Service Check had eyeglass shops using e commerce. (Source). September 06, 2020