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Marci Bikshorn from Service Excellence Group

Hi Shoppers, It is with deep sadness that I want to let you all know of the passing of an industry icon. Marci Bikshorn began Service Excellence Group about 20 years ago and was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of stomach cancer in May of 2015 and passed away... Continue Reading

Service Excellence Group late payment?

Has anyone received payment from SEG for this month or do payments appear to be delayed? I did just notice that payments from November forward will be paid by Intelli-Shop, so I'm wondering if those payments are maybe delayed as well...... Continue Reading

Service Excellence Group letdown

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SERVICE EXCELLENCE: Sporting shop feedback please

Never did it and it's bonued, never worked for this company either, so I am asking for your valued feedback regarding both the shop and the msc please... Many Thanks, Happy Weekend.... Continue Reading

Service Excellence Group: Guide Lines

I have searched for answers on this forum about Guide Lines. My problem. I can not open the guide lines to my shop. I have completed a hand full of shops for them. I have been a MS for about a month now. I e-mailed the scheduler 2 times. Once... Continue Reading

Service Excellence - personal request email from them

I received an email from them today, saying it is a "personal request". That since I had done a shop for them in the past they would like me to do it again. For $5. Get lost.... Continue Reading

Service Excellence Group Exit Surveys

Anyone done any of Service Excellence Group's new (I think) exit surveys? I just saw a few posted for $4.50/ea for 14 exit surveys at a local business, plus a $1 printing incentive for each of the surveys. I haven't done any exit surveys in a long time,... Continue Reading

Service Excellence Group: Sassie site not working?

I have some shops scheduled for today and the Sassie site is giving me a 502 Bad Gateway message-anyone else having this problem? I tried calling their 1-800 number and it rang and rang, then went silent. I called their main number listed on their website and left a voicemail... Continue Reading

SERVICE EXCELLENCE: How many times do you need to apply to get assigned??

How many times must a shopper apply with this msc before finally getting an assignment??? They remind me of Customer Service reports, you sign up in good faith and apply 20 times before getting a shop assigned to you. Thanks Much... Continue Reading

Pretty Much OVER Service Excellence Group

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Formal Wear shop for Service Excellence?

I have a shop offer from Service Excellence for a formal wear place.The report seems to require a fair amount of narrative, as well as getting a business card and some specific information. It requires asking a bunch of questions, and pretending to be a bride shopping for a wedding/vow... Continue Reading

Service Excellence Group

Hi, my first shop for this company, 1/9. Payment 11 days later 1/20, plus excellent feedback. This is one great MSP. I'll certainly be looking for more jobs from them. I am very pleased.... Continue Reading

Service Excellence: A new company for me

I am doing a shop next week for Service Excellence. Has anyone done a shop for them? It is so easy and quick. I don't have to upload anything, and the yes and no questions on the online report have no narrative. Thanks!!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Service Excellence Group

(Former server in both bars and restaurants here.) I do not mind incurring some personal cost for tips for service excellence. (Source). May 10, 2019

My very first route yielded a gross of $48 from Tampa to Sarasota shopping a shoe client for Service Excellence. (Source). December 06, 2017

com Service Evaluation Concepts Service Excellence Group DSG Associates persontopersonquality. (Source). February 21, 2017

I thought that it was sold to another MSC when the owner got sick. ETA: Nope. It was Service Excellence Group. (Source). September 29, 2016

The only conceivable difference might be if payment was made by check. If so, it would only speed up the process by a day or two. Service Excellence was only a few miles from my home, yet I never got my payment, which could be rather quick, any sooner than anyone else. (Source). August 05, 2016

I always really liked working for Service Excellence and was so sad when they were bought by Intellishop. (Source). June 18, 2016

As far as I know, there is no longer an active Service Excellence. (Source). June 15, 2016

I just saw from Lorri's post regarding Service Excellence, I did notice that the shoe shop migrated to Intellishop sometime last year. (Source). June 15, 2016

Marci Bikshorn began Service Excellence Group about 20 years ago and was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of stomach cancer in May of 2015 and passed away on Monday morning. (Source). June 12, 2016

Effective November 1, 2015, Service Excellence Group was acquired by IntelliShop. (Source). May 03, 2016