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Service Impressions Non Payment - No Contact Info

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Service Impressions

I just completed a shop for a storage facility in Myrtle Beach. Will let you all know if I get paid. I hope I do because the storage place put over $200 on my credit card. :) I have called and sent several messages through the Sassie system to Dan Crevins,... Continue Reading

What is the scoop in Service Impressions?

I did a shop for them in November - 11/09/14. I got a "10" on my shop but I still have not gotten paid. Unfortunately I did another shop for them in January 2015 for the same client and now I am wondering if I am going to be... Continue Reading

Service Impressions

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Need Advice ASAP re: Service Impressions

I did a search for Service Impressions on this forum and found a few postings that are not encouraging! I am set up for 7 telephone shops at $12@. I called 2 days ago and left a detailed message saying I needed a return call asap, but I... Continue Reading

CAUTION: Service Impressions is looking for shoppers but NOT PAYING

Just wanted to warn everyone that I received an email today from Service Impressions they are advertising for "Available Telephone Mystery Shops" which pay $12 each. I am still waiting for payment on a group of telephone shops I submitted on August 13 and all my emails and phone... Continue Reading

WARNING Don't shop for Service Impressions

It looks like we may have another Franchise Compliance-type situation with Service Impressions. I submitted a round of telephone shops for them on August 13. I received a 10/10 for each shop. I haven't been paid and my numerous emails and several phone messages have gone unanswered... Continue Reading

Service Impressions not paying???

I did a round of 5 phone shops which I submitted on 8/13 and I still haven't been paid. I've emailed Service Impressions but the only response I received was about a payment on a phone shop I did back in April. Nothing about payment for the August... Continue Reading

Service impressions non-payment.

I am having problems collecting payment on a restaurant visit I did in July for service impressions. I have been emailing and not having getting any results.... Continue Reading

Service Impressions

Does anyone have any feedback about this company? either negative or positive would be helpful. TIA... Continue Reading

Service Impressions

Hi, Has anyone worked with Service Impressions? I had to shop a resale store for them. Any info on payments? I assume they pay the month after on the 20th since they reimburse through paypal. Any feedback? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Service Impressions

Strange, they send me an email to self-assign for a small grocery store I wanted to do as I will be in that area today, however, no address was given. I planed to do it, and wrote them as I didn't get an acceptence email or an address.... Continue Reading

Service Impressions

Has anyone done any work for service impressions? feedback.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Service Impressions

Happy to say I just joined! I own Service Impressions, a small MSP. (Source). September 16, 2019

The website listed phone number is disconnected. Coast to Coast scheduling services did the scheduling but they will not answer my emails. I suggest that any Service Impressions shops be avoided with extreme prejudice! (Source). November 05, 2018

Next would be RBG and Intouch Insights. WORST = SERVICE IMPRESSIONS BY FAR. (Source). November 30, 2017

After two Sassie messages to Service Impressions after the shop log stated they paid me, they sent the money into my PayPal account. (Source). August 28, 2017

I received an email about another shop 100 miles away from a CTCSS Scheduler for him. Thursday, July 13, 2017: I received an email from Service Impressions asking for the exact refund amount from the Storage Facility. (Source). June 21, 2017

North Fork has a chain of Asian grocery/restaurant shops KSS is scheduling for a chain in the mid-Atlantic JM Ridgeway, Service Impressions, ServiceCheck. (Source). May 03, 2016

Here is the list of all the companies that will post jobs with them when they are having difficulty getting them filled: www.ctcss,com www.DPRECRUITING.COM www.ESPSHOP.COM www.serviceimpressions. (Source). January 29, 2016 really spent $15, got $30 worth of product and an extra $15 to boot. I always ask though. They almost never have restrictions. Service impressions also allows groupons for the restaurant I do. (Source). November 20, 2015

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Click on the link for "More about Service Impressions" under your post. (Source). February 08, 2015