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Service Metrics Canada doesn't treat their Shoppers Fairly!

Recently, I have assigned 8 audit shops from Service Metrics between May 25 and May 31. There were 2 of my stores have some issues so I got a notice from Service Metrics last week that they needed to be delay the audit on May 30, 31 or Jun... Continue Reading

Scam? Service Metrics Group wants my car info

Service Metrics Group's website says they rarely hire "databased shoppers." The site also says scammers are imitating them. Their email to me said the got my name from MSPA and they want my vehicle info. Their website has no one to email about validity.... Continue Reading

Service Metrics pay

I did 14 $13 shops for them last month. I received my cheque today, for $100, which is $82 short, and is not divisible by $13. I tried to phone them but unless you have an extension there is no way to leave a message. I've just emailed them. Just... Continue Reading

Service Metrics

Does anyone shop for Service Metrics anymore? Is it just me or did anyone find the minimum spend confusing for the beverage shops? Your reimbursement is $5 which is on the CPI but in the instructions it stated to spend a minimum of $10 with a... Continue Reading

Service Metrics payments

Anyone have any problems getting paid by Service Metrics? Their website states that the payment is made on the 20th of the following month. I have some shops completed in Sep/Oct that I haven't gotten paid for. I was expecting Nov 20th payment date for those. Am I wrong? There is... Continue Reading

Beware of Service Metrics

I have completed compliance shops for Service Metrics and thought that this company was honest and reputable. Not the case! I received a cheque from them and received notification from my bank that the cheque was dishonoured. Be careful when cashing cheques from this company or just... Continue Reading

Service Metrics Group?

Does anyone know anything about this company? Noticed that a former employee of Freeman is an "owner and partner" there.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Service Metrics, Inc.

Versus the "client" who are large companies and their main course of business is not customer service metrics. (Source). January 14, 2020

Marketforce, Consumer Connection, Premier Service, Service Evaluations Inc., Performalogics, Bare International, Consumer Confidential, Service Metrics, Mystery Shopping Canada, A Closer Look, Intellishop, Sutter Marketing, BestMark, Frontline Focus, Alta 360, InTouch, SQM, are the ones I seem to usually work with around here. (Source). September 12, 2017

If I remember correctly, Shop N Check morphed into Service Metrics as part of the Market Force family. (Source). September 09, 2017

Some Canadian Companies/companies with shops in Canada are: Performalogics Spotcheckservices Service Evaluations was Strategic Evaluations Consumer Connection Premier Service SQM - Service Quality Management Shoppers Confidential Service Metrics Frontline Shoppers Mysteryshoppingcanada. (Source). July 07, 2017

Recently, I have assigned 8 audit shops from Service Metrics between May 25 and May 31. (Source). June 16, 2017

Most of my work is with performalogics, consumerconnection, service evaluations inc., intouch, shoppers confidential, Bare, an occasional shop with wecheck, frontlineshoppers, intellishop, Maritz, SQM, Marketforce, Service Metrics, Maritz. (Source). April 29, 2017

[quote=JASFLALMT] Are you signed up with Service Metrics and done shops for them? (Source). October 26, 2016

If it's from, no way. Are you signed up with Service Metrics and done shops for them? (Source). October 25, 2016

Service Metrics Group's website says they rarely hire "databased shoppers. (Source). October 25, 2016

I googled them and the website is very similar to where you login for Service Metrics, must be different divisions. (Source). June 16, 2016