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Scheduler from Service Performance Group

Hi everyone, Decided to try this method to find some new shoppers. I just posted some GREAT retail shops in New Mexico and fabulous entertainment shops in Colorado. We will have a big nationwide project starting in about a week so be sure you are part of our data base (... Continue Reading


I tried to sign up with SPG with the link that was given in the mystery shop forum. However, it toom me to a blank page. Where or how do sign up with this company. Thanks... Continue Reading

Marriott/SPG Platinum Arrival

If they really want to test what Platinum guests care about, they'll give up on this "putting the key on the bar" BS and instead test whether or not a guest is offered a room upgrade at check-in. There should be questions about what upgraded rooms are available online for... Continue Reading

Service Performance Group - Banking Shops

Has anyone done their account opening shops, where you are paid quarterly just for keeping the account open? I just did a search and don't see anything on this topic in a few years. I've recently received an email from them, asking if anyone has an account with such-and-such bank.... Continue Reading

SPG Certification

[b]Mod note: Post removed as it breached the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". Additionally, it is usually an ICA violation to name both the MSC and client. The initials you reference is a client, and you named the mystery shopping company.[/b]... Continue Reading

Kudos to Wendy at Service Performance Group SPG

Just want to thank Wendy for getting me what she could in bonus money on a bowling shop. Quick to respond and a pleasure to work with. This is a small botique MSP that may not otherwise get recognition.... Continue Reading

Dynamic Advantage and Service Performance Group

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Kudos to Service Performance Group

I just wanted to say something positive about an MSC. Recently I completed a shop of high end ergonomically designed furniture for Service Performance Group and there were a few things the sales associate was supposed to do (one of which seemed pretty large to me) that the associate... Continue Reading

In regards to SPG group, yes I will be getting paid.

I received a return message from Service Performance Group in regards to the shop being closed. Nancy Biggo emailed me and stated that I would be getting paid. She apologized for my inconvenience. This was my first shop with SPG, so this email made me feel valued as a... Continue Reading

SPG Has anyone shopped for this company?

I attempted to do a first time shop for SPG today. I have never shopped for them before. The location was temporarily closed. It gave a new location, I checked this out the location was for lease and empty. I called the phone number, out of... Continue Reading

Service performance group

Beware of this company. I did a tile shop for them. I checked on payment the following month and was told they are not making payment. They make up lame excuses about the payment. There is a lady there named Melissa gules who is the problem beware of... Continue Reading

Service Performance Group

**Beware of this company read the emails** I received an offer to shop yesterday. There was a 150.00 limit of expense to be paid by the shopper no shop fee and you wait 30 days to be reimbursed. I wrote the company and said why would anyone do this shop... Continue Reading

Service Performance Group, Reasonable Assignment

Just completed and interesting mystery shop of a specialty retailer with Service Performance Group. This was my first time with this MSC. The input was very reasonable. They did require a pretty extensive narrative. However, the sales person shared lots of product information and I can... Continue Reading

Service Performance Group

Never have worked for them. Got an invite finally! Any feedback will be appreciated.... Continue Reading

Service Performance Group of Holly Springs, NC

Interested in other MSP experiences with this company. Is there a history of payment processing delays with them?... Continue Reading

Service Performance Group?

I have been signed up with Service Performance Group for a couple of years but have never seen a shop to take here. They now have a couple of home cleaning shops that look good. They require a big outlay of (reimbursable) cash - $100+ - plus small... Continue Reading

Service Performance Group

If you get an email from them on a project for a client who wants to look at your auto insurance or home equity line of credit - DON'T DO IT!!!! Despite the high pay, and their promise that no actual action on the account will be taken - the client... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Service Performance Group

If you bought a auto battery that is still under full or partial warranty ( Usually up to 5 years but warranty varies) email me michelle@spgweb. (Source). May 25, 2021

If you qualify as stated below- email Michelle @michelle@spgweb. (Source). May 04, 2021

If you qualify as stated below- email Michelle @michelle@spgweb. (Source). May 04, 2021

your car is one of the following, you may qualify to do this shop: AUDI , CHRYSLER, DODGE, FORD INFINITY JEEP KIA LINCOLN MAZDA MITUSBISHI NISSAN (with extended warranty) SUBURU TOYOTA (with Toyota Care) VW ***ON-STAR systems are NOT eligible**** If you do, email michelle@spgweb. (Source). February 15, 2021


We test a variety of providers including subscription/membership and call on demand. Register now at www.spgweb. (Source). January 07, 2021

PLEASE EMAIL ME MICHELLE@SPGWEB. (Source). November 23, 2020

You can live in any state Looking for someone with Esurance for Auto and/or home insurance Service Performance Group Inc., (www.spgweb. (Source). August 31, 2020

This is a special project that will pay $200. If you know someone who has this coverage, we will pay a referral fee of $50. Please contact Michelle@spgweb. (Source). August 01, 2020

Needed: American Family Auto Policy and preferably Home Policy also If you have the above, email me Michelle@spgweb. (Source). July 23, 2020