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Service Research Corporation

Does anyone know how to get ahold of these people? I need to change the date of a shop coming up from one day to the next and I have tried to email them, and get no response. I last emailed them 5 days ago. I cannot find a... Continue Reading

Service Research Corp...??

I got an email with a huge list of companies they shop for and how they NEED shoppers, I log in and am already a member but have never gotten 1 offer and it always says "you are not eligible for any shops"...etc....anybody actually work for them?... Continue Reading

Service Research Corporation

Has anyone worked for Service Research Corporation? I see postings from a JuneRSS (an outside scheduler - RaMack Scheduling Services scheduling on behalf of Service Research Corporation) but I can't seem to find any feedback about this MSC. Thanks In Advance.... Continue Reading

Service Research

Anyone else having trouble accessing their site?... Continue Reading

Seeking Feedback on Service Research

Anyone have any feedback on this company?... Continue Reading

Best service research group

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

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"BECOME A MYSTERY SHOPPER Get Paid To Shop And Tell Us About Your Experience National Shopping Service Network, LLC is one of the leading agency specialized in Global Customer Service Research. (Source). October 18, 2020

..service research corporation. (Source). May 21, 2020

I am apprehensive now that California wants to reclassify contractor work if the individual is working for a company that's main course of business depends solely on independent customer service research contractors. (Source). January 14, 2020

Should I just say 'Mystery Shopper' or can I go fancy and say something like Customer Service research specialist? (Source). July 28, 2019

I received an email a few days ago from a matthew johnson, with service research corp asking me to reply to his email by sending him the names and addresses of two companies he selected, so that he could mail me payment and I could get started. (Source). November 27, 2015

Does anyone know how to get ahold of Service Research Corporation? (Source). September 21, 2015

[b]Suzette Drake - Service Research Corp[/b] (Source). September 14, 2015

so many great schedulers it is impossible to nominate just one, so my picks would be Danielle Blanchett at isecretshop/Goodwins, Alma and Michael at Trendsource, and Suzette Drake @Service Research Corp. (Source). September 12, 2015

It's Service Research Corporation. (Source). September 01, 2015

Suzette Drake at Service Research Corp, while a stickler for detail for her bank shops is reasonable and easy to work with and the pay at $75. (Source). August 18, 2015