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Service savvy contact needed

Hi, Does anyone have a contact for Service Savvy that I can reach out to in terms of payment? I have not received payment from a shop done in September and the shop has said Payment pending for 3 weeks now. I've also been paid for a shop done in... Continue Reading

Recent experience with Service Savvy?

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Service Savvy

Has anyone used Service Savvy? I did a shop with them a couple of weeks ago. I cannot find their payment schedule for shops completed. If anyone knows, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!... Continue Reading

Service Savvy Payment Problems

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Mercantile and Service Savvy

Does anyone know when either company pays? TIA!... Continue Reading

Service Savvy

I have a fitness shop for them Friday. Does anyone have any feedback on this company? They are a Sassie company but do not yet have a job board on Sassie. Thanks bunches!... Continue Reading

Service Savvy

I don't see them on the company list and I have my first shop with them coming up soon. Has anyone worked with them and have any tips?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Service Savvy

Hi, Does anyone have a contact for Service Savvy that I can reach out to in terms of payment? (Source). December 09, 2019

I have never done anything for Service Savvy before but see something on their board that is interesting. (Source). September 08, 2019

Has anyone used Service Savvy? (Source). July 26, 2019

I have seen Market force has a separate system to do theaters. Video shops I only know a couple Service Savvy and The Shadow Agency (Source). October 21, 2017

been getting screw on service savvy this year! (Source). September 30, 2017

I have never done any work for Service Savvy and cannot comment on it. (Source). August 13, 2017

Has anyone else been having problems getting paid with Service Savvy? (Source). August 13, 2017

I just registered with Service Savvy. (Source). April 03, 2017

Here is the list of all the companies that will post jobs with them when they are having difficulty getting them filled: www.ctcss,com www.DPRECRUITING.COM www.ESPSHOP.COM www.servicesavvy. (Source). January 29, 2016

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