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Service Scouts - Security Intrusion Red Team Audit?

I saw a local football game assignment and it states that it's a Security Intrusion Red Team Audit. There's no details about the assignment. Any ideas?... Continue Reading

Service Scouts is the fastest paying and best overall value

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Service Scouts has poor communication

I have been a full time mystery shopper for 3 years and never have I been treated so poorly.... Continue Reading

Service Scouts Denied Payment

So I go to a game for Service Scouts last Saturday night.....I get up bright and early to get it submitted on time. I do the report and submit, close my laptop and go on with my day. Later that evening I go back on the website and... Continue Reading

Service Scouts - my first assignment

I searched but couldn't find much info about this msc. I'm scheduled to evaluate at a music concert. Does Service Scout mail me the tickets ahead of time, or do I pick them up at the concert, or do I have to order them myself? Also, how... Continue Reading

Service Scouts

I received an email for a concert, so I added this company to my list of MSCs. After applying for a concert, I got an email to download a game to play, which made no sense. There was also mention of training, so I don't know if the game is... Continue Reading

Service Scouts

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Kudos to Service Solutions for incredibly fast payment (Service Scouts)

With so many companies late or untimely with payments, it's refreshing to get a check in the mail for a shop done not even two weeks ago. Thank you!... Continue Reading

Service Scouts

Has anyone done anything for them? Any sporting events or concerts? How are the reports?... Continue Reading

Is Lakeisha Dulin a bona fide scheduler for Service Scouts?

I got an email earlier today asking me to mystery shop a concert venue in my city, and there happens to be a band I like playing there. In her email- which was sent from a personal gmail account- I'm told I need to buy tickets first to prove to... Continue Reading

Service Scouts - recent feedback

The last two threads on this company were over 10 months old, so I thought that I'd open a new one for some recent feedback. I haven't worked for them for over four years. (I've been around for a long time, so this happens.) I recalled seeing some negative... Continue Reading

Shout Out to Laurie at Service Scouts

Just wanted to give a shout out to Laurie at Service Scouts. I did a baseball shop for them last month and Laurie was there every step of the way to assist. The training was easy and I was able to text her during the event with last minute... Continue Reading

Service Scouts is going to fine me $150!!!

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No payment from Service Scouts

I completed a job on Jan 7th. After some email back and forth with Tracy and the Owner Jim, I was finally promised the check that I was owed on 1/24/16. I am asking for the payment on this job. Service Scouts pays twice a month, and... Continue Reading

Service Scouts

I did not receive the promised pay and bonus for an auto service shop I completed for Service Scouts. I have all email documentation stating what I would receive for completing the last minute shop on New Years Eve. The scheduler told me she would get back to... Continue Reading

Service Scouts - Opinion

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Service scouts- a commendation

I see that there have been a few shoppers who have been late getting paid by this MSC. But I have to say something good about them related to a shop I just did for them. It was an auto service shop. I had a minor question at the time I... Continue Reading

Service Scouts - Still no payment for Sept shops

According to Service Scouts they mailed the cheque to me twice but I did not receive either time. I need to start pestering them weekly and demand a paypal payment instead of trying with a cheque for a third time. As Einstein once said " Insanity: doing the same... Continue Reading

Service Scouts payment

Anyone have a problem with them paying you? I am not new to mystery shopping but I feel like i should have gotten payment by now. Did the shop in June. Thy process checks at the end of July.... Continue Reading

Service Scouts

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Service Scouts

I have been a shopper with Service Scouts since 2006. I enjoy their entertainment shops and the great tickets they provide (the seats are way better than I could afford on my own). I am also a scheduler for Service Scouts, so I am not completely unbiased. :) However, I... Continue Reading

Service Scouts Reports

Hi, I am thinking about doing my first quality of life shop. I've seen some threads on the company but I would like some more information. Can anyone provide information on the length of the the reports and how long they take to fill out. Also if you would be willing... Continue Reading

Service Scouts

i saw a post on the newsletter today about Service Scouts. I had a pretty negative experience with them. I went to a 4 hour event. it was a hockey game and we were being "trained" on what we needed to document for an actual hockey game shop.... Continue Reading

Service Scouts financial penalty

Has anyone here ever been assessed a cash penalty from this company?... Continue Reading

Service Scouts

Has anybody worked for this company? What is your experience with them?... Continue Reading

WARNING! Service Scouts refused to pay!

I conducted my first shop with Service Scouts in September. My payment has been listed as "on hold" and I finally got an answer about why it was placed on hold. My shop was for a golf course that required numerous photos and also required me to purchase... Continue Reading

Service Scouts - Lack of communication

Have any other shoppers have no response when emailing their scheduler with Service Scouts?... Continue Reading

Service Scouts

Has anyone done any shops for this company? There's a breif discussion on the Vforums about them, but not too much, and not too recent. The reports seem very scary! Thoughts?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Service Scouts Mystery Shopping

I know you haven't posted a lot as of yet but looking forward to getting to know you better. Maybe I will do some shops for Service Scouts if there are any attractive venues in my area. (Source). February 02, 2020

It is sad when there is a group of shoppers and you see they have all had the same negative experience. Service Scouts is all over on boards posting great opportunities, then to find out how they treated shoppers was appalling. (Source). January 23, 2020

Wouldn't be worth it to go for just me. As to the company I assume you're referencing, yes, the reports are HUGE and take seemingly forever. Service Scouts require less than half the time and fewer interactions, but they rarely get bonused. (Source). January 14, 2020

Service Scouts? (Source). December 30, 2019

Service Scouts is very particular, Coyle is too. (Source). December 08, 2019

They don't pick the cheapest thing/combo on the menu and say that should be enough so you're not OOP on the reimbursement. I'll have to check out Service Scout. (Source). December 02, 2019

) the time they list unless you're one of those people who can whip out narratives. "Paid accordingly" varies. They're definitely not money-makers. Call them "lifestyle enhancement," similar to Service Scouts (who also pay nearly nothing, but have some great experiences. (Source). November 29, 2019

This is a Sweet Deal! Let Us Pay for Your Ride! 10-19 to 10-23 Service Scouts, Inc. (Source). October 18, 2019

Hello, I am a scheduler with Service Scouts. (Source). September 13, 2019

Hi There- I'm with Service Scouts and have been a shopper with them as well as quality assurance coordinator. (Source). August 28, 2019