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Service with Style a legit Company?

I just received and email from Service with Style asking me to apply to become a shopper for them. I searched it on here but nothing came up. Is this a legit company?... Continue Reading

Service with Style

They cancelled my end of March shop. Great company... Continue Reading

Service With Style $25 Fine

I just got an email about available dining opportunities with this MSC. In the instructions it says in all caps that you may be subject to a $25 fine for various situations, primarily involving cancelling the shop (where it cannot be rescheduled) but also missing an observation and not notifying... Continue Reading

MarketWise sold to Service with Style

Email received today: Dear MarketWise Shopper: We are pleased to announce that as of July 1st, MarketWise and Service With Style have merged and you are now a part of this great new team under the name Service With Style. As a secret shopper in the MarketWise system, you will continue... Continue Reading

Service with Style

I noticed after I selected a shop for Saturday ( Tomorrow) there is no reimbursement shown anywhere on the form or information about the shop. Of course, it was after 5 PM and the office is was closed when I accepted the shop. I see there is the usual... Continue Reading

Service with Style

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Service with Style - Anyone have any info before I accept first assignment>

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

service with style

I signed up on gigspot and got three upcoming jobs with this company, for some reason I can't access gigspot they say i cancelled it, regardless, I can't find a website that can get me into service with style... Continue Reading

Service with Style

This has got to be one of the worst companies to work for. I did a job almost two months ago. I finally received the check and it bounced. I called the company and they refused to pay the bouncing fee. Its bad enough they pay very low for their... Continue Reading

Service with Style

I have seen several people who were disappointed with Service with Style. I agree that there reports are long, but once you get used to doing them they aren't too bad. I have always gotten paid, and I like the restaurants that they work with in my area.... Continue Reading

Service with Style

I did 6 shops, a total of $120 and this lousy company does not pay! All the time, effort and gas money wasted! I was counting on the $120 to help pay my bills. DO NOT WORK FOR THEM UNLESS YOU LIKE TO WORK FOR FREE!... Continue Reading

Service with Style Report Forms??

I am doing a report for a casual dining buffet. They want you to give detailed comments in each section but then ask for a detailed narrative as well? Anyone familiar?... Continue Reading

Service with Style

Has anyone done those insurance shops? We are not allowed to accept the gift card. Politely decline a MAJOR drug store $10 gift certificate after sitting through a 1 hr presentation with 20 other people - how could we POSSIBLY be more obvious as a shopper than right out telling... Continue Reading

Service With Style

Has ANYONE EVER been paid from Service With Style?... Continue Reading

Service with Style payment?

Does anyone EVER get paid from Service With Style? They don't return phone calls or e-mails, and owe me for a shop 2 months ago. No response of any kind...... Continue Reading

Bounced Check from Service With Style

Hi all! I've only been lurking for several months now (due to being harassed on here via private messages from companies for my posts). I am poking my head up again because a company I have been working for for a couple years bounced a check and I wanted to A)... Continue Reading

Service With Style

As far as I know, they have restaurant shops. But, has anyone done their seminar evaluations? I've received a few solicitations and am hoping to hear feedback. Doesn't sound so great on paper, but maybe in practice. . . How do you like them overall?... Continue Reading

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Service With Style (Source). August 21, 2021

Nothing in my area right now. Intellishop has a good one by me that I do on occasion. It gets approved fast and they pay on time. Service with Style has some shops by me I do monthly. (Source). July 07, 2021

Maritz was bought out by IPSOS MarketWise merged with ServiceWithStyle Gapbuster is now GBW Solutions (Source). June 03, 2021

[quote=MMMM] Service with Style[/quote] Yes, signed up with them as well. (Source). April 12, 2021

Service with Style (Source). April 12, 2021

I just received and email from Service with Style asking me to apply to become a shopper for them. (Source). January 26, 2021

Service With Style has a grocery store shop here in Alberta. (Source). November 02, 2020

Florida is having seminars. Check Service with Style to see if one is in your area in Florida only. (Source). November 01, 2020

Just got another email from him, says "Rhonda Kloosterman of Service With Style would like to ask you to be part of this, and register in the shopper database (it's free). (Source). July 27, 2020

I just received an email that Service With Style had sent me a digital check. (Source). March 19, 2020