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Servimer March shops paid

DD happened on time and in full.... Continue Reading

Servimer also wants to add to its shopper core in Houston & Twin Cities, MN locations

For a discussion of these shops and why people like them (an a few shops are not loved by all, lol) please see the thread about Servimer expansion in the DC/MD/VA markets. This MSC is looking at serious expansion in summer of 2020; even earlier in some markets. ... Continue Reading

Servimer is expanding in the DC, No VA, Baltimore region

If you are willing to drive in city traffic on weekdays, these shops pay well, allow you to park as long as you like (but not overnight) and will be available to reliable shoppers every month. This means that you can plan your shops to cover parking for: other shops... Continue Reading

Servimer - Pay Schedule?

I have searched the list of MSC pay dates, and this site in general, as well as looking for a FAQ page on the Servimer site...can't find the pay schedule. Can anyone point me in the right direction?... Continue Reading

Going to the Mall in Norfolk? Let Servimer pay you (a lot) to park there.

Two parking mystery shops are available with Servimer at MacArthur Mall, 300 Monticello Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23510, both at the theater valet and at the garage. Required time on site is 40 minutes although you can stay as long as you'd like. The reports take 10-15 minutes. The shops... Continue Reading

Servimer Thanksgiving email

What a wonderfully classy organization! "Our hope for you this day is that you will find peace and renewal, and that you will be able to gratefully reflect upon the many blessings of life together." Thankful to be working, and blessed to be working with Servimer. Kudos.... Continue Reading

Servimer response time

This morning I realized that I hadn't been paid for a Servimer shop that was due about a month ago. I sent an e-mail and the money was in my Paypal account about 15 minutes later. I am impressed!... Continue Reading

Rare chance to break into Servimer in Chicago and Memphis

Due to a new standard of shopper rotation, Servimer has some rare openings on our February schedule in Chicago, IL, and Memphis, TN. Shops pay $15-$22 apiece along with full reimbursement for parking fees and tips. Time on site is about 40 minutes (or as long as you... Continue Reading

Servimer, thank you!

I just took a certification quiz and truly LOLed at some of the answer choices. Specifically 5a & 8d. OMG! Hilarious! Thank you, a good laugh is always welcome here! Shoppers - if you never intend to shop parking lots, you should take the quiz anyway for sheer entertainment.... Continue Reading

Log into Servimere help

Can someone please attempt to log into Servimere and let me know if you have problems? When I try to reach their website it gives me a "took too long to respond" error.... Continue Reading


Did anyone get an email invite from this company?... Continue Reading

Servimer -- Anyone done shops for them?

I am signed up with Servimer and noticed I got an email for their parking I tried to see what they entail...and no icons/buttons/more info...just a listing for their shops. There is one in an area where I'm going to be doing another shop so figured this would... Continue Reading

AMA Changes Name to Servimer

Just wanted to give all of our loyal shoppers (and our loyal shoppers-to-be) heads up on the new name of AMA Enterprises. In an effort to more fully reflect the range of services being provided to our growing client base and to facilitate expansions into new markets, we have... Continue Reading

Looking for information on AMA Enterprises/Servimer

Has anyone worked with this company in the past or present? I thought I recalled seeing some threads about them but when I search I don't find anything. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!... Continue Reading

AMA Enterprises

I am in the process of looking for more companies to sign up to work for. I began going down the list alphabetically. I had not signed up to work for AMA Enterprises and see some positive feedback from a few members. There are a few things... Continue Reading

AMA Enterprises

Any experiences with this company?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Servimer

My March Servimer shops and ACL shops were paid as expected. (Source). June 22, 2020

.. ACL came through, as expected. Servimer DD was actually more than expected (my error, which they corrected in my favor) and right on time. (Source). March 31, 2020

With any questions regarding specific standards, feel free to email me at: Scott "AT" Servimer "DOT" com (Sorry for the messy email. (Source). February 21, 2020

For a discussion of these shops and why people like them (an a few shops are not loved by all, lol) please see the thread about Servimer expansion in the DC/MD/VA markets. (Source). February 20, 2020

Wow ! Kimmie sent me a PM with her location and it turns out that it is one of the ones where Servimer expects to have a nice number of monthly shops starting this summer. (Source). February 20, 2020

[quote=ServimerScott] IMSC, Atlanta, May 1-3 - https://imscinfo. (Source). February 18, 2020

That shop is on my ten foot pole. But I do recommend Servimer as a great company and if I ever get over that terrible experience I will choose any other job from them. (Source). February 18, 2020

With very few exceptions, I have found that Servimer shops can be done any hours that the facility is open. (Source). February 18, 2020

Servimer does have two major expansions planned for this year. (Source). February 18, 2020

Servimer is an excellent MSC to work with. (Source). February 16, 2020