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FYI-ShadowShopper Out of Business

As of yesterday, ShadowShopper went out of business. This morning, this was the message on their site: "To: Our valued members, customers, and vendors The COVID 19 pandemic, through the many "shelter in place" government directives, the closing of non-essential retail businesses, and restraining consumer access to various hospitality businesses has essentially... Continue Reading

Has Anyone Used Shadow with success?

I found out about shadowshopper on the Does anyone know if they are legit? Any and 'all' feedback would be helpful. Thank you. Continue Reading

Shadow shopper

I have signed up with many, many companies and have plenty of work to do. I was wondering if there is any value is paying this company. I know they have a free option but I never find anything of interest with that choice.... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

I get emails from Shadow Shopper about lots I jobs I don't see in my emails from the 50+ companies I am registered with, but in order to see the jobs they list, I need to purchase a Gold membership for about $50 a year. Has anyone done this? Did... Continue Reading

Tell Me About Shadow Shopper

They keep emailing, and it looks like they want you to pay them. I'm no newbie, but I don't remember them in the last 20 yrs. THX... Continue Reading

Shadowshopper job list?? Anyone heard of this one?

Hi everyone. I received an email today asking me to sign up with to receive job postings. It was free for a bronze membership and that showed you jobs that were seven days old and I think between five and seven dollars a month to know about jobs right... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

I haven't used them for ages and just logind to find changes, they now charge to see jobs (used to be free). Anyone using this newer system?... Continue Reading

Getting Jobs for Other MSCs through Shadow Shopper?

It appears that they want you to sign up for a bunch of spam e-mail subscriptions to "unlock" their gold shops. Is it possible to get jobs through Shadow Shopper? It seems that they only post jobs from other MSCs. IIt looks like they have a burger shop from Marketforce, a... Continue Reading

Is Shadow Shopper always this annoying

Being a newbie to this business I was wondering if you long timers can tell me if Shadow Shopper is constantly sending emails. These are not related to new shops but almost getting to the point of a spammer email. They come in constantly all day long one after the... Continue Reading


I am getting tons of emails from this website ( they really want me to upgrade to a gold membership, promising it will allow me to "apply for unlimited jobs in my area". Does anyone have any experience with this company? Or paid for this gold membership? I don't really... Continue Reading

Shadow Shoppers -- Rant!

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What can the MSPA or we do about Shadow Shopper?

Shadow Shopper is a portal for scammers. The site allows anyone to access and market to registered users. They copy (then hide information) from publicly available shops from sites like Jobslinger, pretend to represent the MSCs, charging money to view the complete job descriptions. revised the subject line 12/18 [I]Mod note:... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper, no need to use them

Though I pretty much figured out their site is nothing but a way to steal money from those that do not know better, I wanted to make sure I was not missing out on something. I registered there less than a week ago. When signing up, for the free account, they... Continue Reading


Does anyone know anything about this company. It seems like a very expensive version of Sassie. Worth the money or not?... Continue Reading

Shadow Shoppers

I don't know if they are a "mystery shopping company"; if this thread belongs elsewhere, will someone move it, please? They want money from me for a "gold membership" so I can actually see which company has the jobs I might be interested in. Just received this e-mail from them, which reads,... Continue Reading

shadow shoppers

Burned me for $29.95. Trying now to get it back.... Continue Reading

Shadow shopper

Hey shoppers! I'm am looking to hear from the shoppers that have used shadow shopper! I completely see where I could benefit from it! Don't worry, I'm not shopping near you! lol I want honest opinion. I saw a precious discussion, but it just said that it wasn't needed.. There... Continue Reading


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Is this a real company or what wants 4.95 to sign up and get shops.... Continue Reading


Anyone ever get any shops scheduled through ShadowShopper? I signed up with them at the free bronze level just a couple weeks ago, but it seems that all the emails I've received you need to be at the paid gold level to see any job assignment details. Does... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

Is this a legitimate company? They want you to pay to shop so it sounds like a scam. Also, if you unsubscribe (at least 10 times) they never delete you.... Continue Reading

Is Shadow shopper a scam?

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Bad Shadow Shopper bad

So a few months ago I signed up for Shadow a Shopper and used the free trial. I still had to put a PayPal card on file, but it says your CC will not be charged. Then I emailed them to downgrade my membership to free bronze status. Today I... Continue Reading

is shadow shopper a reliable company?

I'm new to the mystery shopper world. I'm applying with a few of the company's found on this site. I've received an email from shadow shopper, but they charge a fee to apply for jobs on the board.... Continue Reading

Any experience with Shadow Shopper

Has anyone signed up with Shadow Shopper and if so is did you upgrade to the membership? I have always been told do not pay to find mystery shops. That is why I am questioning whether this company is legit or not.... Continue Reading

Does Shadow Shopper Screen The Companies Who List Jobs With Them?

Okay, I'm still pretty new to mystery shopping, and I have to admit it: I signed up for a trial membership since they had some good sounding local opportunities listed that I haven't found yet. Since I only shop part-time and locally, I generally look for MSCs that list opportunities... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper Questions

Back in 2006, I used shadow shopper and got lots of shops per month, until I stopped MSing to take on another job. Back then, they were legit and always free. Last Fall when I started to get back into signing up with companies, I have not been able to... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

Hi, I just went onto Shadow Shopper and they want you to pay for the service(?) that all MSCs give to MShoppers. I saw it listed at the bottom of this forum on an approved list. I have never paid to work for a MSC. Can someone help me... Continue Reading

No pay from Shadow Shopper

Hi, I have done a realty shop for Shadow Shopper back on July 19th. They say they take from 60-75 days to pay. Needless to say, this time has passed and I've yet to be paid. I e-mailed them seveeral times with no response and someone on the... Continue Reading


I started with Shadow Shopper..paid trial fee..signed up for a year and earned return in a few months THEN learned you do not have to pay for jobs. will send you a list free of jobs in your area.... Continue Reading

Opinions on free bronze membership?

Or any other info on them . . . TIA... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

I just registered with Shadow Shopper. As I filled out the profile pages, I did see HTTPS on the url, and also saw the valid security certificate when I right-clicked on the page. But when I looked at available jobs, it said I had to pay $4.95 for a gold... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

I've been MSing for a while, even though I am new to this board, and somehow never heard of the site -- Even though I set my contact preferences to 'do not contact' they're constantly emailing me about becoming a premium member for $50 a year. I have troubles... Continue Reading

Bare Essentials and Shadow Shopper

Anyone know anything about these two companies? I get notices all the time. Shadow Shopper has all these great jobs IF I pay to join. Wonder if it is a real offer or just a way to get my cc info?... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

Hey everyone, Anyone signed up with this company.I have heard good / bad things about this caompany, anyone that uses them,is it really worth it for the money ? I'd like to hear from some of the forum members. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks...... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper - I don't believe it! shocked

I paid for a month of Shadow Shopper a few hours ago and was enjoying looking through the listings. There was one for a restaurant. I clicked on the link and it said it was Restaurant Evaluators. I went to apply but the link was broken. ... Continue Reading

Does anyone know Shadow Shopper website?

I just wanted to try the free trial to see if I can find some more companies I didn't sign up with. I know it isn't worth paying for. But just wanted to look into the free trail. I went to and it doesn't open. If that is the... Continue Reading

I am livid ShadowShopper!!

So this morning I am checking my email and see a PayPal payment of $29.95 to ShadowShopper. I signed onto them last month when the one month special was around $5. I am so angry that they charged me again. What do you think myfirst step should... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

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shadow shopper

Someone posted about shadows hopper on this forum or on volition forum that it was a very good company. So I went and applied for them. But after I looked through their website it looked like it wasn't legit. I went and looked it up on mspa website it wasn't... Continue Reading

Is Shadow Shopper worth it?

I signed up for Shadow Shopper for 3 months at half price less than a week ago. Already I have 2 new ongoing assignments that will more than pay for it with completion of just the first job. I know they say you should not pay to mystery... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

I'm really new with mystery shopping. And I'm thinking of joining Shadow Shopper, anyone here has already experienced with this company. You're opinion is badly needed...... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

IS this a reputable deal? 4.95 to sign up for job referrals?... Continue Reading

Pay by shadow shoppers

I have reviewed several issues that relate to payment. This issuance of SSN and DOB. First of all I'm not sending out SSN and DOB until I'm 100% sure that the company is reputable and safe with that information. I've had an experience with identity theft....a lot... Continue Reading

what about shadow shopper in nky

did anyone work with this group yet... Continue Reading

shadow shopper

has anyone signed up for the trial membership with shadow shopper and then was charged the annual fee of 99.95??? I was, and emailed them and was denied any refund.... Continue Reading


Has anyone worked for Shadowshopper? I work for several companies, but never this one. Does anyone know what the deal is with them? They email me alot,but they want me to pay. I have never paid one dime for any job,not even mystery shopping jobs. Now... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

Has anyone done any shops for ShadowShopper? Thanks ... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

Is anyone here familiar with Shadow Shopper? They have some great openings in my area but want the shopper to have a paid membership before being able to accept shops. I am a little leary about having to pay to find work but I have a lot to learn.... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper Membership Fees

I just signd up with Shadow Shoppers and they had 3 memberships to choose from. The bronze which was free.The silver for 60.00 a year and gold a whopping 100.00 a year. I got my confirmation e-mail with a job already available. It was setting up a scooter display for 40.00's.I... Continue Reading

Using Shadow Shopper and JobSlinger Plus

I guess I signed up with the wrong companies. I took a job where I would contact these commpanies, from home, and ask for certain information. Well after I did this, which I still haven't been paid, and after 2 weeks after the jobs were complete I'm still... Continue Reading

shadow shopper

Can someone give me ther input on shadow shopper. Why do I have to pay a fee to be a part of there ms group. They have monthly, yearly, and lifetime. Thanks shopperbc... Continue Reading

Need Help With Shadow Shopper

Does anyone know if this company is Legit because I keep getting alot of E-mails from them and they want me to upgrade to other position please let me know if I should Thank You for your time Rebecca... Continue Reading


I am new, but returning shopper as I was a mystery shopper back in 2001. I have been trying to sign up with as many companies as possible and I cam across shadowshopper. I read where some of you recommended using them. Then today I found it they are a... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

Hello I'm new to the forum but have been mystery shopping for a few years now. I signed up with Shadow Shopper last year and have not utilized them for 6 mths or more. They charged my bank account again and they were not supposed to. I'm having trouble... Continue Reading


I am not happy that I signed up for the SHADOW SHOPPER "free week" and now have to pay for 90 days ($39.99). I NEVER recall seeing that I would AUTOMATICALLY be charged for this service. I recieved this email from Johnathon there: Here's the membership agreement: 7 DAY FREE... Continue Reading


I am not happy that I signed up for the SHADOW SHOPPER "free week" and now have to pay for 90 days @ $39.99. I NEVER recall seeing that I would AUTOMATICALLY be charged for this service. I recieved this email from Johnathon there: Here's the membership agreement: 7 DAY... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

I wondering does shadow shopper really have mystery shopping jobs for cruise ships as they advertise and has anyone every been assigned to one.... Continue Reading

Shadow Shopper

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Shadow shopper

I registered for the Shadow shopper job referral. I got plenty of jobs from the site. I was really desperate in making extra money, because I owed the credit card company over $20,000. I never thought it would happen to me. It took 3 years to pay back the credit... Continue Reading -- Opinions?

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Benefits of Shadowshopper

I want to know if there are any benefits of signing up with shadowshopper? Is it worth paying for? I guess I really need to know whether or not their list contain the same companies as sassie or volition.... Continue Reading


I signed up with shadow shopper for 30 days. It was the best $9.95 that I evert spent. I was able to sign up with about twenty different ccompanies after connecting up with the companies through shadow shoppers. After the 30 days I had so many connections for mystery shopping... Continue Reading

Shadow Shoppers vs. Other Companies

Check out all of them and go into the Company's site and fill out the forms and just keep looking and applying for shops. Other sites also have lists of Companies for shoppers too.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Shadow Shopper

I know there used to be a paid service called ShadowShopper, but it had to close down (pity!) and besides, they say the jobs posted on SShopper had a tendency to already be taken by other mystery shoppers. (Source). November 21, 2020

It's similar to the closed down Shadow Shopper site (except Mystery Shop Solutions does not charge MSCs or shoppers for its services at the time of this post). (Source). June 19, 2020

It was sent to an email address I had used on an Archon site, not Shadow Shopper. (Source). May 22, 2020

the copies I have from him in my spam folder, he has sent to at least 4 of my email addresses, so he's clearly sending to more than just the Shadowshopper mailing list. (Source). May 19, 2020

With Shadow Shopper closing their doors, I completely understand why MSS is doing what they are doing. (Source). May 13, 2020

So now even valid emails he sends may be considered spam. And I couldn't be happier. BTW in searching my email for ShadowShopper, i see that two companies forwarded Matt's information to me themselves about a month ago. (Source). May 06, 2020

Since when do MSC give out our email addresses for other companies to market their services. This is a privacy issue indeed. Hello Mystery Shopper, After the shut down of ShadowShopper, we at Mystery Shopping Solutions have started an effort to give Mystery Shopping/Scheduling companies an alternative for when mystery shopping can go back to normal(after the Covid19 virus). (Source). April 16, 2020

[quote=KevinE] Did they buy ShadowShopper’s database? (Source). April 15, 2020

Did they buy ShadowShopper’s database? (Source). April 15, 2020

Hello Mystery Shopper, After the shut down of ShadowShopper, we at Mystery Shopping Solutions have started an effort to give Mystery Shopping/Scheduling companies an alternative for when mystery shopping can go back to normal(after the Covid19 virus). (Source). April 13, 2020