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Shared Insight rotation?

Does anyone know if Shared Insight has a rotation on their car wash shops? I have emailed but never got a reply. I have not seen my closest location listed since I shopped it. Also, is there any way to search outside your home area?... Continue Reading

Anyone know anything About Shared Insight?

I signed up with this company because a client I shopped for changed mystery shopping companies. I can't get a human on the phone, can't get an assignment. I am beginning to think they are flaky. Anybody know anything about Shared Insight?... Continue Reading

Shared Insight payment issue

Has anyone else experienced problems with payment from Shared Insight lately? I haven't been paid for a shop in October yet. I submitted a payment query on their website in December and followed up recently with no response. The site says queries will be answered within 1 day.... Continue Reading

Tanning - Shared Insight

I used to do a lot of tanning shops for Shared Insight. I have not seen them listed on their site for the past two months. Does anyone know what is going on with that?... Continue Reading

Shared Insight- So far so good!

Been a shopper with Shared Insight for a little over 6 months without problem. Whenever I have a question I email, and I get responses pretty promptly. Their schedulers are able to tell you other jobs in your area, (or wherever you travel to) and are pretty open about deadlines... Continue Reading

Beware of Shared Insights - Unreliable Payor

A word of caution. I performed two parking lot shops for Shared Insights in December 2016 and still have not been fully paid. I submitted the shops on time and was not contacted for any review questions, however a few months later I only received the shop fee... Continue Reading

Shared Insight

Hi there, Does anyone know how to get this company to write back or call back? I did a couple shops for them after emailing with the recruiter and they then inputted my reimbursement amount incorrectly. I have sent numerous emails and phone calls to the same recruiter who assisted and... Continue Reading

shared insights is a 1 man show.. no 1 answers when u call them. stupid facebook messenging is what they do...

what a waste of time.. after 10000 facebook messages back and forth asking for a phone call and calling the and going to voicemail... seems like only 1 person working at this joint.. totally screwed up... was ask to do a last minute park shop but didn't realize you had... Continue Reading

Outstanding Shared Insight Payments

I am missing over $100 worth of payments for Shared Insight shops. These shops date back to July, August, and September. I have contacted the company via phone, and have had interaction with one person in particular. This person informed me that my concerns would be forwarded directly to the... Continue Reading

Don't trust Shared Insight

I just finished my first and last shop with Shared Insight. I had a busy day scheduled but I needed a haircut and I saw that Shared Insight had a haircut shop that was on the way to my hotel shop. I was worried about the time so... Continue Reading

Shared insight pay date

Shared insight's PayPal pay date is today and it shows shops as paid on their website but nothing is in my PayPal account. How long does it take for payment to show up? Anyone else get paid? Should I be worried? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Shared insight payment

I have seen mixed reviews regarding Shared Insight payments in the past. Is anyone doing shops for them currently? I've taken on several and set myself up to be paid via paypal. Hoping they are reliable.... Continue Reading

BEWARE - SHARED INSIGHT does not pay it's mystery shoppers!!???

I saw on another post that someone else had a similar problem as me with Shared Insights. Last year, Shared Insight mailed me a payment check for a shop I completed for them, 7 months AFTER the shop was completed (very very late). The bank found the check had 'staled' when... Continue Reading

Shared Insight bounced check

A recent check they sent me was returned unpaid by the paying bank, plus the bounced fee from my bank. I've emailed them to correct the problem. So far, no response. Anybody else having troubles with this company? Ironically it was my first shop with them.... Continue Reading

Shared Insight

Is this company still in business? Several years ago, I did some shops for at a hibachi restaurant but have not see anything of any kind for several years.... Continue Reading

Shared Insight due date

Does anyone know what the deadline is for Shared Insight? I can not find it on their website. 12 hours? 24? by 10 a.m. the next day... thanks!... Continue Reading

Shared Insight Payment Late?

Hi All - I've been getting Shared Insight payments to my paypal account somewhere between the 20th and 30th no problem. This time the payment is listed on the Shared Insight website as being made Jun 20, but nothing has arrived in my paypal account. I've changed nothing at paypal... Continue Reading

Shared Insight

I can not log in this morning. Is anyone else having trouble with their site?... Continue Reading

Shared Insight Inc Contact

Does anyone have a contact email or phone number for someone with Shared Insight? On Thursday I completed my first report for them after being notified of a job by Kern. I uploaded the required photos, submitted the report and the website confirmed that all questions had been... Continue Reading

Shared insight

I would love some clarification on Shared Insight points system. Last year, I had a certain amount of points. I have done three shops in the last six months or so; all on time all without problem, and yet my points remain the same. Anybody else had the same issue?... Continue Reading

Shared Insights Support Staff Answer: Helpful or Demeaning?

I was getting ready to complete my first assignment for SI and read all the Assignment Information and the Questionnaire for the job. I had a question about two of the sample photos that did not seem to correspond with the requirements (they asked for photos of anything that was... Continue Reading

Shared Insight Shopper's Score

Well, things seem to be going wrong lately with me.... I have been doing shops with Shared insight for a couple of months, I did 4 shops so far, and all went well (i've been paid for 3 of those). I never got a shopper's score set up, which I did... Continue Reading

Shared Insights

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Shared Insight Q & A

Hello Shoppers and Potential Shoppers! We at Shared Insight wanted to address any issues, questions, or concerns that you may have about our company and how it operates. Please feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions in this thread. However if your question is personal and related to your... Continue Reading

Shared Insight-Beware

I went on a shop with Shared Insight to a local restaurant chain. I went over the directions about 10 times, clearly understood them, but when I went on the shop they closed the bar early, and that was one of the requirements of the shop. I had... Continue Reading

Shared Insights

Does anyone else have problems trying to access their account on a regular basis?... Continue Reading

Shared Insight payment

Hello everyone. Thank you in advance for your Leo. I was wondering what method Shared Insight uses to pay its shoppers? Is it check or Paypal? Thanks again.... Continue Reading

Can you share some insights on Shared Insights?

I just signed up with this company while trying to find Retail Eyes, which was on one of the gang scheduler shop boards for a haircut shop. It was a bit of a convoluted path with some reference to Market Force. Anyway, I signed up with them. They're apparently... Continue Reading

Shared Insight

Hi all, I did a search but couldn't find any info on when these guy's pay ? Can someone post when they pay and how are they to work for ? I have a upcoming job and it'll be my first with them. Thanks...... Continue Reading

Kudos to Shared Insight

I just finished my first shop for them today. It was a photo audit and it was a small location, so not all of the required pictures really fit what was in the store. I had a quick response via both e-mail and a phone message and was... Continue Reading

Retail Eyes/Shared Insight

Hi does anyone have any idea what happened with this company? They had 2 big clients and all of a sudden both clients were dropped and the name of the company became Shared Insight. I have not seen any available shops with them in months. Anyone know where the clients... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Shared Insight Mystery Shopping

I have never seen it bonused. Shared Insight has a shop that fully covers the basic car wash and tip. (Source). June 11, 2021

This was for Shared Insight and they give 2 "bonus" points for not rescheduling from the original date you pick. (Source). September 20, 2020

Shared Insight always has car wash shops in my area. (Source). September 09, 2020

Does anyone know if Shared Insight has a rotation on their car wash shops? (Source). August 12, 2020

After they changed their name to Shared Insight I found them harder to get in touch with. (Source). July 12, 2020

The company I wrote about is Shared Insight Inc. (Source). July 02, 2020

I have experienced very few technical issues with Shared Insight. (Source). June 30, 2020

I can't get a human on the phone, can't get an assignment. I am beginning to think they are flaky. Anybody know anything about Shared Insight? (Source). June 30, 2020

I can't get a human on the phone, can't get an assignment. I am beginning to think they are flaky. Anybody know anything about Shared Insight? (Source). June 30, 2020

The company I wrote about is Shared Insight Inc. (Source). June 30, 2020