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Experience with Mystery Shoppers Inc.?

Hi there everyone! I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with an MSC called Mystery Shoppers, Inc. I did three shops with them approximately 2 months ago and still have not seen any payment. They owe me $110.00. I have called them and I have heard nothing back. Has anyone... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers, Inc.

I requested a shop that was due 3 days ago with Mystery Shoppers Inc. In addition I tried to reach the company through the email link which turned out to be dead, also tried their facebook page with no luck. They do have a website but there is... Continue Reading

Need Mystery Shoppers Inc. contact.

I did my first 2 assignments for this company 6 weeks ago and they are still "incomplete". I asked a question about filling out one of the the surveys but it was never answered so I did it the way I thought was right. The scheduler asked for... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers, Inc Holding Checks

Anyone else do shops with Mystery Shoppers, Inc based out of Knoxville, TN? I've done 5 shops with them the past 5 months and each time I have to call them two months later to tell them the check never came. Their website shows a check was cut... Continue Reading

Shoppers, Inc payments

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Alleged Report Errors -- Shoppers, Inc. (

AVOID! Unprofessional and non-responsive to general inquiries. This company hires independent contractors as mystery shopping consultants. Their representatives indicate that there are spelling/grammatical errors on your report; however, they are unwilling to provide you with specific feedback when asked on multiple occasions. There are better choices -- try Shapard Research,... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers Inc

This company has owed me since January and never answers inquires regarding pay. I'm going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and encourage anyone else who they stiffed or slow paid to do the same. The BBB is a good place for people who hire... Continue Reading

Rookie offer received-$360 cashiers up front-Mystery Shoppers, Inc

Y'all, I am a complete rookie, although I did dabble a bit back in the late 90s. When I moved to rural Central Colorado, there weren't many opportunities, so I gave it up. Today I received an invitation from Mystery Shoppers Inc. (although the included link goes to a website called Here's... Continue Reading

I just finished my first shop for Shoppers Inc.

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Mystery Shoppers inc

I'm still waiting for my March shops check to arrive. Is anyone else still waiting for payment. Check was supposedly mailed May 4 but still has not arrived. This was my first set of shops for them and they are not responding to emails. I'm going to call but I... Continue Reading

Shoppers, Inc.

I hope someone from Shoppers, Inc., reads this, as they have posted a job for Hoopa, Willow Creek, and Weaverville, CA, with a note to call them to sign up. Alas, they did not bother to list a phone number........ Continue Reading

essential shop canada thread + mystery shoppers this a legit company??a i gettng myself into trouble?? thread

is this a real copany for those who have worked for this company???... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers Inc. - Bounced check!! - RESOLVED :)

Completed a shop for Mystery Shoppers Inc. in early August, and got paid just 10 days ago, via check since apparently they don't know electronic payments exist. Ok, they're slow, not a big deal, can live with that. Then I deposit the check for just $19.65. Check gets credited to... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers Inc.

I just completed a survey for them and will not do another one. Unfortunately until you accept a job you often can't see what's required of you. It had 6 sections each with 10-15 questions that had a pull down menu with yes or no and then a narrative.... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers, Inc. Scam! Beware.

Hi, I just received an email in my spam and thought I would check here for the company. I see it is listed here. So, I opened it up but left it in the scam mail. It stated I had to pay $10. to shop and that I got $170.00 after... Continue Reading

Beware of sceduler with Mystery Shoppers Inc.

I recently did a Cable shop in Indio,Ca. The guidelines provided three scenarios. Number #1 is if you have one sevice, you should ask about the other two. Number #2 is if you have two of their services, you should ask about the other one. Number #3... Continue Reading

Shoppers Inc question

I'm about to do a shop for Shoppers Inc for the first time and I wondered what anyone could tell me about the company. In particular the payment process so I can update the thread on mystery shop payment dates. Thank you in advance!... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers Inc. ??

Does anyone have experience to share with this MSC: Mystery Shoppers Inc. ? I did a search here for exact phrase and it pulled nothing. How easy are their reports? How is the pay turnaround? TIA.... Continue Reading

Scheduler for Shoppers Inc.

Hi all. Does anyone have an email address for any schedulers for Shoppers Inc.? Please and thank you.... Continue Reading

Shoppers long to assign shops?

I applied for a route of 10 shops with Shoppers Inc. on Monday. I realize that was a holiday but now it's Wednesday and there's still no indication of the shops being assigned. There are a few other shops in the area that I'm going to that I could pick... Continue Reading

SHOPPERS INC: Feedback Please

So how is Shoppers Inc to work for please??/ Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers Inc. late payment!

Hi, I did a shop for Mystery Shoppers on 3/2 and payment only arrived on 5/29! How would you guys handle this considering we get penalised for being late. This check should have arrived early May so they are almost a month late!! I tried to contact them a few times but I... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers Inc

Does anyone know anything about Mystery Shoppers Inc located in Knoxville Tn. The principals are Tiffany Gleason and Trish Overton. I received an offer to shop for them. At first it looked legitimate. The problem is they say they pay $170 per assignment. This is way more... Continue Reading

BEWARE- Mystery Shoppers Inc.- BEWARE

This is really a bad month for me and payments. First, Intelli now this. Well THIS is WAY worse and I am officially done with this company. This concerns, Trish the owner of Mystery Shoppers Inc. It all began when she asked me to pick up a last minute shop... Continue Reading

Shoppers Inc. - check instead of Paypal?

I did a shop for this company in September and had thought based on the question in the shopper profile that I would be paid via PayPal. Imagine my surprise when I got a check in the mail today instead. Is this normal for this company?... Continue Reading

Shoppers Inc

Has anyone got paid for their October shops yet. I had it wrote down that I would be paid via paypal on the 20th of November. No paymentyet.... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers Inc.

Has anyone done work for Mystery Shoppers Inc? Have you received your pay on time? Cruising middle TN... Continue Reading

Shoppers, Inc.

I just did an apartment shop for Shoppers, Inc. It was like a breath of fresh air. The pay is same as other apartment shop companies, and I expect to be paid by end of next month. Yes and no questions, followed by short narratives recapping the yes and no questions.... Continue Reading

Web Mystery Shoppers Inc

I am looking for feedback for Web Mystery Shoppers Inc. I have received a shop offer from them. My concern is that it appears they want to install a program on my computer to capture what I am looking at/doing when I am on the web site being... Continue Reading

Heard of Quality Assessment Mystery Shoppers Inc (QAMS)?

I couldn't find any reviews on this company but I did find this on the BBB website: "According to information in the BBB files, it appears that the company is no longer in business. The phone numbers the BBB had for this company are disconnected, and directory assistance does... Continue Reading

Shoppers Inc.

Has anyone performed shops for Shoppers Inc.? I did two shops for them with a bonus in September 2011 and I received payment but I have not heard a peep from them since. I don't even see them on the list of MSCs on this forum so I... Continue Reading

Company name: Mystery Shoppers Inc.

I do not find them listed here under All Companies, but they are a Sassie-based company and I'm certain I found them originally from Jacob's Secret List of SassieShop Companies ( ). They may also go by a simpler name, as their web address indicates: Anyway, I did one shop for... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers Inc. -- feedback?

Is anyone familiar with Mystery Shoppers Inc. (MSI) ? They use a Sassie-based portal. I am sure I got them off Jacob's list, but they are not listed here under MSCs, near as I can tell. I did a shop for them beginning of the month, and now I'm looking... Continue Reading

I left Shoppers Inc because the customer requires GeoVerify

I have been mystery shopping since 1991, and Shoppers Inc probably since 1993. Well, no more. Most of the shops I have been doing are for a convenience store, between 5 and 11 a month. I just got an email that these shops will require shoppers to use GeoVerify. That... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers Inc is crazy

I did a shop for them. They are easy, the reports are straight forward, no redundant repetition, pay within 60 days. However, they have one little problem. They pay by check and the check has a big logo and the name 'Mystery Shopper' is displayed prominently. When I went to... Continue Reading

Mystery Shoppers Inc

Anyone shopped for them lately? I haven't done a shop for them in three years (well, I haven't done really any shops besides hotel shops in a LONG time) - so was just wondering if anyone had any current feedback for them? In terms of my own feedback: It takes a... Continue Reading


I received an offer via mail from Gap Busters Shoppers Inc. They instructed me to call them if I was going to accept their offer to become a secret shopper. I called the agent asked to deposit the check into my bank account and then call them to... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Shoppers, Inc

Many shoppers including myself pretty much disowned them when they did that. (Source). May 26, 2021

In my area, since COVID it seems like they are getting even cheaper or maybe it's the increased number of shoppers increasing competition. (Source). April 16, 2021

Some of you do back to back stores . But there are so many people who are paid shoppers including those who get paid to order goods online for someone who does not want to waste their own time so they hire a clothing shopper or whatever to find things that fit their (Source). March 25, 2021

[quote=walesmaven] LStockwell, From several presentations by different serious route shoppers, including Joe and his partner, I can tell you this. (Source). October 18, 2020

LStockwell, From several presentations by different serious route shoppers, including Joe and his partner, I can tell you this. (Source). October 18, 2020

Ok that is for Mystery-Shoppers Inc. (Source). October 14, 2020

Edited to add that there was more than one MSC that shopped them, but the MSC where the owner committed suicide had no money to pay many shoppers, including me. (Source). January 18, 2020

Edited to add that there was more than one MSC that shopped them, but the MSC where the owner committed suicide had no money to pay many shoppers, including me. (Source). January 18, 2020

Also Shoppers Inc. (Source). January 10, 2020

Unless it's a check from Mystery Shoppers, Inc. (Source). January 02, 2020