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Shoppers Confidential Holding Pay

I have been doing mystery shopping for about 6 months. I have done many for Shoppers Confidential, but this month, one was marked "hold pay". I emailed my scheduler to find out why, who forwarded it to the editor. The web shop was to be conducted prior to 4pm... Continue Reading

Shoppers confidential

Any one deal with an extremely picky editor? She is so harsh It is unbearable and I will have to cross this company out eventually since she is the only one that seems to review me. Please let me know as their clients are often not the best either. The pay... Continue Reading

Hello from Shoppers Confidential!

Hello All! My name is Kyla, and I have recently started full time working for Shoppers Confidential. I am hoping to log in here often and post shop opportunities, answer questions, and stay connected with our awesome shoppers. We are currently undergoing a growth spurt with more opportunities becoming... Continue Reading

Shoppers Confidential

There are no recent posts about this company. Does anyone have any feedback to share?... Continue Reading

Shoppers Confidential - feedback?

Hi, Is there any more recent feedback about this company? Thanks :)... Continue Reading

shoppers confidential

I just received payment from shoppers confidential to my paypal account. It was in canadian dollars. I am sure I read it someplace and just didnt realize it. Whats the best way to handle it, have paypal reduce it and take the lesser US dollar payment, or... Continue Reading

shopper confidential

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Shoppers Confidential Inc

Hi all, Found this one in a search. Just wondering if anybody has heard anything about them. They specialize in hotels and spas. They are not listed here on the list of MSCs. Always like to hear your experienced input! Thanks!!... Continue Reading

experience with shoppers confidential inc

hi, anyone have experience working with this company? just wondering when they pay and everyone's experiences working with this company, thanks!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Shoppers Confidential Inc

Shoppers Confidential has pet food audit shops available in Minneapolis, MN and Portland, OR that must be completed ASAP. (Source). June 07, 2021

Shoppers Confidential has many online dating website shops that need to be done. (Source). June 07, 2021

Shoppers Confidential is needing help with bathroom renovation inquiry shops available in the following cities. (Source). June 07, 2021

Hello! Shoppers Confidential has pet food price audit shops in Portland, OR 97213, Cincinnati, OH 45208, Rye, NY 10580, and Minneapolis, MN 55416. (Source). May 25, 2021

Hello shoppers! My name is Alana, and I am a scheduler at Shoppers Confidential. (Source). May 25, 2021

I just did my first job for Shoppers Confidential. (Source). May 23, 2021

However, your post here caused me to look at "your" website. It isn't one I usually look at. Today, I was assigned to two shops. Yeah![quote=AlanaShoppersConfidential] Hello! I am Alana at Shoppers Confidential, and I am needing to increase our database of shoppers, mainly in the USA. (Source). May 23, 2021

Hello! I am Alana at Shoppers Confidential, and I am needing to increase our database of shoppers, mainly in the USA. (Source). May 19, 2021

Shoppers Confidential has 100 Virtual Dating Website Signup shops available! These are super simple and pay $15 to complete. (Source). May 18, 2021

Hello! My name is Alana, and I am an experienced Scheduler with Shoppers Confidential! We are a Canadian based company, however we have lots of shops in the USA. (Source). May 17, 2021