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Shoppers Critique

Shoppers Critique's, is it still in business....just went onto site and it said, not available, was unable to login. Haven't logged in a few years, anyone work for them.... Continue Reading

Is Christina Harhalos still with Shoppers Critique/RBG?

I have a question about a shop listed on the Reality Based Grou board and Christina Harhalos of Shoppers Critique is listed as the contact. Emails to her are bouncing. Is she still with them?... Continue Reading

Consumer critique inc

Hello can anybody out there tell me if Consumer critique inc is a legit company?... Continue Reading

Help! Over critiqued for giving stores/employees perfect review

I have found that if I complete a shop and I submit a positive, nothing was wrong report, I will get a call or email from the editor questioning me about how could they have been perfect? Quest for Best seems to be bad for this. Has anyone had similar... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique (SCI) has MERGED with Reality Based Group (RBG) over on Sassie!

Just logged in to my account with Shopper's Critique and saw this on their announcement page: [b]SCI is excited to announce we have recently merged with Reality Based Group (RBG), another prominent mystery shopping company. We will be moving everything over to Sassie and hope to accomplish that by April 1st.... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique Website Access

Unable to Get into Shoppers Critique Website...Is it still there or gone? It asks for my login without any view of the site. Just a lonely box opens up and states not authorized, without any options to request help for login.... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique editors?

Anyone else experiencing this? Lately I'm getting emails asking for details/clarification on my reports. I have explained everything, every no, every yes, in my reports. When I repeat back exactly what was in my report, it usually is okay. But then I get dinged for them "having to" email me.... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique International (SCI)

For the phone shops, are those made through the website or from your own phone? I do not see any instructions, and it seems to say you call through the website. Can someone direct me, please? I have applied for two calls and want to make sure... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique International (SCI)

After reading several postings from shoppers who either weren't paid, didn't receive a promised bonus, or their report was rejected, I decided it was time to give a shout out to an MSC that I've worked with for years. Shoppers Critique International (SCI) has paid EARLY for that I've done... Continue Reading

Heads up on Roofing shops with Shoppers Critique

I've worked with SC in the past, but it was many years ago. They recently contacted me to do a competitor roofing shop to get quotes from 2 different roofing companies for "Good, Better, Best" pricing. The requirements request that you have at least a 10 year roof (mine is... Continue Reading

Shoppers critique - is their website down?

Anyone else having problems logging into SCI today? I have been trying all morning and the site will not load.... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique thumbs up!

Since lots of people post rants when a MSC is not good to work for, I thought I would do the opposite and give one a big thumbs up! They are easily accessible by phone. I've only dealt with the receptionist and Dixie both very friendly. I... Continue Reading

Question about Shoppers Critique

I have done a few shops for them, and my rating is very high, 97%. I requested a shop days ago, (5 days) that I would need to be assigned by tomorrow as that is when I'm going to a particular locale. Its still on the board and still not... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique payment??

Anyone know when this company usually pays??? I couldnt seem to find it anywhere on the website... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique?

I just signed up with shoppers critique and Im curious if anyone has ever done telephone shops with them? If so do you need to live in the same state as the client you would be calling? I couldn't find the answer on the website. Thank you in advanced!... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique

Hi Guys, I am wondering if I should perform shops for Shoppers Critique. I have heard from others in the mystery shopping industry that they are not worth the trouble so I wanted to get some feedback here. Thanks! Shop23!... Continue Reading

I need a critique of my narrative.

I have been mystery shopping for many years and I believe I know how to write good narratives. I submitted the comments below for a shop and received the following from the editor: "Please use the correct punctuation. Do not write in run on sentences." My... Continue Reading

Shoppers' Critique - What does this mean???

I requested an assignment on the Shopper's Critique job board a couple of days ago. Now on their website, when I view Available Shops, I see "Requested" with "(Cancel)" under it in the Request column, and TheClient'sName with "(1 shopper in Waiting List)" under it in the Location Name... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique

Has anyone noticed a change in this shop board. For the last several weeks I have been unable to self assign. They do not post any shops in this manner. Have they changed the way they assign shops?... Continue Reading

shopper's critique?

Just out of curiosity what does everyone think of Shoppers Critique? Love them or hate them? I think both. They pay reasonably quick via PayPal but the editors are very critical and want extremely detailed narratives on some of the shops. I question myself if they... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique

I think I've had it with this company. They are way too nitpicky in the details you provide in the narrative.... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique

Anyone work for this company? How long does it take them to notify you that you have been accepted or rejected for an assignment? Seem like every time I apply for a shop on their board it sits under "requested" for a couple of weeks. Is this normal for them?... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique

Does anybody know if they lost a client that is good for wheels? Have not seen them on the board in the last month or so.... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique's Haircut Shops?

Hi All I've noticed that Shoppers Critique no longer has the haircut shops they've had forever. Does anyone know which company the shops have moved to? I love those shops and need a haircut! Thanks.... Continue Reading

Has Shopper's Critique International been hacked?

Not sure what's going on, but when I log in to Shopper's Critique I get sent to a page with links to Viagra and other stuff! Is it just me? :(... Continue Reading

Shoppers critique

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Need advice. Please critique.

Okay so the question on the questionnaire asks managers name, description, age and height etc. My response. When I was checking the restroom, my guest observed a manager correcting an error at the bar register. She made no acknowledgement. She is tall with short dark hair. MSC needs more info. MSC response.... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique, I am so MAD!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Did any one get a 1099 from Shoppers' Critique

Did anyone get a 1099 form from Shoppers' Critique? I was told I should get it from PayPal but I do not think that is a true statement. I made more than $600.00 and I thought they should be sending me one. Thanks... Continue Reading

What's up with Shopper's Critique?

For over a year now I've been watching Shopper's Critique's job boards and I have requested shops that just sit there requested for months and months and never get assigned to anyone. Has anyone else noticed this?... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique International

Hi there, Has anyone done any work with this company? I received a notification from the company on a job and went to the site and requested two shops. They weren't assigned by the day I was going to do them, so I cancelled my applications. I... Continue Reading

Question: Shopper's Critique

Good afternoon, I just did my first shop for this MSC (Shopper's Critique) and the upload for the receipt did not work. So I sent it via email to the address indicated. I got an email that said they were reminding me to send it! I sent it... Continue Reading

Consumer Critique Inc

Hello to all. I have just joined after looking for a scam report on the company in the subject box, and, your forum came up on my google search. The other day I got this email about mystery shopping assignments. !!! I SMELL A SCAM !!! Are my instincts... Continue Reading

Shoppers' Critique phone shops

Has anyone ever done their phone shops? The pay is measely, at least in my area ... $2.25 per call. Are they super short and simple like get the entire thing done in 15 minutes or less including report and phone call? I've done low paying paying... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique International

Hi everyone, just joined a new company, Shoppers Critique International. Has anyone ever shopped for them ? Are they reliable, etc,?... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique: Self Assign or Waiting List

There were two assignments I wanted from Shopper's Critique. They both said they were available to me to self assign. I clicked to self assign and received a message that I was added to the waiting list and I would be notified if I would be allowed to complete the... Continue Reading

Has anyone done work for this company. Also is it safe to give them your ssn number.... Continue Reading

Issues with Shoppers' Critique Site

Has anyone else been having a hard time with the Shoppers Critique website? Every other day or so I can not get the pages to move it seems. I can login, but after that it just stays on the same page. It's been that way both on my laptop and... Continue Reading

Critique on my report

Today I got crituqed on my report for a shoe store. The schedueler called up and said, and I quote; "You don't have to write such long comments every time..." Oh what to say, what to say. I like explaining my markings :)... Continue Reading

Wierd Consumer Critique Solicitation

I have been MS'ing for the last two years and have applied with only a few companies. I just got this email from "Consumer Critique" on another email address I DON'T use for MS'ing. I think it's a scam and I wanted your opinion on it as well. Thanks Here... Continue Reading

Shopper's Critique

This summer, they finally got a client in my market, and a store I love, at that. It is the only thing I have ever seen for them for this area. I applied for and got a shop, got a 5/5 rating. I have done 4 more shops since... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique

Could anyone tell me what is going on with shoppers Critique? I have not been able to connect to their site.... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique International

Anyone know what their pay schedule dates are???... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

any one hear of shopperscritique

any one hear of shopperscritique do they ever contact you. there are many great shops but it seems like they only give you 1 shop the first time. or never contact you... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Shoppers Critique International

The guidelines do say that the client prefer we order a burger since that is their signature product, and they want us to critique it. (Source). June 13, 2021

To the contrary, we've been worried about you all! On a personal level, there are two people (childhood friends) I care about who run businesses down there. Critiques of Texas leadership and energy companies? (Source). March 10, 2021

Some of the MSCs used to have in-house schedulers, (ACL, Shoppers Critique, and Trendsource come to mind), but I do not think that is the case now. (Source). February 25, 2021

I've had false bad grammar critiques before from an editor. (Source). September 10, 2020

If you, or anyone you know would be interested in this shop; please contact or apply at Christina Harhalos Scheduler Shoppers Critique- A Division of Reality Based Group (Source). August 01, 2020

They are reading cookbooks, asking lots of questions about ingredients and putting in lots of requests to borrow equipment or ingredients. Critiques of dishes are going both ways and are recognized for what they aresuggestions to improve flavor or textures. (Source). June 21, 2020

The ideas had come from a couple of recipes they had read. The result was pleasant, nutritious and a completely acceptable dinner. They critiqued their own work and learned from itI kept my mouth busy eating. (Source). May 09, 2020

If I named this issue, it would be political and cause an uproar. If I describe just the basics of the tactics, it is a critique of activism as this pertains to one issue. (Source). April 18, 2020

I told others who emailed me privately that you would be one who would critique. (Source). April 11, 2020

To apply, please register at and contact me to schedule shop or look at the job board online once signed in. Christina Harhalos charhalos@shopperscritique. (Source). March 03, 2020