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Shopper's View CVS Scam (warning)

Hello! We have been notified that Coast to Coast Scheduling Services (CTCSS), a scheduling company that Shoppers' View works with, is being targeted by a malicious scam. Someone is sending out emails using the company's name and their employee names asking shoppers to participate in a CVS survey. This is not... Continue Reading

Expedited holiday payment schedule for 2018 from Shoppers' View

Hello, all. Shoppers' View is excited to announce this year's expedited holiday payment schedule! EXPEDITED HOLIDAY SHOPPING PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Shops submitted November 16-30 will be paid December 7. Shops submitted December 1-8 will be paid December 14. Shops submitted December 9-15 will be paid December 21. Shops submitted December 16-31 will... Continue Reading

Shoppers' View $100 Writing Contest - Deadline this Monday 12/11

Shoppers' View is pleased to announce our 9th annual writing contest with two grand prizes of $100 each! Come on writers - put on your creative thinking caps. While you are making those holiday shopping lists, take that figurative pen and paper and write a winning essay to help finance... Continue Reading

Shoppers' View's Expedited Holiday Payment Schedule!

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that Shoppers' View's expedited holiday payment schedule for the 2017 holiday season has been announced! EXPEDITED HOLIDAY SHOPPING PAYMENT SCHEDULE: -Shops submitted November 16-30 will be paid December 8. -Shops submitted December 1-9 will be paid December 15. -Shops submitted December 8-15 will... Continue Reading

Shoppers' View

I feel like such a dummy. Just when I thought I was grown up enough to have learned not to take risky shops, I fall into one... I'm 3 weeks into a purchase/return with a British clothing company. The scheduler/help line at the msc haven't responded and the the... Continue Reading

Scam Warning: Shoppers' View does not offer shops through text messages

Hi all! I just thought I'd give you a heads up that someone has been using Shoppers' View's name in a text messaging scam. Shoppers' View does not text potential shoppers with shopping opportunities. If you've received a text, it isn't from us. Feel free to reach out to with... Continue Reading

Shoppers' View now pays twice a month!

Hello all! I just thought I would give everyone a heads up: Shoppers' View is happy to announce that we are now issuing payments twice a month! Shoppers are paid via PayPal. Shops submitted between the 1st and 15th 11:59pm EST will be paid around the last day of the month.... Continue Reading

Nathan at Shoppers View

Trying to conduct a shop with a target that did not return phone calls in a timely manner was a strain but Nathan kept encouraging me to keep trying without being pushy or demanding. Finally succeeded today! Thanks for your understanding Nathan!... Continue Reading

Shoppers View and North Fork?

Good or bad? What are the pay schedules?... Continue Reading

Who is Joe at "Shoppers View", is he a video recorder salesman or helping us out?

Hi, is Shopper's View a MSC or is Joe someone who sell's video equipment? Did anyone get the email from Joe asking if they want to buy equipment so people can earn a substantially larger pay scale? Can anyone here vouch for Joe and is he concerned about... Continue Reading

Hello From Shoppers' View!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. I am the new Director of Video Shopping at Shoppers' View. We are based out of Grand Rapids, MI and have shop opportunities all over the country, video, phone, and on-sites alike. I'm new to the job, and so far the biggest and... Continue Reading

Meet our team - Shoppers' View

Hi - my name is Shane and I am the Director of Mystery Shopping over at Shoppers' View. As a very curious shopper myself, I've often wondered what the inside of other mystery shopping companies look like, if the schedulers/editors I interact with so often look like they "sound" over... Continue Reading

Two $100 prizes for the winners of Shoppers' View 7th Annual Writing Contest

Shoppers' View is pleased to announce our 7th annual writing contest with two grand prizes of $100 each! Come on writers - put on your creative thinking caps, and while you are making those holiday shopping lists, take that figurative pen and paper and write a winning essay to help... Continue Reading

Shoppers' View question

Does anyone know if this company handles only telephone shops? Or do they do actual in person shops as well? I was just curious. I just completed my first phone shop with them.... Continue Reading

Shoppers View?

Has anyone gotten any strange Joel emails this week, or been assigned any shops? Seems like they dropped off the face of the earth the last few days, and wondering if its just me :)... Continue Reading

Shoppers' View Payments

I received an email from Moorings Consulting, LLC DBA Shoppers' View via PayPal It said I needed to clam my money for some shops I have done. The amount is correct but when I "claim" it it does not show up in my paypal account. Is this an error... Continue Reading

Shoppers View Funeral Home Shops

Has anybody done the funeral home shops? Please share your experiences. Thank you.... Continue Reading

SHOPPER'S VIEW: Feedback please

Were they formerly known as Shopper's Viewpoint???? Regardless, how are they to work for please??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Missing shopping log!!!! (Shoppers View)

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Shoppers View

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Shoppers' View 5th Annual Writing Contest - $100

WIN $100 MONEY FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Shoppers' View is pleased to announce our 5th annual writing contest with two grand prizes of $100 each! Come on writers - put on your creative thinking caps, and while you are making those holiday shopping lists, take that figurative pen and paper and write... Continue Reading

Did Shopper's View finally get cremated by one of their Funeral Homes?

I noticed today that I had not received a single anoying SPAM e-mail about $2 Spanish Speaking Funeral Home shops in over a month from the folks over at Shopper's View. Curiosity got the best of me and I went to their site which is down. Did... Continue Reading

FEEDBACK PLEASE: Shopper's View check cashing shops

I searched this topic and nothing came how are those check cashing/ bill payment shops for Shopper's View and how are they in general to work for please??? Many Thanks and Happy Weekend to all.... Continue Reading

Shopper's View

I see some jobs listed on Volition; however when I go to their website, it states that there are no jobs in my area. Am I doing something wrong?... Continue Reading


I did three phone shops and they are excluded without pay because I did not sound convincing enough for them. I did three of the same phone shops last month and I received my payments for that, but now they decide that I sound different compared to last month. I... Continue Reading

Shopper's View?

I received some email alerts from Shoppers' View today. The problem is that I don't have any record of having signed up with them. They are on the Sassie system, and do have my basic information, but not my extended profile info. I also didn't see them on the list... Continue Reading

Shopper's View

Anyone heard of this company before? Good? Bad?... Continue Reading

shopper's view?

testing to see if search function works..please ignore, thx... Continue Reading

Shopper's View

Anybody know who this is? I found a couple of job listings from them but I can't find anything about them on this forum. It is my habit,(newly formed); to check here before I even bother applying for an account with any mystery shopping company. I have to wonder if this... Continue Reading

Shoppers View

are the only jobs they have $2.00 phone calls ? thaqt's all I've received from them in email and thinking of de-activating if that's all they have. Clutters up my mailbox.... Continue Reading

Anyone heard of Shoppers View? Scam or No?

I got this email today to shop a local pawn shop. "Hi MN shoppers! SHOP TYPE: Pawn/Loan PAY: $50.00 shop fee, $50.00 reimbursement ($8.00 bonus) LOCATION: (I removed that for this forum) DUE DATE: 2012-06-29 SHOP DESCRIPTION : Shoppers' View is paying $50 for quick turn around pawn/scrap gold shops. You must pawn your item by... Continue Reading

SHOPPERS VIEW: Feedback please

How is Shopper's View to work for??? Saw their check cashing/utility bill payment shops for $20.00 and also wondered how the report is. Decent shopper reviews appear on the V-GOD site regarding this msc. Many Thanks... Continue Reading

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