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Sinclair Customer Metrics

It appears that they have upgraded their website but I am unable to really get into it. Is anyone able to find where they have put their current shops?... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics (SCM) Shoppers New Payment System - Beware!

I've been shopping with SCM for over a decade and have always had a great experience. The only thing that I don't like is their archaic system of mailing paper checks. They are only 1 of 2 companies that I shop for who still issues paper checks. ... Continue Reading

Sinclair oil gas stations

Does anyone know which company is shopping the Sinclair gas stations. I used to do them with MeritzCX. They are out of business.... Continue Reading

see level hx and sinclair same company?

Got an email from see level hx but it also has sinclair in the header. The email said there were opportunities available and to click on a link that looks like it goes to see level hx. Same company?... Continue Reading

Sinclair New Payment Options

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sinclair Login?

I have not been able to login to Sinclair for several days - anyone else?... Continue Reading

Sinclair Shops

I am new to this company and they have some shops in my area. It doesn't appear that you can see shop details before accepting a shop. What happens when you click I'm Interested? Are you automatically assigned?... Continue Reading

Sinclair certification help

I'm brand new (ipsos) and got a sinclair shop...great, but I have to complete this certification and cannot seem to pass. I've matched up the question with answers from the materials so i know they're correct. Is there a trick to this? TY... Continue Reading

Sinclair Shops

I just an Email about Sinclair shops. Nice bonuses - but far away. They seem very similar to other shops, but on a different platform. So, my question is: Has anyone ever done these? Is the platform exclusive to doing them on a smartphone - or can they be done via... Continue Reading

Sinclair shops

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pizza shops gone from Sinclair?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

August Pay From Sinclair?

Anyone get paid from Sinclair for August shops yet? I think it's time to stop shopping for companies who pay by check. All payments should be electronic. Tired of hearing "It's in the mail."... Continue Reading

Sinclair Metrics

Is anyone having any trouble logging into the site? Today seems to be the first time I am having difficulty,... Continue Reading

Sinclair Payment for April shops?

Still haven't been paid for the shops done in April. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

sinclair gas station

iím about to do my first one of these in a couple days. is there anything i need to know? compared to all the other gas stations this MSC has, iíve never seen this one mentioned.... Continue Reading

Sinclair COVID language

The Sinclair jobs board (which shows nothing in my area) has this language: "While the fear being expressed in the media may seem to outsize the actual threat, it is still prudent to exercise the prescribed precautions." Ironically the owner was a Herman Cain donor.... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics

I was just checking through my list and cannot find their login page. It was bookmarked but now the link just leads to a home page, overview and menu. The shopper login is not even on the menu. Has anyone else found the login page? If so, please post a... Continue Reading

Sinclair on the board as well

I see them throughout California.... Continue Reading

Sinclair revealed

Has anyone done any of the Sinclair gas revealed shops? How does it compare to other gas reveal shops? Chevron, Exxon/Mobil, Union 76, Shell for example. Easier than most? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Sinclair vs Trendsource?

Hi all, Im just curious..both of these companies have similar jobs that are essentially the same mystery shop....I'm trying to decide which one to go with..not sure I can double dip for the same locations. How do they compare report wise and payment wise...that is pretty much the deciding... Continue Reading

Sinclair website down

Is anyone else having problems getting the Sinclair website to function tonight? I keep getting "service unavailable" messages.... Continue Reading

brand new to Sinclair, need help!

I just signed up as a mystery shopper and Sinclair is the first company I signed up with. I just accepted a shop for tomorrow and completed all the tasks but it says to use an alias name and the name will be on the assignment sheet but I can't... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics: Why is their website so difficult to navigate?

I love shopping for Sinclair Customer Metrics. The shops are generally simple, the reports are so easy I can sometimes do one in about 5 minutes. They often have shops in the tiny towns I pass through on my routes, so they make excellent fillers. The schedulers... Continue Reading

Sinclair After Hours Shopper Support

Does anyone have information on after hours Shopper Support for Sinclair? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Mary Reyes at Sinclair

Mary is not just a random person behind an email address. She answered her phone when i had an issue with the company. She took the time to figure out the problem and gave me a solution.... Continue Reading

Sinclair mystery shops: what states do they service?

I am trying to pass this test XO test. If they do not service AZ UT NM or NM why I am I trying to pas this test?... Continue Reading

Sinclair Metric

I received a txt from this company alerting me that they were sending me my first assignment. I received by certified mail a check for 2,377 dollars which i was instructed to cash at my bank, then to proceed to selected stores to buy reloadit cards four in the amounts... Continue Reading

Sinclair reporting

I just wrapped up, or so I thought, a shop report and there was no finish button on my android LG V40 phone! There was one on my Samsung tablet so I'm going to redo it (but the uploaded photos still stayed with my profile). Arrgh! Anyone else have that problem?... Continue Reading

Is Sinclair a good company?

On an older site, they claim a wide clientele, but are sketchy with details.... Continue Reading

Sinclair writing is just Argh!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Contact for Sinclair?

Does anyone have a contact for Sinclair? I've sent two emails now, to every scheduler I had for the last project, and no response for over a week. I'm getting a little concerned (not terribly - it was a big project, and it is the end of the month), but...... Continue Reading

Sinclair Metrics

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Sinclair email

Just got an email from a Sinclair scheduler with 100ís of mystery shopper emails revealed in the clear. I guess the scheduler doesnít know about BCC.... Continue Reading

Sinclairís website down?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sinclair June Payments?

Has anyone gotten their checks from Sinclair for June shops? My shop log shows the check was "mailed" on or about July 27th...they say to wait "10 business days" to inquire...but really, it should not take over a week to arrive from anywhere in the US...what's up with this?... Continue Reading


Is anyone else having trouble logging in to Sinclair? I keep getting this long error message that says to email web designer which ive found no address to... Thanks!... Continue Reading

Felicia Riske - Sinclair Customer Metrics

Felicia is awesome! We had a snafu this week where several shops went missing from my shop log, after they were confirmed....she stepped up and fixed it within minutes!... Continue Reading

Sinclairís site down?

Hey guys! Iím trying to enter a report tonight and I had it completely done, hit save and it kicked me out of their site. I canít log back in and I entered a Marketforce report with no issues after being kicked out of the Sinclair site so wondering... Continue Reading

Reloadit shop for Sinclair

I got a priority mail express envelope in the mail today with a return address of Modern Welding Inc. The letter inside says it's from Sinclair Customer Metrics and in the envelope there was also a cashier's check for $2350. The instructions state to cash or deposit the check (if... Continue Reading

Melissa at Sinclair rocked!!!!!

Melissa was super awesome in informing me of the shop, process, and moving with efficiently on this round of shops! Of course my first of the multi shops had to be a challenge and she was always responsive on email, phone, and text! I appreciated her flexibility and... Continue Reading

What's up with Sinclair Customer Metrics? Still in business?

Haven' heard in a while can't log in.... Continue Reading

$17 Bank Shop-Sinclair Customer Metrics Mystery Shopping

ISO a mystery shopper to evaluate the customer service at a bank in the New Mexico and Texas area. The shop is paying a fee of $17 plus reimbursement and is considered contract work. Available Locations: Albuquerque Bernalillo Farmington Farmington Hobbs Roswell Belton Canyon Copperas Cove Dumas Graham Harker Heights Harker Heights Hereford Hillsboro Killeen Laredo Laredo Levelland Marble Falls New Boston Palestine Pampa Quinlan San Angelo San Angelo Sulphur Springs Waxahachie Wichita Falls Wichita Falls ** If you are interested... Continue Reading

Does Sinclair or PersontoPerson send 1099's if you've resigned/deactivated yourself?

I left both of these companies last year and although I kept spreadsheets, I seem to have failed to print my shop logs or I've stuck them somewhere and with moving twice they've gone poof. I like to keep hard copies in my folders and cannot for the life of... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics not paying as promised

Hello all, Beware of promises made by schedulers for Sinclair. Apparently they have schedulers who promised bonuses and scheduled shops that Sinclair does not honor. These were actually offered on sinclair's emails and were posted to my board. I did the shops and debriefed them but only got... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics website down

I am not able to get to the website. I have a shop scheduled today. I called but nobody answered. The receptionist is on the other line per recorded message.... Continue Reading

Interesting new project with Sinclair

If you route shop Sinclair posted a new project that might intetest you. I haven't searched outside my area but it looks like a National project.... Continue Reading

Sinclair report

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

First report - Sinclair Customer Metrics

Hi everyone, I submitted my first report a couple of days ago with Sinclair Customer Metrics. They have confirmed receiving it, but I have had no feedback. Is there any way for me to tell how I scored?... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics

To those that are Sinclair Customer Metrics shoppers... I was just told that the company lost their grocery client account. Does anyone else also notice that this happened? Does anyone else know any other Mystery shopping companies that offer grocery shops?... Continue Reading

Sinclair site down?

Hi, are any of you able to get on the Sinclair site? I have been trying for hours and I have a report due. Thanks for any help you can give.... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics

I have done many mystery shops with this company, but will never do another one. If you complete a video shop and their equipment malfunctions they will 100% blame you! I drove over five hours to complete two video mystery shops, their equipment malfunctioned and the camera would cut in... Continue Reading


deleted... Continue Reading

Sinclair, no secure connection?

Hi, The Sinclair Customer Metrics website is not showing a secure connection. What to do if theres a report to fill? I mean, is there a way around it? Not secure connection is no good. Thanks for help.... Continue Reading

Sinclair Website down?

Anyone else having trouble?... Continue Reading

Sinclair Pretzel Shops--No More???

I liked doing their pretzel shops, but haven't seen any this month. Is Sinclair still doing them?... Continue Reading

Sinclair site not working?

I am getting a "Problem Loading Page" error message this morning when trying to log in. Anyone else having issues? I turned a report in last week and I would love to be able to check the status.... Continue Reading

Sinclair website Down?

Is the sinclair website down again? I am getting a "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred" message everytime I try to login. I have two shops I have to input but I cannot because I am unable to login. Any help would be good.... Continue Reading

Can't schedule with Sinclair

Anyone else not have any shops available with Sinclair? Usually i have at the very least 40 to 50 pizza shops available but as of this morning i have nothing.... Continue Reading

Sinclair customer Metrics email with Google docs attachment

Do not open!!! This is a SCAM and contains a virus. the email raised several red flags for me so I called this morning. Cathy Hopkins is a manager, but did not send the email.... Continue Reading

Sinclair-- GONE?

I can't get into Sinclair for the past 3 days. Anybody know what happened there? Their site seems to be gone...... Continue Reading


have anyone done the email shops... Continue Reading

Bounced check from Sinclair!

This is a first for me.. I received a check from Sinclair at the end of last week, and my bank just informed me that it didn't clear and was sent back. Has anyone else had this happen? I am going to call Sinclair today to try and... Continue Reading

Sinclair and finding available shops

I've not done too much for Sinclair but decided to scoop up a bank shop in an area I was going to be in. I looked on my job board and it was the only shop available in my area. After I signed up, it told me there were other... Continue Reading

Sinclair---no shops---

Whats up with Sinclair? They always have dozens of shops available. Now, nothing.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Sinclair Customer Metrics

I detailed this in a thread on the discussions page, but they paid me after the client rejected the POV I submitted, after the banker I shopped didn't have a business card. They certainly didn't have to and I appreciate it, and them. They have the nicest schedulers around as... Continue Reading

sinclair mystery shopping

they sent me a check for 2950 and said to deposit and keep 360 and they would send me a list of stuff to buy and send to them. Is this a scam or legit ?... Continue Reading


Irritation today. Have you every put in detailed quotes and narratives and saved the survey multiple times for a bank shop, only to put in the final detail of the time left to find out that the survey details you had saved were gone? Well, I did this. ... Continue Reading

Trouble logging into Sinclair Customer Metrics?

Has anyone tried and had trouble logging into Sinclair today? I keep getting "page not found" messages no matter how I try to get to the login page. I have a shop this evening with them and trying to decide what to do. I tried to call... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics closed shop question

What is their payment policy on a closed location? (website said it was open, and guidelines say to check the website)... Continue Reading

SInclair Metrics/Hernandez Issues

[I]Mod note: The exact same thread you started in the Kudos section has been combined with this one to keep replies in one place. No need to start two threads on the same subject[/I] Recently I signed up for a shop with Sinclair Metrics, a video shop. The shop... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jennifer Hernandez of Sinclair

Great scheduling opportunities and she goes out of her way to help in other issues.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Gina Hernandez at Sinclair

I rarely reschedule assignments, but this was one of those situations that I couldn't avoid. My wife and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary, which was March 2nd, over the weekend. Unfortunately, one of our cats ingested some of the remnants of her anniversary bouquet and was ill this morning. We... Continue Reading

Kudos to Bobby Winthrow at Sinclair

Whenever I have asked Bobby for help, he always comes through for me. He's a scheduler who stands behind his shoppers and always goes the extra mile. Thanks, Bobby, for all you do!... Continue Reading

Is Sinclair MSC A Total Waste Of Time? "Their Shops are not worth your time"(Private Forum Consensus).

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Erica at Sinclair

She was so helpful when I had to reschedule due to weather. We even shared a few laughs.... Continue Reading

does anybody have an email address for Tiffany Alvarez? I can't seem to find it anywhere on their site...... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics ""automatic inactivation"

Got the below from a Sinclair scheduler today. Kinda hard to do one a month when they only have 3 clients in my area (not a metro area), and I impose about a 3 month rotation so I am not recognized. Plus, this assumes that no other shoppers grab any... Continue Reading

Sinclair Down?

When I log in, Sinclair's site is filled with programmer gobbledegook preceded by... The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error. Please contact the website administrator. The following information is meant for the website developer for debugging purposes. Anyone else having trouble?... Continue Reading

$15 Pay Out and $8 Reimbursment for a Mystery Shop ( Restaurant) in Flatwoods, WV, through Sinclair Customer Metrics

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

$15 Pay Out and $8 Reimbursment for a Mystery Shop ( Restaurant) in Flatwoods, WV, through Sinclair Customer Metrics

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


Is anyone else experiencing issues accessing Sinclair website at this time?...I need to input the results of three shops done earlier today and cannot log on site.... Continue Reading

Contact for Sinclair

I just called both phone numbers I have for Sinclair and the message is from July 3rd. I want to find out why my report is still in pending status almost a month later. I don't want to do more assignments for them if there is an issue. Is there... Continue Reading

How long does it take Sinclair Customer Metrics to approve a shop?

I did a grocery store for them on 7-4-15. It still shows "Pending." How long does it take for them to approve a shop?... Continue Reading


Hi guys! I'm new to this shopping thing. I was just wondering what anyone's thoughts were on the companies I signed up for. I read the threads for the most part. I saw things about Intelli-Shop, Best Mark, and Market Force. I saw something about Goodwin. And I did not see... Continue Reading

Sinclair Reports?

How bad are they? I just spent an hour on the pre-shop qualification for an $8 shop. Please tell me that was just to test my tenacity and that the actual report is easy peasy. :P... Continue Reading


I want to make it clear that the bounced check was NOT Sinclair's error, it was due to a mistake made by my bank. I want to apologize to Sinclair and all of you. My husband went to our bank yesterday, demanded to see the bank's president and tore him... Continue Reading


I got a letter from my bank yesterday informing me that my latest check from Sinclair Customer Metrics bounced. I was charged over $12 by my bank for that bounced check. I was unable to reach a human being at the company yesterday, but left a message on their voicemail.... Continue Reading


I got a letter from my bank yesterday informing me that my latest check from Sinclair Customer Metrics bounced. I was charged over $12 by my bank for that bounced check. I was unable to reach a human being at the company yesterday, but left a message on their voicemail.... Continue Reading


Is anyone else having trouble logging in to the shoppers corner at Sinclair. I try and try but it keeps telling me I need to log in. I enter my User ID and my Password and that is what it tells me plus try logging in again. ... Continue Reading

Trouble Reporting at Sinclair

Anyone besides me having difficulty getting photos to upload, and consequently reports to go through, at Sinclair tonight? Tried IE and Chrome, and nothing is getting the photo to upload. I have two Sinclair reports due.... Continue Reading

Strange email from Sinclair Metrics

Hi, The following email was in my spam folder. It was from "No sender address" and "No subject". Any ideas?
** Please do not reply to this email. **

Sinclair Customer Metrics  |  415 Embassy Oaks Suite 100  |  San Antonio, TX 78216

................. Edited title to reflect the... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics-Video

I've noticed the one video client that Sinclair had doesn't seem to have any shops showing up this year. Does anyone know if the client has switched MSCs or has ended the program?... Continue Reading

Sinclair out of stock grocery stores

I apologize if this has been addressed previously. I looked but did not see it anywhere. Are these shops worth the $15? I have not signed up for these yet as it seems it could take hours to check all shelves. Any feedback appreciated!... Continue Reading

Anyone else having problems logging into Sinclair?

I keep getting a message stating that the server is unavailable. I hope it comes up soon, I have a shop later today and I need to review the guidelines.... Continue Reading

Sinclair, no shop available??

I am new to Sinclair. I did two shop a couple days ago. When I did the shops, the receipts were electronically sent to me. I immediately contacted my account assistant and was told that should be fine as long as I could attach them. Needless to say, I could... Continue Reading


Anyone tried that X--O thing? Did it once and failed, is the company worth it? Kind of silly IMO.... Continue Reading

Sinclair has me steamed

I was accepting a pizza shop today but hadn't yet done the assessment, so the scheduler told me to do the assessment and then she would assign me the location straightaway. It took me about 30 minutes and I emailed her back to let her know I'd finished. Then, some time... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics website

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sinclair is nonresponsive. Next action?

I did a bunch of the "same client" shops for Sinclair when the reimbursement was $11. It was reduced to $8 but the instructions said you would be paid $11 of the employee asked if you wanted the meal. I did several and was asked to buy the... Continue Reading

I think I just got dinged by Sinclair

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

"sinclair customer metrics" called me after 4+ years? Is this legit?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


Hi all! Is sinclair known for calling shoppers about shops not on the job board? Ive only done a handfull of jobs for them and so fsr really like them.... Continue Reading

Sinclair Down?

Can get the main page, but can't login. Brings up a variety of errors or just times out. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

Sinclair Metrics

I have done several shops for Sinclair and currently have one scheduled, however their website is no longer accessible. I've done a search on it, clicked the link in my email and still cannot find or connect to the site. Is anyone else having the same problem? I would like... Continue Reading

Can't pass that (*&^% Sinclair test!!!

Ok, this is the 2nd time I've failed the Sinclair test. I'm a college-educated, reasonably smart person who has been mystery shopping for 4 years. I know that "precede" means "before," but by the time I finished that test my mind was fried from all the "X" and... Continue Reading

Input Please?? (On Sinclair)

Does anyone have any long time experience with Sinclair??? Please keep in mind as I write this I have only been signed and worked jobs for them for a quick minute... So here is my problem/issue/question. I did two (2) jobs for them while on vacation the 11th (yes, this month,... Continue Reading


I have shopped 2 stores today and didn't realize I shopped on the wrong day. Now I can't submit it. The office is closed. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I fax it in? Do i wait until Monday and call? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Geri... Continue Reading


Has anyone had trouble logging in with Sinclair today? I did my first shop with them yesterday. I want to make sure they don't need anything else from me!... Continue Reading

Sinclair Check??

Perhaps I am impatient, but Sinclair's website states that checks were mailed Dec 16th. Has anyone received theirs? I'm still waiting on mine. I guess the mail is running slow due to Christmas. (I was really hoping to receive it by today. I wanted to use it to buy some... Continue Reading

Sinclair shops

I used to do several different shops for Sinclair and only am doing the grocery shops now as that's what I see when I log in. I know they still have the shops for the cooking supplies company and the related home goods company but they don't pay enough... Continue Reading

Sinclair, tic tac toe?

It's apparent that recently I have picked some of the more difficult MSC to sign up with. Yes I am being a cry baby. I realize they are testing the ability to pay attention to detail, but REALLY! I have not had to report any shops in tic, tac toe language.... Continue Reading


Has anyone else experienced an extreme slowdown in Sinclair approvals? In the past, it was literally 3i4 days between submission and approval, now it's going on 2+ weeks. How am I supposed to remember what happened 2 weeks ago if a question comes up about the shop? I hardly remember... Continue Reading

Question for Sinclair video shoppers

Have a shop for Sinclair tomorrow but I don't know if their shops require that the time/date stamp be on the video. Help!! If so, then I have to figure out how to do it before tomorrow morning. Thanks for your help in advance!... Continue Reading

SSA-Sinclair site down?

I can't get on their site today. Wasn't there something about moving? Has anyone heard when they'll be up again. I need to turn in a report.... Continue Reading

Another Sinclair post

Does Sinclair have anything else besides the Mexican Grill and Multicural Bank shops? That's pretty much all I've ever seen from them, well those and a not-so-frequent pretzel and car dealership places... Sinclair is who I started with, and I'm getting a little tired of the Mexican Grill EVERY SINGLE... Continue Reading

Sinclair Reports

:)... Continue Reading


Good Morning Is anyone having problems getting to Sinclairs website? It was fine last night, but now I cant even get to it. Thanks... Continue Reading

Shop fee(s) for Sinclair

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


Apologies if this question has already been asked. I'm doing my first job for Sinclair on Monday and I wondered what they're like to work for. Thanks in advance!... Continue Reading


Does anyone have an email address for them? I'm having trouble finding one. I just signed up with them. Profile went fine, and I started doing the qualifications. Unfortunately, when I went to the UMMMMMMM some company Qualification, there was no briefing for it, which makes... Continue Reading

Sinclair log in

I have been trying all we without success. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics

Can I have feedback on this company?... Continue Reading


Did Sinclair go to twice a month payment? I was surprised to get a check in the mail for a shop from early March.... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics (SCM) Login

Login woes! Is it possible to get a hold of this company?? I emailed a few weeks ago saying I forgot my ID and if I could have it emailed to me. They didn't respond, at least I thought -- I went back to my mail and saw an... Continue Reading

Sinclair Pending

I just signed on with Sinclair. How long does it take for the status of a submitted shop to go from "PENDING" to approved? These shops were completed Friday and Saturday. The "PENDING" is bugging me.... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics unsolisited EMail

Just noticed that there was an EMail from Sinclair Customer Metrics in my "Junk" directory from the 12th.. I didnt click on any links, but did a search on the web and they 'appear' to be legit... however, the Email "From" is from an - Errett( .. they wanted... Continue Reading

Sinclairs X O Logic Test!

Hello has anyone taken this recently? I can't seem to pass it and I have to wait 30 days to re-take it. Hmmmm thought I did really good on it.... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics (SCM) - Payment On Time

I performed a couple of retail assignments with this MSC. I did the shops on 9/26. Their site indicated payment between 10/25 - 10/31. I got my check on 10/29! It is so nice when everything works out: reasonable expectations, easy input, payment on time.... Continue Reading


Anyone shop for them? I recently got an email from them and wanted to make sure they were legit before I signed up. The email asks me to email them my info, instead of signing up online somewhere.... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics, Inc

Has anyone ever shopped for Sinclair Customer Metrics, Inc? If you have I would like some feedback on them.... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics, Shoppers' Corner

Is anyone else having problems with Sinclair's Availability Profile? Do you know how to make it work? Sinclair has an exceptionally fine design for shoppers with an availability profile that is supposed to show only locations that you are interested in shopping. I add locations to my profile when I... Continue Reading

Sinclair shopper rating

I hope this is the right place to post this. Has anyone else had any experiences with their shopper rating being completely dropped down ridiculously low by SCM? I have only been shopping for them for 2 months but in that time I have completed 19 shops. None of them... Continue Reading

sinclair payment schedule ?

Hi, Sorry, if this has been covered before I did a search and didn't come up with anything. Does anyone know what Sinclair's payment schedule is ? Thanks... Continue Reading


Finally they truly entered the internet age...receipt upload now. Yay.... Continue Reading

Sinclair needs new shoppers!

We need female shoppers ages 18-45 for some super easy retail mystery shops! Sign up for FREE at! Urgent ladies retail clothing shop! MUST be done before the Memorial Day holiday. I can offer a bonus for Thursday ONLY so you need to sign up ASAP! We have lots... Continue Reading

Sinclair Customer Metrics Needs New Shoppers!

We need female shoppers ages 18-45 for some super easy retail mystery shops! Sign up for FREE at! Urgent ladies retail clothing shop! MUST be done before the Memorial Day holiday. I can offer a bonus for Thursday ONLY so you need to sign up ASAP! We have lots... Continue Reading

Anyone ever get/hear about/ feel banned from Sinclair?

Yesterday, there were about 12 shops showing up in my search. Today there are none. Usually when a client has no shops in my area, their name just does not show up. Now all those client names are showing up, just in green lettering it says sorry but their are... Continue Reading

Sinclair Scheduler

What a [...] this one is! Received an email from her demanding a business card for a job I did Feb 22nd. I responded questioning what happened and asked for access to my report. Received a response demanding the business card and a threat that I would not be paid... Continue Reading

Sinclair Shoppers

Is it just me, or do they ask for clarification a lot? I get 9s and 10s with pretty much every company I work for, yet with Sinclair I get e-mails back almost every time asking for some sort of clarification. It gets very annoying. Sometimes I'll... Continue Reading


I'd like some current experiences and opions of Sinclair. I seem to be constantly busting my behind trying to get shops assigned from then, and then when I finally get one, I wonder why I went to the effort. What are your experiences?... Continue Reading

Difficulty with Sinclair

I did a shop and entered it on 2/9/09. I scanned and emailed my receipt that day. Last night (2/11) shortly before midnight my email was returned by the system indicating it had been blocked by the firewall at Sinclair. I forwarded the message thread to my... Continue Reading

Best Mark , Ritter Associates, and Sinclair Mktg.

Hi, all. Have any of you worked with Best Mark, Ritter, and Sinclair? They are the slowest when it comes to paying: two months after the shop is completed and approved. Has any one else had the same problem with them?... Continue Reading

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