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Spies in disguise

Anyone having payment issues?... Continue Reading

Spies in Disguise

I did a search and don't see anything. So far my experience with them is they are legit but their schedulers or whomever assigns shops are slow and a bit confused.... Continue Reading

Spies in Disguise

I work for these folks from time to time. I have seen no shops on their board in my area in a while and when I checked a few other zips with large radius I see only one shop that is past its due date untaken. They do... Continue Reading

Spies in Disguise

i removed my post... Continue Reading

Spies in Disguise- website not working?

I'm trying to get to the login page and my browser just stalls halfway through loading-anyone else having issues? I'm using Safari, on my mac.... Continue Reading

Spies in Disguise email-mania

So far today I'm up to 11 duplicate emails for movie and a late-nite snack. Come on SiD! Cut the crap!... Continue Reading

Spies in Disguise "deposit" and "fee"

I was looking into their theme park shops they have going on right now. I kinda get the idea of the deposit, given that they're giving you 4 tickets, but whats with this $45 non-refundable fee? Does this seem strange to anyone?... Continue Reading

Spies in Disguise

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Spies In Disguise - Amusement Park "deposit"?

I am looking at taking one of their amusement park shops but I was leery of the "deposit" I have to put down for the tickets? It seems like a red flag to me - has anyone done one like this with them?... Continue Reading

Spies In Disguise

Has anyone had experience with Spies In Disguise? I am considering applying for my first shop with them, but it would be considerable OOP money. Was hoping for some feedback before I applied.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Spies In Disguise

Spies in Disguise has one if you have kiddos under age 18. (Source). May 22, 2018

I'm looking to expand my options. My main ones currently are Marketforce, ISS, Confero, Martiz, Trendsource, NIM, Sentry, Spies in Disguise, A Closer Look, Bestmark, and probably a few others. (Source). February 19, 2018

I'm not big on pizza. I did iSS once and loved it, but I haven't seen that shop lately. I'll look into Spies in Disguise! RBG has a 90 day rotation. (Source). October 04, 2017

Super super easy. But I did a Strategic Reflections sub shop last week that was pretty good. How about Spies in Disguise? (Source). October 04, 2017

Amusement Advantage and Spies in Disguise have shops where you need to bring a child. (Source). August 05, 2017

I checked with the neighbors. They all tipped $3. So did I. I gave them a perfect report every time, which they deserved. Banned by Spies in Disguise and Ardent for slow reporting. (Source). July 09, 2017

[quote=Tamden] Which companies send you the money for your shops instead of taking my cash waiting on reimbursement[/quote] Spies in Disguise and Amusement Advantage sent me gift cards or free passes to be used in my shops, prior to the shop, so that I did not have to spend my own money up (Source). April 15, 2017

(Hooray for Spies in Disguise, AM, and RCMS. (Source). November 28, 2016

I think it might be Spies in Disguise but it's been so long since I've done any shops for them I can't remember! (Source). September 10, 2016

She is enamored with my "business trips" and if it was allowable for a kid to do them, she totally would LOL.[/quote] Spies in Disguise and Amusement Advantage have shops that require bringing a child. (Source). July 13, 2016