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Vision Client, Statopex and Lanla

I am in Quebec, and I have been working for these great companies, and I would like to thank them!! Jobs are fun, pay is great and the team is so cool...Great job guys!... Continue Reading

Is statopex a Legit Company?

I did a search on this company and could not find any threads on it. It is also not listed in the list of Companies on the Forum. I was just awarded a shop for them, but they want a blank check to pay through direct deposit. I Just wanted... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Statopex Field Marketing

So for my area, Marketforce and Statopex are the two best MSCís. (Source). February 29, 2016

I do work for Lanla, Wecheck, Mystery Shopping Canada, PerformaLogics Inc., Premier Services, RetailTrack, Shoppers Confidential Inc, Consumer Connection, Spotcheckservices, SQM, among others. I am going to check out Statopex, Vision Client, L'Observateur, Forum Research, Inc. (Source). January 09, 2016

[quote=niclinblue] I love Statopex. (Source). September 14, 2015

I love Statopex. (Source). August 08, 2015

Statopex is one of the best companies out there. (Source). August 08, 2015

Statopex rocks. (Source). August 08, 2015

(Affinity Brand Protection) Julie Anthony (519) 208-4779 Shoppers' Critique International, LLC Shopper Contact (407) 834-3337 Shoppers' View Shopper Contact (616) 447-0097 Shoppers, Inc. Lisa Simms (800) 259-8551 Sinclair Customer Metrics, Inc. Sean Barna (210) 979-6000 Six Star Solutions Courtney Winkleman (801) 274-2213 Statopex, Inc. (Source). July 31, 2015

Good to hear from a fellow canuck. Statopex doesnt have alot of shops in ON. (Source). July 16, 2015

I know Statopex allow me to use English. (Source). July 16, 2015

.. if you return to Quebec you should look up Statopex as a shopper. (Source). July 15, 2015