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Corporate Research International - What happened to them?

I loved doing their shops. Granted it's been about a decade since I have, but I'd like to again. Where did they go?... Continue Reading

Blue gas station that was with SteriCycle Mystery Shopping

Anyone know if this gas station is doing any shops yet ? If so, what company has them ??? They were always easy shops.... Continue Reading

Stericycle No Longer An MSC?

I haven't tried to login in a while. When I tried today ( and clicked on the mystery shopping button, I got this page: "This site canít be reached www2.mysteryshops.comís server DNS address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" Are they out of the mystery shopping business? Thanks. Edited to add: I had tried a search on... Continue Reading

Corporate Research

I came across tonight that took me by surprise. aI was from Corporate Research recruiting for shoppers! then as I read on it said something since I had signed up with them in 2006 maybe I could give them some referrals. Looking closer it was dated June... Continue Reading

Stericycle Security Breach

I received a letter from Stericycle regarding a security breach from last year. The letter explains what they are doing and what the shopper needs to do. I haven't noticed anything "strange" on any of my credit reports.... Continue Reading

Stericycle Letter --- They've been comprimised

Has anyone else gotten a letter from Stericycle about information being compromised... How serious is this does anyone know I got my letter this weekend. Thanks Lisa... Continue Reading


Does anyone know about them? Recent threads seem to say they were not paying reliably and have possible stopped doing mystery shopping. I have received emails that look like they are connected to Stericycle's real website. But I notice the recent emails, instead of "," end with "" which has... Continue Reading

Corporate Research / XXXXXX

[b]Post removed - Mod[/b]... Continue Reading

ISG - Stericycle Canceled Everyone's Direct Deposit

My DD usually posts on 4/14 and an email went out Friday at 4:30 pm from ISG/Stericycle stating that direct deposit had been canceled for this month and I would need to resubmit my info for next month. I'm disturbed that the message was sent so late before payday and... Continue Reading

Stericycle Paid Me Today!

Even though it was just a little over half the originally agreed upon fees, I'm pleased to have gotten anything at all.... Continue Reading

Stericycle 1099

If you have not filed taxes yet, you might want to wait. I questioned my 1099 as it was significantly lower than my total in my records. After asking for clarification on several responses, I have been told they are checking with their tax department and will let me know... Continue Reading

Stericycle Mystery shopping co.

I just received a notice that Stericycle will no longer be offering mystery shops. I did a ton of Sunoco gas shops for them and would like to know what company took them over.... Continue Reading

Stericycle out of business

I just received the email that many of us were predicting. We communicated with you recently regarding the inaccessibility of the mystery shop service and system. After evaluating our options to reestablish the service, we have unfortunately made the difficult decision to discontinue mystery shopping services at this time. ... Continue Reading

Stericycle Site Down?

I've been trying all day to get on their site to enter some reports. I get a 505 error message. They're already gone home now, so hoping my shops don't drop off my board. Anyone else?... Continue Reading

$140 Account Opening Bank Shops in Macomb IL, Clarksdale MS, Corinth MS, Grenada MS, Kilmarnock VA

Pinnacle Mystery Shopping is looking for a professional and reliable shopper to complete an Account Opening bank shop in your area. This shop pays $50 plus a $90 bonus ($140 total)! For this shop, you will open either a personal or business (your choice) checking account with our client (this does not... Continue Reading

Stericycle Expert Solutions

Is anyone having difficulty submitting reports today for Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS? I have entered all the information twice only to have the report reset with all the data gone. The second time I was taken directly to the reporting page. I am assuming the receipt page must have uploaded the first time.... Continue Reading

Stericycle Mystery Shopping

Before I fill out the 21 page application and either mail or fax it to their corporate office, does anyone know if they have jobs available in Arizona? Thanks!... Continue Reading

SteriCycle Image Resizer

The image resizer for SteriCycle doesn't work on my computer. I know how to resize images and change their formats without needing special software to do so. Has anyone submitted pictures to them without using the image resizer? If so, did you get penalized for it?... Continue Reading

Stericycle Mystery Shopping

I thought I had enrolled with SteriCycle but never heard back about my application. Do they have a waiting list like some MSCs? Only other reason I can figure, there may be a conflict of interest!... Continue Reading

Stericycle Payments

Has anyone else noticed that this week they are paying us for two payments? Anyone know why? Lisa... Continue Reading

cori stericycle can't get any reply from them

i have been trying to contact them no reply tried email phone call and chat... Continue Reading

Stericycle. Corporate Research International

Frustrated. Scheduled 2 gas stations. Completed first and report was easy enough but couldnt get it submitted. Used Chrome, approved browser. Left multiple emails and messages .I guess everyone is on vacation until 1/2. Canceled today's shop for expected same problem.... Continue Reading

Stericycle Payments

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Stericycle Job Cart

I am looking at an available shop posting with the cart icon next to it. I have the shop in my cart but when I go to select a date to request, all the days are marked green and none white. There is also no noted deadline for the shop.... Continue Reading

Stericycle Website Down?

I just tried to go to Stericycle's website and got some message about DNS needs updated and the website is down. Any info on this?... Continue Reading

Signing up for Stericycle ... I *think* TX is still in the US! ;-)

I've got my shopper ID and login, and completed the first test, but to proceed on to completing my profile, I first need to convince the Stericycle website that Texas indeed is in the United States, although of course it's possible that we seceded without my noticing.... In all seriousness,... Continue Reading

Did Stericycle - Expert Solutions Lose a Client to About Face?

I just signed up with Stericyle. I like the company a lot so far. They have these car wash, detail, convenience store, oil change shops where the pay is $19 plus reimbursement. They are located in Western NY and Chicago. I noticed About Face is now posting the same locations with a... Continue Reading

Stericycle chicken shops

Is anyone else doing these shops? I cannot figure out where or how to send the pictures in. I had a very frustrating day.... Continue Reading

Stericycle convenience stores

I am considering trying this shop. They pay only $5 plus $3 reimbursement. How long do these shops generally take? Are they worth doing for the price? Are the reports simple enough?... Continue Reading

Stericycle contact on weekend

Is there any way to contact a Stericycle scheduler on the weekend? I have shops that need the date changed and i know the system will automatically unassign them probably tomorrow. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any way to directly contact a rep on the weekend. Thanks.... Continue Reading

telephone numbers Stericycle

The first posting on this page tells the names of MSC's and their pay schedule. The next posting should be a listing of MSC's and telephone numbers where they may be contacted. And I do mean contact numbers... not a recording that might send you an email (maybe)... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Starla and Mary @ Stericycle

This is by far my favorite company in the 20 years I have been working in this field. Starla and Mary are always the nicest, friendliest and helpful schedulers. I wish other companies had nice people like them.... Continue Reading


Is Stericycle the same company as Corporate Research Int? Also, every time I log into Stericycle, it asks me to verify my payment method and information. Why?... Continue Reading

Stericycle Quality Audit and Product Retrieval

Hello, I currently mystery shop for Stericycle but I am interested in becoming an Expert Field Rep. Does anybody have any experience with this and can you describe it to me? What is the job like and how lucrative is it? Thank You.... Continue Reading

Stericycle Expert Solutions ExpertFIELD FORCE MS 101 Test

Has anyone have any issues passing the test? I've reviewed video 5 times and found each are where the video refers to exam. Still not able to pass exam. Any ideas ??... Continue Reading

Companies similar to Stericycle

Good morning. I was wondering what companies are similar to Stericycle in which they have recalls and audits? Very interested in diving more into this business. Thanks in advance. P.S. I am not asking anyone to reveal any discreet information or reveal specific client names. Just looking for a... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International.

I have done several gas shops for them. One of the editors Michelle always wants more feedback from me then I'm giving her. She seems to want me to repeat what I already check in the report. Does anybody else have the same problem?... Continue Reading

Stericycle Gas Stations

I've been doing these almost a year now and I know that some gas stations it says do not have a public bathroom on the property details section about the shop, but then you go to the station and it does have the bathroom. I've done this one station now... Continue Reading

Stericycle lost bank client?

I have done MANY bank jobs for Stericycle (and even when they were CORI), but a couple of weeks ago I looked on the website and there were no jobs listed at all...didn't matter if I tried nationwide and not just in my state. Does anyone have a clue... Continue Reading

Anyone having trouble submitting reports for Corporate Research International?

I completed a gas shop yesterday, and have now attempted to submit the report a total of three times. I keep getting an error message when I hit "submit". On two occasions I lost the data. I've saved my comments on the latest attempt at least, but... Continue Reading

Shoutout to Stericycle

Today I completed my first assignment with stericycle. I accepted a shop a few days ago, however when accepting it I accidentally chose the location that was an extra ten miles away, instead of the one I had meant to choose right below it. I called stericycle today when I realized... Continue Reading

Stericycle forms and documents show as gibberish to me

I signed up today to do some assignments for them and all the documents I need when I download them show up as gibberish. I need the letter to show to the customer and the directions so I know what I am supposed to do. I tried calling twice and... Continue Reading

No ACH From Stericycle Today

Has anyone else not received their ACH payment from Stericycle this morning? It has been like clockwork for me. Always there. But, this morning...nothing. The history feature says the payment was completed. My bank says nope. And now with the holiday Monday, looks like it may not hit until... Continue Reading


I have been getting job offers from schedulers I have never heard of and not getting answers to emails from the ones I am familiar with Has Stericycle made major changes again?... Continue Reading

SHOP FEEDBACK PLEASE: Corp Research Intl Gas station shops??

Are they revealed or not revealed??? The shop fee is ??? Pics are required??? Asking because none of this is revealed until after you take their quiz which I don't want to bother with depending on the answers to my questions above. Why don't they explain everything upfront ???? Many Thanks,... Continue Reading

Stericycle payment email not received this week

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

What's going on with Stericycle?

I tried to pick up some weekend jobs with Stericycle, and noticed that their job board has zero jobs. Not just zero jobs in my state, but zero across the entire United States. I also looked at their phone shops, and received the same results. Since signing up with them... Continue Reading

Signing Up With Stericycle

I'm at step 2 and I don't know how to complete the registration process for Stericycle. Anyone want to help me? It says that I can fax, mail, and email the required forms. I'm thinking about emailing the forms. However, I want to know which email should I send it... Continue Reading

Stericycle/ CORI

What happened to them? I mean, ever since they changed names, they don't have the old companies anymore. I used to do routes with them with several shops in my small town. Now, nothing. At least, not for 100 miles and still the old companies aren't around anymore. Anyone know... Continue Reading

Stericycle Q

For their main client, we have given the gas station credit for current POP because the MSC has told us the client wants it like this. That was supposed to be until the end of March, and the POP guidelines say in April there will be new POP guidelines.... Continue Reading

The Old CRI and those Yellow and Blue gas shops( I think I give up)

Has anyone had any problems with this company's new and apparently only editor? I have done almost 2000 of these jobs for this company and only recently be given reports back because a lack of overall comments at the end of the surveys. I am being asked to be... Continue Reading

How to Join Stericycle?

As Stericycle is the number 2 discussed company on this site, I decided to sign up with them. I followed the link from this forum to get to the Stericycle web page. On their web site it discusses "field reps", but when I followed link to "join" it... Continue Reading

Kudos to Starla Mathis at Stericycle

She is awesome ! Not only does she communicate well on assigned projects and process expenses quickly, but she will assist with getting other schedulers to process expenses. Her emails are always pleasant and friendly.... Continue Reading

CORI/SteriCycle/Expert Solutions - no jobs in Canada now

I don't remember what their latest name is, but there are ZERO jobs in all of Canada. I've never seen that before. I can't see the US list, just all the other countries. How is it in the US?... Continue Reading

Stericycle data entry

I am trying to enter my data using Microsoft Edge which is the successor to Explorer. It is not working. I tried emailing Steri but haven't heard back. Any insight on this problem? (My computer is broken so I am using my daughter's.)... Continue Reading

CRI / Stericycle jobs within 100 mile radius

Has anyone experienced this in the last few days? On November 30th there were at least 20 available jobs within a 10-mile radius of me. Ever since December 1st there is only 1 job showing up, 92 miles away from my zip code. I tried random zip... Continue Reading


Hi All, Does anyone have any insight on Stericycle's sign-up process? I completed the application, and submitted it, along with the writing sample, last week. The system said someone would get back to me. I've not heard anything yet. Is this normal for them? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Is it just me or is it CORI

I click away on the green boxes on the calendar while in Internet Explorer and nothing happens. I try also holding the control button and the shift button. What am I doing wrong?... Continue Reading

Stericycle Mystery Shop

When do they usually pay? Their site says the Friday following the first Monday after the shop was accepted. That date has already passed. Their site says that I got 5/5 on my reports, and that they were accepted. When I go to 'payment history', it says I have never... Continue Reading

Stericycle - Total shops completed

Before yesterday, I hadn't done any shops for them since July 2014. I had completed 36 shops up to this point. Yesterday morning, I assigned and completed three shops. I looked last night and they were all approved, but it still shows my total shops completed as 36. In the... Continue Reading

Contact at Stericycle

Does anyone have a phone number for a scheduler at Stericycle? Thanks so much!... Continue Reading

Stericycle Limit of Shops & Routing

I just put together 2 decent routes for two different days on Stericycle. It was 26 shops. I had all the dates selected in my cart and went to checkout. The next screen explained I could only be assigned to 15 shops at once. I wasn't aware of that but... Continue Reading


Sadly, my income from mystery shopping was not wonderful this month... so I'm looking into new companies to sign up with and work with... Anyone with recent feedback about Stericycle. I "searched it" and didn't find much information about them? Are they mystery shopping? audits? merchandising? any info would be... Continue Reading

Stericycle ACH?

Has anyone else not received their direct deposit from Stericyle for Friday 5/8?... Continue Reading

Corporate Research

This company is getting worst to work for. The [brand name deleted] gas stations, they lower the how much they pay for gas and in store purchase. Not worth the time or agg to work for them. [I]Mod note: Please do not link the client with the company that... Continue Reading

cori gas station shope

What does it mean current brand campaign in place? Is that the credit card application in the holder at the pump... Continue Reading

I just got an email from Stericycle that they are sending out corrected 1099 that remove the reimbursement amount from their initial 1099.

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Stericycle IE Workaround

I don't know if anyone else balked at Stericycle demanding that their shoppers use Internet Explorer to submit everything, but I may have found a workaround. The browser plugin "Ultimate User Agent Switcher, URL sniffer" allows any browser to imitate any other browser. I've set mine to imitate... Continue Reading


Hey, I'm trying to register with Stericycle, they have all these pages of stuff to fill out, along with drivers license and photo, apparently (unless I'm wrong) you can't just fill out online. They say you can mail it (I don't have color in my printer to print pics at... Continue Reading

Is Stericycle just giving up?

At the end of the year, there were scores of GS shops, some dating as far back as October, still on the board, garden center visits that went back to July, and hardware stores that went back to August. They all just disappeared on Jan. 1. Poof. ... Continue Reading

Anyone Done a Bookstore Rush Evaluation for Stericycle?

Has anyone done a bookstore "Rush Evaluation" for Stericycle? There's one on the job board near me that I'm considering picking up. This is to evaluate a bookstore during the beginning-of-semester rush. What's the shop like? I'm also a little curious if I'll have trouble getting into the... Continue Reading

Expert Audit Stericycle

Hi , I am new to this and a little confused, received a check and directions as to how to get started, but need to know if this is the real deal, the web page looks real,any have experience with Stericycle?... Continue Reading

Expert/Stericycle -- Login issues (resolved)

This drives me nuts. I called their customer service and they were so kind, but this problem didn't get resolved. I have been with this company for over a year or so, and every single time I log in, it takes me to the Paypal email verification screen, then another page... Continue Reading

Stericycle oops?

I just completed my first drive through FF shop for these guys. I missed two things! First, I ordered a Small instead of the smaller size. And I forgot to get a receipt, nor was I offered one, so I zipped back through the drive thru and had her print... Continue Reading

Stericycle Project

Today I received a survey from Stericycle, checking interest/eligibility for a potential [unnamed] project. The screening questions include the following: Are you comfortable working in an environment that may contain waste or items that were in a recycling container? Are you comfortable working in an area where your clothes may get... Continue Reading

Stericycle Payments

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New to Mystery Shopping (Stericycle scam?)

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Is "Corporate Research International/Stericycle" Safe?

I'm in the process of signing up for additional companies, and I came across this company while reading Flash's Game Plan thread ( I was unsure about whether the link for CORI was dead or not, so I did a quick Google search for "Corporate Research International" and got to... Continue Reading

11 Duplicate Emails from CORI/Stericycle

Yesterday, I received 11 duplicate emails from CORI/Stericycle. The emails all contained an incomplete sentence, a non-existent list of shops, and no way to contact the scheduler. If at first you don't succeed, just send out the same email 10 more times...... Continue Reading

Looks like CORI just lost another large client

I got an email from Sentry for a test pilot for a client that CORI had. And now, I don't see any of those shops on CORI for September. They seem to be sinking fast. FYI- it was the multi room store.... Continue Reading

CORI Payment Question

I'd appreciate any advice. I performed one of the treat shops for Cori right after I joined. I performed the shop on August 26. The shop was received and given a "5" score. But when I look at payment history at the CORI site, it shows that there are no payments... Continue Reading

Stericycle= A Random Thought

Almost every morning around 7:00 AM as I am driving home from exercising at the health club, passing the local hospital, I pass a large Stericycle truck. Every morning the same thought goes through my mind: what a strange combination of business ventures Medical Waste and Mystery Shopping.... Continue Reading

Cori - Stericycle Jobboard Question

I was interested in performing the treat shop, but no matter how obscure the zip code I entered, every shop on my job board has one of the blue "B"s which means I am a backup shopper. I found this out because I clicked the blue "B" just to see... Continue Reading

I am starting to hate CORI

I rarely ever get a response. I rarely ever get through on their chat. I can hardly ever get a straight answer on anything. I SWEAR they have changed shop restrictions after I signed up for shops - aka, 18-40 age range for tobacco compliance shops, which sometimes show 18-27. I've asked... Continue Reading


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Reschedule a CORI Shop?

How do I reschedule a CORI shop? I had planned to do my shop tonight, but apparently it was scheduled for yesterday! I tried calling during normal business hours, and no one responded. What do I do? Help... Continue Reading

CORI (Well expert solutions as they are called now) and my first dropped shop

I have completed 119 shops for CORI, so it says on my profile. Friday night I was supposed to shop a hardware store in a completely different area of town, 30 minute drive about to get there. I picked it up because I had a dinner shop in the same... Continue Reading

CORI Shopper Information COMPROMISED

I have an entry on the Mystery Shopping section, but this needs to be said relating to CORI. I just deactivated, although it is too late. I received a Priority Mail envelope yesterday, and in the envelope is a letter on Corporate Research International Letterhead, with my Shopper Number and... Continue Reading

CORI (Expert Solutions) contact info

Hi All. I signed up for a treat shop to be completed on the 4th (dates available were 3,4,5). Ran out to do it last night, and they were closed. I know I should have taken a photo of the sign, but I did not. I got home... Continue Reading

CORI IE Requirement

This may be a dumb question, but am I correct in my understanding that I can not enter CORI shops on a MAC, since they only allow Internet Explorer as their reporting-compatible browser? Lame! Or am I missing something?... Continue Reading

CORI losing another client

I posted this in another thread this morning but I really think it could be a pretty big development and might warrant it's own thread. CORI currently has a few areas where it has the big FF client that MarketForce has nationwide (other than those few areas). It appears GAPBusters,... Continue Reading


Any one have any information on what is going on with my favorite Yellow and Blue gas stations. It has been painful since they moved over to the new company. And now nothing at all is on the boards for this month, in my Philadelphia area. ... Continue Reading

Bonuses on CORI

Cori posted some decent bonuses today.... Continue Reading


Another post on these guys, but I just really don't understand what they're doing these days. The college bookstore shops were recently on the board. I don't know if they even rose to a $10 commission. There were some rural areas that I used to do regularly... Continue Reading

Stericycle Emails Make Me Laugh

Today's Stericycle Email: "...shops have been flying off the shelves this month." This line is followed by a long list of several hundred shops that still need to be completed.... Continue Reading

..but seriously... (Stericycle)

I just received an email, "We have several shops available for YOU tomorrow and the rest of the week!" They are listed STILL at $5 shop fee. I miss they days when these went to $12.50, then $15, then $18, then eventually up to $30 to... Continue Reading

CoRI is at it again....

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CRI changed to SES not paying

Why is the new take-over company not paying? They want me to travel one hour each way for $8.50. No way! Either pay as other company, or shut down!... Continue Reading

Nutz on Stericycle Expert Solutions ExpertFIELD FORCE MS 101 Test

Can't pass their MS 101 exam, have reviewed video, and can only find one problem: Q2 has both client's instructional video to be viewed as required and if a shopper hasn't done a shop for the client in awhile. Can't answer both, choosing one or the other doesn't solve the... Continue Reading


Hi, I am looking into signing up with a company called Stericycle. Has anyone heard of it, or any news about them?... Continue Reading

Stericycle locations?

Hi - I just completed the first part of the Stericycle registrations and got the long list of items I have to supply for step 2 of the registration process. Before I spend a bunch of time on that I am wondering, can anyone tell me whether they even have any... Continue Reading

Never thought I'd say this, but I miss CORI :(

There are 4 jobs in my area, whereas there used to be at least 30. I miss the hardware stores (I refuse to deal with Maritz anymore), ice cream, chicken restaurants, teenage clothes and shoe stores. Yeah, the starting pay sucked, but some of those bonuses were great. Bummer... Continue Reading

stericycle gas shops

on my board, the blue and yellow gas shops are all showing as taken with only backup available. has anyone else noticed this? i'm sure not every single february shop has been filled...wonder why it is showing like that?... Continue Reading

Corporate research

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My job board is down to one gas station and the bedding store. What is going on with this company? I earned the most from this MSC in 2012, down in 2013, and now...the board is pathetic. I know early in the year, it's slow but I hope the... Continue Reading

Cori Down

I have a report that I need to get in but I can't sign in. I have tried various browsers and still won't connect. Is anyone else having problems? Anyone mind trying?... Continue Reading

cori toll free number

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

cori shop

I did a shop on the 16th how long does it take to get approved... Continue Reading

Stericycle - Shopper Error

Hey everyone, I've done these same gas station shops with Stericycle/CRI for several years now. Within the last two days, I've had two placed on error because I answered "no" in regards to current POP signs being in place. The reason is that the POP signs posted were not current. The... Continue Reading

OMG!!! Did Cori/Steri lose ANOTHER client?

I was just on the site of the company that took Cori's big gas client, and in the last 20 minutes, about 50 shops popped up for the big DIY client, with the same scenarios and same $1 reimbursement. WTF is going on over there?... Continue Reading

What is CoRI & Steri???

Can anyone help me figure out what CoRI AND Steri are and how I sign up for them?... Continue Reading

Can someone help me with CORI?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

a CORI "University" question?

I see 5 courses available to me: 1. ExpertSolutions 2. Mystery Shopping 3. Quality Audit 4. Phone shops 5. Classroom Navigation I've gone through the presentations for all, but only got a green "yes" in the qualified column for the first 2. What do I have to do to get qualified for the other 3?... Continue Reading

Corporate Research... a little odd

So I did not receive my email confirmation of my pending payment on Monday (didn't get it last week either) and when I went to the website it showed no payment pending as it normally would but it shows a payment made January 3, 2013 for the amount I am... Continue Reading

CORI Customer Service SUCKS

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Can't figure out how to contact Gen. Chat for Cori

The weather here is getting pretty bad and I have a shop that has to be completed at night and can only be completed on the weekends. I want to contact them to reschedule but it says to contact general chat and I can't for the life of me... Continue Reading

No SteriCycle Shops For Sunday?

Well, not really, I suppose. It's just that I've found that I cannot self-assign any of the pre-December shops for Sunday. There is not an assignment window available - the assignment window doesn't not have a December. I can assign shops that begin in December just fine. But who wants to... Continue Reading

Stericycle pay?

I have not received notification about pending pay from Stericycle. It is not on my history page, either. Wondering if anyone else has this issue. I usually see many posts by others if this is the case...... Continue Reading

Has anyones CoRI/Steri payment amount posted for this week?

Usually before the end of Monday, CoRI posts the amount that they plan to pay you on Friday. Mine hasn't been posted yet, and neither has my wife's. Hope they pay us on time with Black Friday and all. hehehe.... Continue Reading

Hardware shops with Cori...I mean Steri

Just opened the email regarding the Hardware shops. I will NOT do those shops for less than 15.00 each...and that is low for me. There is at least 45 min worth of talking to do (20 min in each section). (This does not include the travel time or the report time) And... Continue Reading

Cori website down?

I just tried to log onto Corporate Research and the website appears to be down.... Continue Reading

Non Working Map Feature For CoRi

It's a minor inconvenience, I know, but the "Map It" feature on the CoRi job board no longer works. Instead, it asks you if you want to use the MapQuest version. With the MapQuest version, it wants to open a new window that takes time to load up (I know,... Continue Reading

Cori no more...

Just received the email that come November 21st they are officially switching to their stericycle name of ExpertFIELD Force. Wonder if any policies will change like their weekly payments etc... Continue Reading

Does CORI ever respond?

So I'm trying to decide how to proceed. I've done 40 shops for Corporate Research International over the last 18 months. In September I had an issue with a bookseller shop and it took 3 days past the deadline before I could get direction on how to proceed. I attempted... Continue Reading

Is it common to have to requalify for CORI shops?

Two of the companies I have already qualified for now have the graduation caps by them again. One of those companies I've only done one shop for and that was last month with no issues. The other company I've never shopped and just completed qualification for a few... Continue Reading

Corporate Research fees increase throughout the month

For all the new shoppers who may not know, Corporate Research (also known as CRI and Cori) will increase their fees throughout the month if shops are not picked up at the initial fees. Every shop that is posted on their job board will start out at a very... Continue Reading

Cori Editors

Is it normal for the editors to take a week or longer to review a report? I have about 8 shops some 10 days old that haven't been "edited" yet. Most of the receipts haven't even been checked as received. Just checking to see that this is... Continue Reading

has anyone been able to submit a cori report lately?

I cant... Continue Reading

Cori Increase

Does Cori have a pattern for when they increase pay on shops? There are a few I'm interested in but would like the pay to increase a little to make it worth it.... Continue Reading

Help - Can't get Cori to submit

I am trying to get CORI gas station shop to submit. It has about 15 pictures. What am I doing wrong? I hit the submit button and nothing happens. I'm using IE. Any suggestions? The problem is you can't save CORI data and I... Continue Reading

CORI ---Date Changes

I have been watching 6 shops since the beginning of the month. I like to do a route in the direction of these shops sometimes and they are nice...easy cause there are always clean only 4-6 pumps, "bonus" to pick up along one of the ways. (When I do this... Continue Reading

OMG CORI is down AGAIN....REALLY!!!!

I have more shops to do today and was finishing up the last few from last night....(when there were 2 laptops in front of me...decided it was time for bed!!!) I have been trying to put in ONE report for almost 20 min....AND IT IS ONE OF THE LOYAL shops!!!! UGH!!!!! Can... Continue Reading

CORI phone #

I know LisaSTL posted this a while back, but I cannot find it. Live chat is not on right now and their new phone # is not list. Could someone please post it for me? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Cori audit at sunset

Has anyone down the sign audit that must be done around sunset. If so, what was your experience with the shop?... Continue Reading

Cori Assignment & Commissions.

I just signed up with CORI and haven't done any shops for them yet. However, it I been watching there job board. Are there certains days that commissions typically go up? Also, I have been watching one where the commission has gone down and then back up again .... Continue Reading

Pictures for Corporate Research International

I noticed their site says you must always take pictures with a time and date stamp. Does anyone use their iphone to take pictures for them? I know there are apps that can do that.... Continue Reading

CORI Payment

Just logged into my bank account and don't see the usual CORI payment. I received the email earlier in the week saying it had been processed. Any one else see this?... Continue Reading

CoRi Shops Gone Quarterly

Has anyone else noticed that many of the blue shops have gone from monthly to quarterly? I'm seeing shops that I would have on an every other month type of route now switched over to 3 month shops. Which, of course means, I can't do them again for 6 months. I'm... Continue Reading

Help - I can't get CORI to submit

I have tried for an hour to get this to submit. I'm about ready to give up and go to bed. Not sure what else to do. Is there a save button for CORI?... Continue Reading

CoRI Website -- How can I select a date if the calendar isn't live?

I have not worked for CoRI before and using their website is just too painful. After 15 minutes of waiting, I get kicked off and there are still 8 people ahead of me. I got an (automated) email from them stating that I am a back up shopper for a certain... Continue Reading

CoRI website slow?

I've been on the website for the past hour trying to see jobs, take an exam, trying to see jobs again. It's painfully slow. The job board keeps churning and not displaying. Is anyone else seeing this? Is it normal for CoRI?... Continue Reading

CoRi Shops With a "B"

I have noticed over time that as every upcoming month approaches, CoRi list the upcoming shops for that month. For most of those shops, the little shopping cart icon remains until the particular shop increases significantly enough to make it worthwhile. However, there are certain shops, grocery stores in particular,... Continue Reading

Is there a trick to CORI tests?

I went through a presentation for a Florida gas station on CORI. I had the slideshow open too as I answered each question. I went through each one again and again and I can't figure out whats wrong with my test. Not sure what I am missing.... Continue Reading


Anyone else get this? We are looking for Field Reps who are licensed and experienced Plumbers or Contractors. Good grief they are now switching to a new field. Have to visit customer homes.... Continue Reading

Stericycle or CRI have they slowed down the payment .......

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Is there a phone number for Cori?

The ice cream shop from hell is getting worse by the moment. The form for my report is a treat report not a dinner report. I have tried the online chat twice and now seem to be banned from it. It was too busy the first two... Continue Reading

Cori version of the big FF client shop - who are you rooting for?

So I finally broke down and took a shop for the big FF chain with Cori. I've done many, many, many of these for MF. I've not done the Intellishop version yet. (I wonder who will win!) On the plus side: -This report actually worked in Safari on my Mac! That's a first... Continue Reading

CORI - still waiting on direct deposit verification

I have been waiting for my direct deposit verification for a month now. After talking to a CORI rep on the phone she suggested I resubmit the information. I have done this and I am still waiting. Has anyone else had this issue? The rep suggested it was my bank,... Continue Reading

Can someone with Cori experience answer a few questions?

I just completed my first five shops with Cori yesterday. I was really worried because I got caught in a flash flood, torrential rain, the big fire up in Yosemite and Labor Day traffic. There was no way on Earth I could get the reports done in six... Continue Reading

CORI Clarification Please

I have a quick question about CORI's weekly pay. I thought I was getting paid today, but this is my first shop so I may have gotten it mixed up. The shop I did was on 8/23/13 and was accepted within a few days, I got a 5 rating. When... Continue Reading

Can Anyone Tell Me About CoRi

Can anyone tell me what good are the ratings other than allowing one to assign jobs? Can anyone tell me what good are the confirmation numbers? Can anyone tell me what good are the reports that we download? Can anyone tell me what good are the CoRi Reps? Can... Continue Reading

Help on CRI Test

cjhurley28 Posts:1 [ PM ] [Toggle User Visibility] I have tried both of your answers to the CRI test and I keep getting the message you haven't passed the test. EDITED FOR ICA VIOLATION I have tried taking this test too many times, I know I am either wrong or have one question wrong. I have... Continue Reading

24/7 Phone Number for CORI?

Hello all, I went to register with CORI tonight and had a most unexpected surprise. My social security number was flagged in red. The prompt explained that my number was already in their system. I have been keeping notes on the companies I've registered with and was almost certain that I... Continue Reading

CORI being LATE on the update

How strange is this? I submitted a shop to CORI on the 8th of August. It was reviewed and accepted and given a score of 5 several days later. Today (August 22) I get an email asking me questions about details of the shop. I'll obviously be able to send them... Continue Reading

Cori Shops NOT being edited??

Is anyone else have problems getting their shops edited?? I have shops still pending since middle of last week. I have some that I should of been paid for THIS Friday but since they not were edited...I have to wait.... Continue Reading

anybody have inside info on Cori and...

whether the lumber shops will be back?... Continue Reading

Why cant I select a shop in CORI?

I have been clicking away at the calendar icon for the past 15 minutes. I opened it in Chrome and Internet Explorer.. I can't select anything. Is there a trick to it? I even went as far as to click every single day just to see if one would take.... Continue Reading

Cori trouble entering the report

Hi everyone, I went to a restaurant shop this morning and have been trying to enter the report. I could chat online in the beginning but disconnected before all questions were answered. After that, I have been waiting more than 2 hours because I got kicked out so many... Continue Reading

CORI Shop - no shop details or Auditor Checklist

I am scheduled to complete a shop for CORI tomorrow. I just went to review the shop details and there were none. I called the phone number but no one was there. I left a message. Anyone else ever experienced this with CORI?... Continue Reading

I did so well on the CORI shops I did today that....

I even got four more reviews with scores of 5 that I didn't even do! (okay granted, they were emails sent to the wrong person)... Continue Reading

Cannot submit report to CORI

This is the first time I cannot submit a form. I click to enter and got this message at 5pm. Now it's almost 10pm. I passed the test and have done this shop several times, so that's not the problem. I sent an email, but it's weekend...sigh! >>>The... Continue Reading

CORI all gas shops gone !

Hmm, something's afoot again. All the regular gas shops have been removed ( and there were hundreds still up for July at the low, low prices). The Loyalty are there and all the other misc shops but NO regular station shops. Not just my area either, checked with someone in another... Continue Reading

Stericycle (CRI)

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

CoRI gas routes ?

Anyone here doing the "routes" for the other station ? I can't find any discussions on this via search and don't want to name the client. There was an offer of one - said to list your preferred zips - but then they wanted the entire list to be taken no matter... Continue Reading

Cori went nuts

I scheduled two restaurant audits with them for last friday 7/26/13. I get this email from the scheduler on 7/25 saying the evaluations were cancelled for the 26th, but I could do them on 27th. I replied saying no thank you, my route was built for the 26th. So I... Continue Reading

Cori site attacked...

Received this message this morning from my realtime site analysis... [IMG][/IMG] Clicked on detailed report and it said whoever attacked it was for identity theft. Also does the same thing for their main site. Wonder if cori will say anything or try to sweep it under the rug... Continue Reading

Any other company similar to Cori?

My question is this.....Are there any other MSC's in the universe that has the same abundance of job availability as this company and pays as fast?... Continue Reading

Cori 3 Day Assignment Window?

I just recently signed up with Cori and am trying to figure out their website. I'm trying to self-assign my first shop. Next Tuesday is gray and the only date that I can select. The next five days after that are green, which the legends says means "Days you can... Continue Reading

Emailed CORI for an extension due to wheather...what else should I do???

I had an assignment with CORI this evening. I prepared and got ready. As soon as I stepped out and got into my car, it struck lightning and it then started pouring. I came back inside and sent an email to the schedulers, explaining and asking for an extension until... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

Anyone else have problems working with this company? I recently did 2 [i][/i] shops for them and got a perfect score. Next week they send me an email about another that was in my area and... Continue Reading

New CORI Phone NUmber

I have a new number for CORI 800-977-8943 . Starting Monday, all calls to the old number will be forwarded to Stericycle in Indianapolis. The schedulers in Findlay will only be available via email. I posted this in an existing thread, but thought it probably should be on it's... Continue Reading

Cori Login

Can anyone log in? I could last night, now it just doesn't work on all 3 of my devices. -sigh-... Continue Reading

After 39 CORI shops ...

I finally have entered the realm of the perfect 5.0 average score. Thank you <>thank you<> thank you.... Continue Reading

CORI Report not working!

I have filled out the report twice using IE and it will not let me choose the associates from the drop down menu so CORI send it back. I have contacted chat which sent me to an employee which sent me to another employee in which I left a voicemail.... Continue Reading

corporate research international

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

CORI Magic Number 5!

I saw this discussed quite some time ago. How many 5's does it take to get your average up to 5.0. The answer appears to be 38. Yesterday I had completed 37 and still hovered at 4.9. Today one of my shops was accepted and now it's 38 shops and... Continue Reading

Validating SSN - CORI

I signed up with CORI a few days ago (Monday, I think) and was accepted as a shopper/auditor, but it says that I cannot complete or sign up for any shops until they've validated my SSN... Does anyone have an idea of how long this usually takes? I'm anxious to... Continue Reading

Getting emails from CORI about shops that are not on the board??

Hello everyone I am confused and wondered if anyone has experienced this. I got three separate emails from CORI today about gas station shops that have been gone for awhile. When I saw the email, I thought they might be back and so I checked and they aren't. The first shop... Continue Reading

CRI uploads

I am in the process of spending over 1/2 an hour on a VERY simple report to CRI. Does anyone else have a problem with their system? No spell check, only works with ie, and once you hit submit, you wait. It's now been 22 minutes. If I could save... Continue Reading

CORI contact

I have never had a problem with payment from any MSC. This month I am shorted by 2! Anyone have a phone number for CORI? I tried emailing them about the problem before I got paid this cycle (my reimbursement amount wasn't listed at all in my job history) but... Continue Reading

Can't choose date on CRI calendar for shop

Has anybody else ever trouble being able to click on a calendar date on the popup window for CRI? I add a shop to my cart, click on the calendar, but cannot click on any of the dates within the 3-day window for the shop.... Continue Reading

CORI payments early!

I was pleasantly surprised to see my payment already showing up in my bank account this morning for my CORI shops! All is forgiven for their delayed payments the week before last!... Continue Reading

CRI - Now you see them...

Clients continue to vanish and reappear at CRI. Back are the treat shops. Gone are all the blue and yellow full mystery GS shops. The new locations from last month had disappeared at the start of this month, but as of this afternoon they're all gone except... Continue Reading

Cori ... down for the count?

My report is just sitting there... the system isn't taking it... I had to put the last report in twice before it would be accepted... Of course... as is the normal state, there is no "help" available from Cori .... If I let it sit all night, will it eventual transmit...... Continue Reading

CORI direct deposit......

Has anyone not gotten their direct deposit from this company? The status for the transaction shows that it was completed, but my bank has not received it. Like clockwork my direct deposit is in my account between 3-5am every Friday. Don't tell me this is a sign of things to come......this... Continue Reading

where are CORI clients?

My monthly income has been decreasing and part of it is because CORI has evidently lost some clients that I enjoyed shopping. And then some of their other clients seem to have decreased the frequency of their shops. I'm going to have to figure something out to make... Continue Reading

Tons new Cori GS locations

There's been a near doubling of the number blue and yellow GS shops available, all the new locations marked QTR (I'm assuming quarterly). Wonder what the re-shop wait will be for these? Wonder if they'll go up in price similar to slow pace of the revealed blue GS quarterly shops? Wonder if the... Continue Reading

Is CORI slow today?......

It is taking an unusually long time for my reports to be submitted today. Is anyone else having the same issues?... Continue Reading

CORI and Lunch Shops

Does anyone know if CORI allows more than one lunch shop to be done on the same day? I e-mailed and left a voice mail with no response so far...... Continue Reading

CORI Signup Problems

I'm trying to sign up with them, but it's telling me I'm not selecting a valid country. There is no box to select a country. I'm using IE and have even tried the compatibility link (I read elsewhere that the site can be browser-sensitive). Anyone have this problem or know... Continue Reading

Photo's On Corporate Research International

Please look out for this one. I received a message that due to a glitch in the system my photo's from a shop mare than fifteen days ago did not make it through. If I do not respond my shopper rating will be affected because of their system error and... Continue Reading


Got the message on May 28 they decided to drop Findlay office, effective as of July 31st I wonder how Cori will do I hope OK... Continue Reading

Cori offices being shutdown...

Received an email today that Stericycle is shutting down Cori's offices in Ohio in July and will run the mystery shopping part on it's own from their main offices. Looks like we will be dealing with a new team of schedulers/editors. This could also explain the slowdown in editing process lately... Continue Reading

CORI phone shops

I got an email today asking to become a "preferred phone shopper". Can someone share about the number and type of questions on the reports? Is the pay rate acceptable for the work? Any other details that I should consider? Thank you.... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

Can anyone explain how commissions are calculated with this MSC. Commissions are such wierd dollar amounts.... Continue Reading

CoRI Sign test HELP!

I can NOT pass the sign test. HELP~!!~~ Anyone else having problems. I'm beginning to think it is flawed.... Continue Reading

CORI Feedback notices on hold?

Hello All, I submitted a bunch of shops for them on Saturday and have not gotten any "Feedback" notifications yet and was wondering if anyone else was having the same lapse. Usually this company is quick and sends those notifications out in less than a day. I also have not... Continue Reading

Why the different fees for same client on CORI?

In general, every MS company I have worked for that have had multiple locations pay the same fee. I am new to CORI, but have signed up for 2 bank shops for the same client. One pays $19.68 and one pays $13. WTH?? They are within... Continue Reading

CORI - re: any browser but IE

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Mystery Shops to CORI to Stericycle ?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Anyone else verifying endlessly on CORI site?

For the past ten days or so, everytime I log in to CORI the site asks me to verify my PayPal email address on the "Payment Options" page. I do and hit "Update Profile". This sends me to the "Signup Completion" page. I have to then hit "Go to the... Continue Reading

corporate research international

any discussions on this company?....if so, what is the link(s).....thanks....michael... Continue Reading

Corporate Research

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Problems with CORI

Anyone having problems getting into CORI's site? For three days it has been telling me that it cannot establish a secure connection with the server. -Lisa... Continue Reading

Something weird is going on at CoRI

I just inputted a shop, via Safari, using my iMac. That's all. Carry on.... Continue Reading

CORI New Change Date Feature

I almost could not believe what I was seeing. The new feature letting shoppers change the due date is here! I only have gas station shops this week so I don't know how or if the feature works on other shops. I'm just happy to be able... Continue Reading

Another CRI internet post...

I know there has been many post on this so bear with me veterans. I am just aggravated. I have been using Firefox for reports. I have finished 10 without a problem. Number 11, I received an email stating that I didn't use IE and need to resubmit my report.... Continue Reading

CORI contact

Good morning! I need to contact CORI about a problem with a report I did yesterday and I cannot, for the life of me, find a contact phone number or email address. I used the CONTACT on my home page, but it seems to deal with computer/uploading problems, which I... Continue Reading

Still cannot submit a report for CORI that was due yesterday!

I'm very frustrated, I did a shop yesterday for CORI and still cannot submit the report. I have entered it five times, on three different computers, each of them with a different version of IE. It has to be on there end. A few weeks ago I noticed that I... Continue Reading

Average Cori shop review time

Do you know what the average review time is for a Cori shop? I am only in my second week of shopping with them and the first two were reviewed in matter of hours and the last 3 are siting in my history. The shops I completed are still showing... Continue Reading

Rescheduling on CoRI?

I'm scheduled for a shop tomorrow that I'd REALLY like to move to another day. I don't see any way to do it other than canceling the shop and trying to re-book it. Am I overlooking something? I could swear I rescheduled something with them before but... Continue Reading

Cori slow today?!

Hello all......Is anyone else experiencing some seriously slow uploading of reports with this company today? . I have only been able to submit two blue and red gas stations in three hours.....I can usually submit eight to nine in that time.... Continue Reading

Cori gas station shops

This station has two pumps and full service its a service garage they have vending machines outside to purchase soda or snacks the bathroom has a can of ajax on the sink to wash your hands. How could this job be done. Years ago I know someone who did this... Continue Reading

CRI Report Help

Hi, I am hoping someone can help me figure this out. I am trying to fill in my online report. I can check the yes/no answers but when it comes to typing a narrative I get a error message and it won't allow me to type. The message reads: Javascript Error! Error... Continue Reading


Can you tell me how the rate shops are they on a 10 point scale or something different. I'm waiting for my shop to be edited from the other day so when I receive my score I know how were I stand.... Continue Reading

Cori Report JavaScript Error

I boycotted Cori for a while so I haven't done a report for them in a long time. I'm trying to enter my report and I got a JavaScript error: "Unable to get property style of undefined or null reference - line number 262" Can someone help? ... Continue Reading

CoRi on line help

they really NEED to either get more people or something....35 minutes still trying to get through to somebody....of course times out and I go to the bottom of the pile...... Continue Reading

CORI deadlines

When signin up for CORI shops, are the only dates that you can do the shops in the gray boxes? I'm confused about what they mean by the three day window. Can you do the shops three days after the grey circled date?... Continue Reading

CRI is not compatible with Windows 8??? Huh???

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

No e-mail from CORI

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I have never received an e-mail with shops from CORI. I have checked the e-mail on my profile and it is correct. What gives?... Continue Reading

CRI website???

Is anyone able to log onto CRI this morning? I have tried with Explorer 9 for a while now and just tried with Chrome. It just keeps "thinking" and opens the page. I was able to log on once, but then when I clicked on the job it would only... Continue Reading

CRI or Stericycle slow down in payouts

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

CORI Report Won't Submit

Here we go again... I have spent 3 hours trying to get a report to go through tonight. I get the 500 server error and the dreaded Java Script error. I have used 3 browsers. IE will not even let me enter the date. I got all the way through the... Continue Reading

CORI - message about upgrading gone?

I logged in to CORI today and on the home page the message about system upgrading is gone. Wondering about doing a shop for them again today? Anyone having big issues in February entering in their form?... Continue Reading

CORI - so few clients this month

The only shops for this month in my area for CORI are gas stations and the inexpensive chain store with many departments and the chicken restaurant! There are NO shoe stores, no home improvement stores. . . the pizza place is long gone. I take the home improvement stores regularly... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

I say everyone should boycott this company since they are so hard to work with at the office. I have been treated very rudely by several office staff and have had shops rejected for some pretty lame reasons.... Continue Reading

CORI Payment for FEB 1 no Paypal.

I have checked my Paypal several times today and no receipt of payment. CORI site said payment made to Paypal Feb 1. Anyone have their payment for FEB 1.... Continue Reading

Did CRI loose another client?

So here, February jobs have dropped in the job search and the major home improvement store is not there! Anyone else seeing them or are they gone? :( I loved those.... Continue Reading

Missed receipt and photo on CRI gas station shop

Did my first gas station shop for CoRI yesterday. Tried to be very organized about it, took all the pump pictures in order, two pics per pump. Somehow when I copied the pics to my computer so I could add the date and time (that my camera had... Continue Reading

Cori payments

Hello All, Did anyone get their payment notifications from this company today or have their payment show up pending in their "Payment History"? I would appreciate the feedback.... Continue Reading

Java Script Error ** FIX** on CORI with IE

Major breakthrough! I found that if I click on the "Compatibility View" button (looks like a torn piece of paper or a mini-cardiogram [which I have come close to needing when filing these infuriating reports!]) just to the left of the "Refresh" icon in the address pane at the top... Continue Reading

CORI don't say I didn't warn you...

As previously mentioned in another post, I have a legitimate beef with CORI. I gave fair warning here and on their Facebook page that I would publish the emails about this if I got no relief. I haven't, and in fact my posts on Facebook have been... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International- Safari Internet

Hi! I just signed up for CoRI. I use several other MSCs with my Safari internet fine. It stated something about having to use Internet Explorer. Has anyone used this company with Safari successfully? I have Adobe and am able to watch the videos fine. I just don't want to... Continue Reading

CRI (Stericycle) Troubles

Anyone having trouble with submitted photos making it through to CRI (Stericycle)? When filing reports of a major blue and white logo gas station, I can't file on IE from my Windows 8 based computer. Tried submitting through Chrome, and with every report, some photos aren't getting through.... Continue Reading

CORI - This is wrong

So, I don't think it is any big secret about CORI's ongoing "upgrades." I submitted a home improvement store report on 1/17. I recieved an email same day from a Client Operations Support Representative stating that my report was in error and the reason was because I... Continue Reading

Help!!! Serious Cori problem.....

Hello All, Check this S**T out!! I was at an electronic store earlier today and left an SD card that contained images of ten gas station jobs not yet submitted to this company in my trucks drink holder. Long story short, this SD card went missing. I... Continue Reading

CORI Java Script Error 4454

Has anyone else had issues with Java script error 4454 when filling out one particular gas station shop? I called in and was told it is an issue with the settings on my computer. I finally got the report to submit, but it took several tries. I googled "Java... Continue Reading

CORI Feedback notifications.....

Hello All, Has anyone noticed these "Feedback" emails where everyone even my cat could get a 5, have not been send like they usually were? Anyone have any info on whats going on?.......Thanx... Continue Reading

Can anyone please help me with Cori?!

Hello Good People of the Forum, I know this Cori stuff is like beating a dead horse, but does anyone have any advice or tricks to share on how to get these reports submitted quicker and easier? I don't know what they did, but as soon as they changed the... Continue Reading

Cori self-assign issues etc.

Is anyone else getting repeated server errors when submitting and trying to assign jobs? I know this an ongoing issue with this company, but it appears to be extra special messed up today and tonite.... Continue Reading

CORI Auditor Rating

My auditor rating with Cori dropped significantly when I had issues with their website. I emailed asking if they would raise my auditory rating back up and they did! FYI for anyone else who has had this issue, ask and you shall receive. Paula... Continue Reading

Cori again!!

Is anyone else having issues getting onto their website this morning?! I'm getting errors on chrome and IE.... Continue Reading

CORI - Internet Explorer - MAC user...

Is there a way around IE for CORI... I am a Mac user! I have enjoyed working for CORI, but they only accept a form if you use IE. I only have a Mac computer and I have successfully used Safari with their website and under the developer I click on... Continue Reading

Did a shop for CORI today...

and I just got an email with the feedback! Some poor editor had to take time out of his or her Christmas Eve to look over my shop from today. Either that's dedication or I'm the Scrooge! If that editor is secretly hiding on this forum, I hope that Santa... Continue Reading

Unable to self-assign shop on CORI

When ever I click on "Details" to add a shop to my cart, I get a yellow error icon. Is anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading

has anyone ever not received a "5" from CORI?

I know we have kidded around before that even if you are dead, CORI will give you a "5", so I am wondering if anyone (dead or alive) has ever received anything less.... Continue Reading

CORI weekly payment

Every Monday I receive an email from this company notifying me how much money they will be transferring into my bank account the following Friday via direct deposit. I did not receive this notification today. I do alot of jobs for Cori and this notification is like clockwork every Monday.... Continue Reading

Unable to enter CORI to submit work!! Anyone else having issues?

I have 3 reports that I have been unable to enter on their site. Have emailed and was told that site was down but is up again and working. That being said, I have tried at all hours to no avail. Is anyone else experiencing a system... Continue Reading


Hey there, So I have been trying for weeks on the CRI Auditor University Test I have done it a million times it feels like, Can anyone help me? and tell me which ones to re-think? As I honestly am stuck !! Thanks :( EDITED FOR ICA VIOLATION Anyone able to help me?... Continue Reading

CORI - offline?

Hey there, I have tried to self-assign a shop for CORI multiple times a day for the last four days. Even though the scheduling days are gray, I cannot click on them. I have contacted three different people at the company to see if they could help me. I have not... Continue Reading

CORI Holiday Pay

Who else remembers that CORI for the past 2 years has had issues with the last paychecks before the holiday? Two years in a row we did not get paid. We were made to wait until the following Friday. I have planned my finances around the 14th being the... Continue Reading

CRI feedback scale?

I just got feedback from my first CRI shop. The message was totally meaningless. It said I got a 5 but didn't tell me what the scale was so I don't know if they think I'm wonderful or think I stink. There were no comments, just said... Continue Reading

CORI self assign cut-off

I've always been able to assign up to 15 to myself at one time. Now the self assign board isn't allowing me to go over 5 self assign shops at one time. When I click on checkout, it comes back "You have reached your self-assign limit." Does anyone know what... Continue Reading

URGENT - CORI Question Regarding Rescheuling

I am scheduled to perform my first CORI today/tonight. I had to work my regular job today and I had a PT appt. at 5pm. (PT = Physical Therapy.) My PT session was pretty brutal so now I am in a lot of pain and not feeling... Continue Reading

CORI panelist

Hey all! It's me... a super new mystery shopper asking YET ANOTHER question! So, have any of you CORI shoppers ever scrolled to the bottom of the auditor homepage? Apparently, you can fill out some information, and do surveys for CORI's clients? They claim you can earn from $1-$50 depending... Continue Reading

no more Cori for me

..... Continue Reading

New convenience store shops for Corp Research...?

Anyone get to see what the job entails? All the ones in my area are taken, which is unusual...but the shop pay is quite high too. There's no info when you click to look at the shop....just location and pay. I want to know what this is... Continue Reading

When does CORI post next months jobs?

It seems like it's been getting later and later the month before. Has anyone noticed a pattern that I've missed? I keep missing all the good shops because they are snapped up so quickly these days!... Continue Reading

New Shopper and question about CORI phone shops

Hello all, My name is Lisa and I'm a new shopper. I'm from Massachusetts and was wondering if anyone can recommend me any mystery shop companies that have a lot of shops for Massachusetts if possible? The only one I know of right now is CORI. I like them a lot but... Continue Reading

Anyone getting into CORI today?

I have tried several times and can't seem to get into to enter my report. Occasionally I get past the login page to my jobs but I cannot get past the page to enter my store id. I have tried several browsers and more than one computer and the ipad. Are... Continue Reading

Why the CORI pay scale change?

I recall seeing this discussed on some previous threads, but cannot find the answer I am looking for. CORI used to be great with offering bonuses on shops at the end of the month, but now they do not. I don't call going up $1 on a $4 a real... Continue Reading

Receipt time wrong/ CoRI/ Please help!

I did a tasty treat shop yesterday and the dang receipt time is wrong. CoRI has kicked it back to me saying it is invalid. Of course, the "weekend live chat" is not available. I have had this situation with other MS companies and it was resolved without issue.... Continue Reading

CORI editing process slowing down?

Hi everyone, I do alot, alot of shops for this company. If I submit say 10 shops in a day, I usually start receiving the "Shopper Feedback" email by the time I'm on the third report. Has anyone else noticed their system being slow today?... Continue Reading

CORI site

Is it me or is everyone else experiencing problems submitting shops at this site? I have had a great deal of difficulty uploading my receipts at the beginning of the shops and some trouble off and on bringing up the calendar to input dates. I have resorted to... Continue Reading

Cori problem?

Ok, I just completed my first shop for Cori and am frustrated already. My report was rejected because I didn't spend the designated amount of time in a certain part of the store. The problem is that this store didn't have that department. I've contacted the scheduler... Continue Reading

CORI scoring

I am new to shops. I have done multiple shops now for CORI, and have gotten a score of "5" for each one, but have no idea what that means. I am reading a lot about scores of "10" on shops for other companies, but I'm not getting... Continue Reading

CORI Survey

Just received the new CORI survey regarding the possibility of airport shops. Halfway through the survey, they ask you to tell them who else you shop for now, have shopped for, or signed up with to shop. Does anyone else have a gut feeling about letting them... Continue Reading

Reshop policy for CORI gas station shops

Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forum and to mystery shopping in general. I hope this is the appropriate place to be introducing myself. I've been goin along pretty good so far (fingers crossed). I wanted to know if anyone knows how long the reshop cycle is for CORI... Continue Reading

CORI Schedulers

Does anybody else find that many of them seem irritable and unfriendly? They seldom work with me to resolve a problem the very few times that I ever have a problem on one of their shops. Recently I couldn't perform a shop due to a sudden illness, so... Continue Reading

CoRI Commission Increase Emails

Has anyone noticed anything odd with those emails lately? For about the last week every morning it is the same email with the same ONE shop. The fee never goes up though. It's showing the same today that it did last week.... Continue Reading

CoRI Website Rant

I love CoRI! My budget is looking bad this month, and CoRI is helping me dig out of a hole, but.... The website annoys me to no end. The biggest problem is reporting. I'm on a mac, and apparently their site hates mac. It doesn't look like Microsoft IE is available in a... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International (CRI) charges?

While not new to shopping, I am new to Corporate Research International (CRI). I I just got my for first pay check. Like many companies, i don't think they want us to keep track of the money they pay us. There is no indication as to what job... Continue Reading

CORI question

Does CORI not have a way to save your work? Maybe I'm just missing it. Usually I can start a report, and go back to it without losing anything if needed. Yesterday I was working on my first report for them, when someone walked into my office.... Continue Reading

Experienced CORI shopper - they've got me stumped. Please help!

Today from Cori: This email is to inform you have been excluded from performing (X company home improvement shops) for 90 days for marking the integrity question incorrectly after being warned. I have done 30 of these home improvement shops for CORI over the past 2 years and have always gotten... Continue Reading

CRI Payment fee

I recently received a paypal payment for a shop. They apid fairly quick but I noticed a payment processing fee. Why do they charge that and is there any way to avoid payment fees. I have not noticed this from other companies.... Continue Reading

Ugggh why cant I pass the CORI test

I went page by page through the powerpoint presentation but still cannot pass the introductory test- I am starting to think the problem is on their system...So frustrating. Just an FYI- I have subscribed with over 10 companies so I am competent when it comes to these tests, any help... Continue Reading

Why does CORI have a "promotional code" on reports?

I've noticed this when I go to enter the job and unit numbers. There is a space to enter a promotional code. Just curious what this code is for. Any ideas?... Continue Reading

Cori Again!

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Question about assigning shops with Cori

So from what I can tell, you can only assign shops within a 3 day window. I do 99% of my shops on Saturdays, and it's annoying when I want to pick up a shop earlier in the week and schedule it for Saturday. Should I email them to request... Continue Reading

CORI Fee Increases

In a refreshing change of pace, I've recently noticed several CORI shops with fees larger than normal. Within 15 miles of my zip code, there are about 10 ice-cream shops going for $15-$20 each. There are 2 locations of the roasted chicken shops for $6. And there are 4... Continue Reading

CORI Weekend Chat

Anyone know how to get an answer from them on the weekend? I waited 9 minutes in the chat room & they dropped me...said call back later. I have done this twice. I need to move some shops out to Monday. Suggestions? Thanks...... Continue Reading

What is CORI's reschedule policy?

Does CORI look kindly on rescheduling? There were a few shops that were $30+ that I wanted to do but you can't schedule more than 3 days out and I'm not available until Tuesday. Someone else got them. :( If I don't do it frequently, would it... Continue Reading

CORI - Onsite Real Estate w/MP3

I'm seeing a CORI apartment shop that's being offered for $85 on the board. I don't know what the starting price was, although others for a different property are currently offered for $20. It is a shop for a specific leasing agent. I'm sure some of you have done... Continue Reading

CRI Receipt not loading

I did a shop today and now I can't get the receipt to load. I always resize them. I just did one a couple days ago and it went through fine. It must be something with their system. Very frustrating when they want their reports in a certain time. It... Continue Reading

Thank you CORI!!!

I just assigned myself a shop that was supposed to be for June but I guess they had tons of flakes . . .$50 for a 20 minute retail visit. No purchase and return =) Thank you!... Continue Reading

I think I am giving up on CORI!

I am not having good luck with this MSC!! Their rules are too different from all the other ones I have done. I posted yesterday about trouble I had with a gas station audit ( Tonight I did a fast food place. The gas station guidelines say very specifically... Continue Reading

Question on Corporate Research policies

Last night I did two gas station audits for CORI and they are the first two I have done for them. Of course these would be the first shops I've ever had a problem with, and the stations are 45+ minutes from home. I got caught in the rain for... Continue Reading

Has CoRI always charged "Processing Fees" on their PP payments?

I have completed a handful of shops for CoRI and my first payment from them was exactly what I expected. The shop fee and the reimbursement. My last two payments have had processing fees attached. The first time it was 32 cents and the second time 79... Continue Reading

CORI won't let me submit

Is anyone else having this problem tonight?... Continue Reading

CORI and rescheduling

I havn't had to do this before, and have 79 shops under my belt with CORI. I have to reschedule my two for tonight, and don't know if they will really tank my rating, or are they okay with this if it doesn't happen often? thanks, Carol... Continue Reading

CRI Scheduling

I just recently signed up for CRI. If you book a shop what window are you given to do the shop. Do you get so long from booking the shop or as long as its done prior to the due date. Also is it better to wait or book soon,... Continue Reading

No Email From CRI On Pay

No email form CRI tonight about Firday's pay. Hmmmmm. This makes me nervous.... Continue Reading

CORI weirdness

So I was having a problem with the CORI site and used their online form to email them about it. The emails I received back from them have shown "Kmart Management Corporation" as the sender. And, the email address is an address. I'm really kind of curious how/why they have... Continue Reading

CORI points

I signed up with CORI and haven't done any shops yet. My average score is 2.5/5, although their FAQ says that you start with an average score of 3 so that you can self-assign. I've submitted their contact form twice explaining that I haven't done any shops yet, and asking... Continue Reading

CORI phone shops

Hello question on CORI phone shops for someone. Does anyone know if they rate their phone shops? I have done 30 of them last week for them and still have no ratings on them... Continue Reading

Where are the CRI alcohol/tobacco shops?

Does anyone know where these compliance shops went or if the client stopped doing these?... Continue Reading

Fustrated with CORI payments

CORI says that my payment is to be in paypal today. I normally get the payments early morning and here it is afternoon and still no payment. Has anyone else had that problem today with their paypal payment from CORI?... Continue Reading

Trial by Fire with Cori !

Oh my - that was grueling :) After some success with other companies, and good reviews on reports - I took a shop with Corporate Research last Friday afternoon (the commission had gone up nicely, and I needed something from that store anyway). Wasn't able to get right... Continue Reading

CORI payment ?

Has anyone received their money in paypal today from them? I was suppose to receive money today and it is normally in my paypal by now. Just wondering if they are all messed up again this week on payments.... Continue Reading

CRI down?

Is this the weekend CRI is doing site maintenance? I can't get on with any browser.... Continue Reading

Receipt Uploads to the CORI site

I have had two recent CORI shops, and haven't been able to upload my receipt either time. I've resized each receipt, and still it will not upload. CORI is able to upload it on their end. Anyone else had this problem? I can't take anymore shops... Continue Reading

CORI Payment for this Week

I checked on their website today to view my pending payment for this Friday, and it is there but it says completed and has a completion date of 5/11 (this past Friday). I am assuming this is simply an error that will be fixed but just wanted to check... Continue Reading

Cori shops question

I took a certification for their gas station shops. I'd like to do some of them but since the certification was so long and detailed I'm wondering how hard the gas station shops are to do. I ask about the difficulty because the pay is not very high.... Continue Reading

CORI Frustration

There has been a shop that has been heavily bonused for the past few days, however, when I go to look at the available jobs on the website it's never there. Do they block shops that you're not eligible for due to demographics?... Continue Reading

CRI Auditing

Has anyone had a recent problem with CRI's auditing staff? I have done a little over 100 shops and for some reason over the past two months they have gotten very picky.... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

I am brand new to Mystery Shopping and trying to navigate my way through. I thought I finally found a great mystery shopping co. but now I am wondering. I did the tests for Corporate Research International and then started doing the tests for the individual companies to do shops... Continue Reading

CRI Payment Issues

How many people are being affected by the payment "glitch" between CRI's bank and PayPal? First message said payment would be late Friday evening, second message said they were still working on issue, and last email said payment would be completed Monday. Tuesday morning and still no payment. I think they... Continue Reading

CRI input

Does anyone else have problems with the CRI website? They only accept Internet explorer, and they have a very tiny report window. That was OK because they have a lot of shops in my area. But now it takes forever to input reports. The site seems to be running S... Continue Reading

Home Improvement Retailer ReShop Period for CORI

Does anyone know exactly how long the reshop period is for the big home improvement retailer? I know that it is around a month.... Continue Reading

Words to the Wise on Corporate Research International...

For the second time, and over the exact same reason, my rating with CRI (who I typically like to work with) has been lowered. Not only is actually selecting dates to conduct a shop typically difficult, getting any response from them is nearly impossible. For the first experience,... Continue Reading

Does CORI always pay low?

I signed up at CORI this week and every shop is under 5 bucks and has a 20 minute slideshow and test. Are these guys even worth looking at their board?... Continue Reading

CRI not receiving report photo's

Hi everyone. I am having "____ on error" messages in my in box after almost every report with CRI. I am using PIX resizer and they have to be in the report before it will send but somehow they are not getting all the job photos. Is it... Continue Reading

CRI Corporate Research International

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cori gas jobs

Got to love these changes without notification on Cori jobs. On the yellow and blue gas station, which I have been doing for over a year now for CORI, and many years for another MSC. Now they say: If the store is not open, you are to submit this as... Continue Reading

Does Anyone Work with Stericycle?

I know CRI is now part of Stericycle. I have never worked for Stericycle, but I was contacted by them last week and now am scheduled to do some inservice training sessions for drugstore employees (something I used to do in a past career life). Does anyone here... Continue Reading

CORI - I just noticed this

I just noticed that on the assignment page of one ofthe CORI shops (the page where you click for details and it asks you to put it in your cart) that at the bottom it says something sure to review your work. If clarification is needed, we may... Continue Reading

Qualified a store with CORI

I have a question I watched the video took the test for a company with CORI passed the test and was qualified for the job a few days ago. I logged into the site today was going to accept the job now it says I have to qualify again.... Continue Reading

Job rating with CORI

Does anyone know what the job ratings are with CORI I just completed my first job today and I got a rating of 5 is that good?... Continue Reading

CoRI calendar / choosing a date help

I have a job in my cart and am trying to check out. It says to pick a date but the calendar doesn't allow me to. This is an available shop not a backup. I cannot check out without choosing a date. Any ideas?... Continue Reading

CRI chat rep was downright rude!

Not sure if this is the right place but I just had to vent, and wondered if anyone else has experienced this? I did my first two shops for CRI last week, a simple fast food, and a more complicated home improvement.Then a week later I did another home improvement... Continue Reading

CORI Payroll Issues

Ok, so two of my last three payments have contained errors. On both occasions, one completed shop was omitted from the payment. The first time, I contacted them and it was paid the following week. I have just sent an email for the second mistake and will... Continue Reading

CORI Apartment shops

Has anyone completed apartment shops for CORI? How do the reports compare to EPMS? Thanks for any info.... Continue Reading

CORI Corrected 1099

Has anyone received it yet? The email that I received said that everyone would be receiving a corrected 1099. I'm sure it's coming in the next couple of days....just wondering if anyone else had received one yet.... Continue Reading

CORI backup question???

Hey all!! I had applied to be a backup for a couple of CORI shops. I just received an email stating that those jobs are available. Only problem is that I can't find them anywhere to put them in my cart! I left a message for... Continue Reading

CRI Pre-Assign

What exactly does the pre-assign mean?... Continue Reading

CRI payment

Did anyone get paid through paypal on Fri. the 17th? I got an email notification on Monday for my payment processed and normally get paid that Friday. It is Saturday now and have not received it in my paypal yet. Is this a paypal issue or a CRI... Continue Reading

CRI Shops

Hi, I have recently signed with CRI, they have a ton of shops in my area but I can't see the payment until I complete the information video and do the test. I don't mind doing all this IF i know the payment and can choose if it's worthwhile. If these payments... Continue Reading

CORI 40 CENT Shops?

Has anyone else seen these "popular teen clothing retailer" shops that pay $.40-$1.25? I'm new to CORI... is this what I can expect?... Continue Reading


I did some gas station audits for time/day stamp didn't take for some reasons on upload. Will they take pics with a time/day stamp on them as well as a trial software watermark???? I can't afford anything but a trial time/day stamp software program today, HELP!!!... Continue Reading

CORI gas station-45 day wait to re-shop question

Hey all!! I am setting up my week and see some gas station shops that I just recently did open again. Does CORI tell me that I am unavailable if I apply for it? I would hate to apply and do the shop only to be told... Continue Reading

Selecting Dates for CORI Shops

I selected a CORI shop and went to the shopping cart to choose my date. The February calendar has 3 days in blue and the rest of the month in green. I see I can only choose a day within the 3 blue dates. Is there a way I can... Continue Reading

CORI receipt received question...

Hey guys!! I did a couple gas station shops last week and only 3 of the 5 are rated and have the receipt received box checked on the site. I still have not been rated on the last 2 and it doesn't have the receipt box checked as... Continue Reading

those doggone CORI tests!

I have been spending about half an hour on one. Can't figure out what I am checking wrong, as everything seems to be right from the video.... Continue Reading

HELP submitting CORI shop

I did my first CORI shop today. I have been trying to submit the report for 4 hours now! I am so frustrated. I filled out the report and uploaded my receipts and photos. When I click submit, it says the page cannot be displayed. I hit the back button... Continue Reading

CORI big box home improve test

Hello! Has anyone else had to take the test again for the big box home improvement stores? I had taken it before, and did a number of shops that were well received. However, I noticed recently I had to qualify again before I could schedule any more and all... Continue Reading

CORI 1099

When does CORI send out their 1099 tax forms? 2011 was my first year working for them and I haven't received a 1099 yet. I am sure I made more than $600 in 2011.... Continue Reading

Help me with Cori please?

So I finally passed the auditor university test. I'm now trying to grab a bonused shop; I've got the shop in my cart but I'm stuck. I'm having trouble with the calendar pop up and trying to choose a date. Maybe I don't understand the color key, but I'm clicking... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International. a joke!

I have done 20 shops for them and the last 4 days have been having trouble submitting the paperwork because their server kept timing out. I was doing everything right and their Client Operations Support Representative told me that if I was too stupid to figure it out then I... Continue Reading

CORI report not!

Ok, you would think I would have learned my lesson by now. Doing 3 gas station reports. I enter all the info, re-size pictures and I use IE. Comes up with an erro message each time. I have spent over 2 hours trying to figure this... Continue Reading

Help! CORI rejects shop for cashiers false "take out" mistake

I don't see a way to rectify this but I didnt falsify my report. Cori just won't take my receipt and offers no obvious alternatives or direct contact. How do you deal with this?... Continue Reading

CRI - Year End Payment Procedure

For those of you who have worked for this MSC, do they combine your fee and reimbursements as one total at year end? Marketforce, for example, reports fees and reimbursements for meals/groceries separately at year end. Reimbursements are not earnings. I just started shopping for CRI (when... Continue Reading

Unfreakin' Believable CORI "Auditor Test" (Big Grumpy Vent)

Look... This is a big vent. I'm so freakin' ticked off - I could screech. So, cover your eyes (and ears)!! I have the answers for one of their "tests" - but it is not accepting, no matter what I do. I am taking the answers DIRECTLY FROM SCREENSHOTS... Continue Reading

HELP! My CRI rating fell below 3

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CORi Payment Today?

has anybody gotten their DD today? Mine is always in the bank, like clockwork, by 8am, then today, its almost 1030, and nothing....Was trying to find out if possibly its me, or if its CORi. Should we not expect to get paid til Tuesday, when they get back? Hope... Continue Reading

Anyone changed CoRI payment?

This is in no way a complaint against CoRI. Just blowing off some steam, and hopefully anyone else in the same boat will understand whats going on. Arrggh. Thats all I can say. After I decided to get back into mystery shopping, after a lapse, I thought it best to change... Continue Reading

Thinking About Doing CRI Audits, Should I Do It?

I've just signed up for CRI, and there's a lot of shops in my area, I would just like for some people to chime in and tell me their experiences working for CRI. Are their shops easy/hard to deal with? How fast is their payment after shops are completed? How long does... Continue Reading

CoRI New ICA...again?

Anyone log in to CoRI and see the new ICA? I have a feeling their weekly payments may be ending. Below is the text from the new ICA regarding payment: "Company agrees to provide payment to Independent Contractor no more than 30 days following report submission provided the following... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International.

Anyone ever done any work for them? I have signed up and there is extensive testing required. They pay better than most companies here(I'm in Montana) but are more involved. I'm worried that if I go out of my way to do the shop that they may reject it as... Continue Reading

CORI Shop Commission $.04

I kid you not. I wanted to cut and paste it, so I could prove it. But the name of the client shows up. I am sure no one will believe me. But it is true. The Commission for the shop is $.04. If I do the shop will... Continue Reading

CORI report won't work!

UGH! I don't have IE on my mac, and it won't work on my mac. I have done other reports for different jobs on CORI and they all went fine. Then now, I have 1 question that won't bring down a drop box for me to fill out! All the other... Continue Reading

CoRI domain name has expired

I swear, I was just in there grabbing bonused shops this morning. Now, I need paperwork for TODAY and I can't get it, OMG, lol. Any suggestions, comments, peanuts?... Continue Reading

CORI not submitting?? HELP!!

This shop is KILLING me!! I entered ALL the info, changed the things it said I missed and hit the submit button....nothing happened. Nothing!! This is my first shop for them, Anybody have any advice??? Thank you!... Continue Reading

Change job date in CORI??

I would like to switch the date of a job that I took. The scheduler has an automatic response for her email. I thought for sure there were 2 days to pick from but I don't know how to go back and change it. Any help would... Continue Reading

corporate research international

Anyone work for this MSP? I've just signed up and wondered how they are to work for.... Continue Reading

I just signed up for Cori but have a question

I havent been validated yet. Does Cori jobs show the payment usually or do you have to go through all the big presentations/tests before you see the amount paid?... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

How does their rating system work? What does a job rating of "5" mean?... Continue Reading

Corporate Research Int.

Any opinions on this company before I try a shop for a particular home improvement store? I am bomborded with "increased commission" emails. Of course, I'll wait until they are actually increased to being worth the gas and multiple interactions. However, just wondering - lots of paperwork?... Continue Reading

Corporate Research Intl.

Oh my goodness. I did a shop last Thursday and submitted it within a couple of hours, turned in my receipt, etc. and then checked the website today to see if everything had been received. There was a BIG RED message that said "shop cancelled do to shopper... Continue Reading


Is anyone else having troble with CORI's site? Three times when clicked to log in it said the page could not be displayed. I finally was able to log in, sumbitted my report and did not get the confirmation #. There was just some information, but no comfirmation #. I... Continue Reading

CRI New company???

Will the new company takeover for CRI improve scheduling and pay???... Continue Reading

Corporate Research transfer

Corporate Research is now Stericycle which was RQA.... Continue Reading

CRI gas route

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Can't choose a date to complete a job for CORI

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What is going on w/ Corporate Research?

There is an assignment that I've been trying to sign up for from two weeks ago. It states it's a weekend shop. I put the job in the "cart." When I go into my cart and click on the calendar to select the date, it doesn't allow... Continue Reading

Anyone have contact info for Corporate Research Int'l?

Hi all, I've sent a message via the website but would rather have a way to contact someone with a payment question directly. I've been set up on direct deposit with them and they have always paid fast if not well. I did three jobs for them on 6-28,... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

Hi everyone! I am a newbie with CORI and have completed 12 jobs. All jobs scored a 5 which has my rating at 4.8. My question: I only see available jobs for retail and dinner shops. Do I have to have a 5 rating to see apartment jobs? Any help would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

Does anyone know how many shops you have to do for CORI before you get a "5" rating?

I've done 25 now, all rated at 5, but am still at a 4.9.... Continue Reading

CRI Payment Notices

Has anyone else NOT received their notice of payment from CRI? Every MOnday I get a notice of how much is being deposited into my cheking account. But not today. Hmmmm.... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

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phone shops for Corporate Research International

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Corporate Research

Beware if you have Yahoo your Exxon shops with more than 4 pictures will not be paid. The company blames Yahoo but I work for a lot of companies and the other companies don't have any problems with pictures. It's just a lame excuse to tell the shopper their software... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

I have done many jobs for this company and in many ways I greatly enjoy working for them, but their website sometimes drives me nuts. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who can explain what happened to me tonight. I ran the job search... Continue Reading

Corporate Research

When I accept a shop, I am committed to it. I will not disappoint a mystery shop client and accept a higher paying shop for the same time period and flake on the shop I committed to. Corporate Research was canceled by their client, or they discontinued offering... Continue Reading

A Question About CRI

Hello, I just became a mystery shopper for Corporate Research Internationl. I was looking at the training video for [gas station]. They mentioned that they will reimburse you for items bought at the convenience stores up to $2.00. They require that you also buy gas. Do they reimburse for gas purchases?... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

Hello, This is going to be a strange question but I really need some help on this. I'm a brand new shopper with CRI and I watched the video that pertains their Auditor University. I attempted to take the exam after watching the videos and I would swear that there are a... Continue Reading

CORI 888# Not Working, Now what?

I have several (4) phone shops left to do and CORIs 888 number is down. When I dial, it is silent for 1.5 to 2 mins and then I get a rapid busy signal. I was able to do one just fine earlier. The store is only going to be... Continue Reading

CRI - Corporate Research International. Tell me Everything.

Hey everyone. Thanks for your suggestions to join this site. I just got the feedback on my first assignmnet and recieved 5 stars!! I was pround of myself. It says it should be sept 3rd before I start recieveing payments so they can verify my account and all. I am curious how... Continue Reading

Cori ripped me off!

I did a shop for them, submitted the report on time and also sent pics... got a confirmation number and today I see the same job is on the board so I email them. Teresa says they sent me an email but I have yahoo and they have problems with... Continue Reading

CORI Scheduling: A little confused here

I was always under the assumption that you could only schedule for a three day window starting with the earliest possible day the location could be shopped. It used to be set up where you could assign in advance if you had to wait for your reshop restriction time to... Continue Reading

$1 phone shops at CORI? does anyone really do these?

I have done a few phone shops for Bestmark, paying $5 and $6. Fair for the amount of time involved. Out of curiosity tonight, I checked the CORI list and they only pay $1 per call. Are they serious?... Continue Reading

does anyone ever pass the CRI test?

I have spent about the last hour trying to pass the "university" test on Cori. It has to be rigged or out of order. I am answering all questions I believe correctly. It still says I have not passed and cannot assign myself jobs. Has this happened to anyone before?... Continue Reading

CoRI Steakhouse Shop

I'm just starting out and wondering about the CoRI steakhouse shop. Has anyone done this one? I have seen here that the commissions go up closer to the deadline. The current commission is $10 on top of a $40 reimbursement. Does this one typically go higher? How is the shop... Continue Reading

Why Oh Why Does CRI NOT Have A Save Feature OR...

Do they and I just don't know about it? This doesn't happen often, but enough to be a major annoyance. Something happens to the page and I have to start over again. For most of their reports, it's not a big deal, but they have some (the one I'm doing now)... Continue Reading

New CRI Low?

Here is part of an email I got today... I have ***** phone shops paying $1.43 each available to be completed today, tomorrow and Friday. The jobs require a recorded call, following a scenario that we provide, then a quick online report entry based on your experience. You can self-assign at.... Don't you... Continue Reading

Cori gas shops

I see they have shops listed for June with $0.00 for fee. SO I emaield them and asked do they seriously want us to do these shops for nothing?... Continue Reading

FINALLY got a decent commission from CoRI

Surprise, surprise..someone musta flaked. The clothing store for teens at $15 is unheard of here. Always just a reimbursement. Score one. Finally.... Continue Reading

Which schedulers to stay away from at Corp Research

I'm new to mystery shopping, but I rather like it. I've been friends with someone who worked for years with Corp Research and did hundreds of shops for them... most without any problem. That company just changed the scheduler for a home improvement store. They've done that same shop... Continue Reading

Anyone know if CoRI lost the mangled pizza?

I know that the emails I get from Cori always point out that the shop month for that pizza place starts with the last Sunday of the previous month so the pizza shops for April can start being shopped this Sunday. But they are not on the board yet. It... Continue Reading

corporate research inc

Has any one done shops for this company. They have test you have to pass to do the shop. I cant seem to pass very many. The wording ofthe questions are not very good. What do you think... Continue Reading

CoRI 3 day assignment period

How do people assign shops to themselves ahead of time with CoRI? I see shops being assigned way out in November, for example. And these are not gas routes shops, but other one off shops. Do some people have that priviledge, or do they contact someone at... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

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full-time living doing MS / Discriminate aganist older shoppers / corporate Research Inc.

Hello: First of all I have been truly busy doing my shops, sorry and to talk about making it full time yes you can. It can be done by getting with the right companies,signing with as many companies you can.I work with four great company dealing with convenience stores/ merchandising/... Continue Reading

CORI editing department

Are these people insane? I spent an hour and a half on a report that only paid $5 plus reimbursement (I needed the product, so thats why I did the shop). I have very good writing skills and have received TOP ratings for all of my reports so far (10 out of... Continue Reading

CORI Movie Theater Bonus- Funny!

I just recevied one of the many "Comission Increases in Your Area" emails, and movie theater is bonused .32Ę Don't all jump at once now.... Continue Reading

CoRI Gas Shops

I have never, in all my years, done a gas station shop. Not sure why. I saw that CoRI has them, but they say you have to buy $1 worth of gas? REALLY?... Continue Reading

Corporate Research Int.

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Q about CORI job board

On the Corporate Research International job board the column says "Start Date" but there is not a Column that says "Due Date." I click on the job description and it still only gives a START date. How do I know when it is due? Or are... Continue Reading

Corporate Research Auditor rating system

Can someone please help me understand the basis of Corporate research auditor rating system When I registered I was started with a rating of 3. I did one shop and went to 4. After that I completed three shops but only got promoted to 4.3. I recently completed three more shops.... Continue Reading

Saving Corporate Research, Inc. training information

Does anyone knows of a way to save the online training manuals from Corporate Research?... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International's payment policy

Does anyone knows why Corporate Research International does not provide payment information for shops that involves training? Maybe I am missing something here but it seems foolish to watch a video presentation for almost twenty five minutes not knowing if the payment will justify taking the assignment.... Continue Reading

What companies besides Corporate Research in NY and TES do movie Checks?

I'm badly needing some work and I've done hundreds of Movie Checks. I do NOT prefer the trailers, bad pay.. too much driving.. too much paperwork. The open checks and IF i'm desperate, the Blind Checks are okay, as long as they pay well. If you are a scheduler, you... Continue Reading

Corporate Research Quality Assurance Editor.

Folks. I am developing some serious heartburn with this individual. Before I push further, I would like to hear from other Shoppers if they have had or are having problems. I would also like to find out who her boss is and send that person an email on the subject.... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

Has anyone noticed their job board does not list the reimbursement for most shops, especially if the shop requires a training session? They have movie theater, home improvement, gas shops and more that I am interested in, but without knowing the fee/reimbursement I am hesitant to go through their video training... Continue Reading

Corporate Research - Roundtrips

Does anybody have the same experience? Does anybody know of same special deal? Either there is a deal out of what I am not aware off, or we have a lot of new shopper out there. Last month and this month, almost all the jobs are gone for a low fee. Yesterday everything for... Continue Reading

CRI - Gas Station Test

What am I doing wrong???? I have taken this test over and over and still can't pass I am far from being dumb and generally pass every test for shopping on the first try. I have watched the video twice, and still can't pass it. Anyone else having this... Continue Reading

any one know corporate research international

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CORI - website down?

I have not been able to access CORI for two days now. Anyone else having that issue or know what to do?... Continue Reading

Corporate Research International

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shopping with Corporate Research Interinational

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Recent bad experience with Corporate Research. Just for sharing!!

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Another BAD EXPERIENCE with Corporate Research International

This is really frustrating. I was assigned to a Dunkin Donuts shop that had to happen from 4 to 7 pm. I had to buy a ice cold coffee and a "breakfast" sandwich. Yes, I know...a breakfast sandwich after 4 pm? Anyhow...I proceeded and started the shop. I ordered... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of SteriCycle Mystery Shopping

I used to do retrievals for Sedgwick (formerly Stericycle), but now they pay $4 less than minimum wage in my area so I haven't taken anything in quite a while. (Source). September 11, 2023

So now that it is $3 as the first bonus, should we expect $6 for the next bump? I remember that company CRI which became Stericycle (that was based in Ohio) and they would bump it by pennies each day for their shops. (Source). June 29, 2023

.. Mousegal, I don't have the link. It's a long story, but here is the short version. I was with RQA back in 2009, they got bought out by Stericycle. (Source). April 20, 2023

Companies like RQA and Sedgewick (Before this was under Stericycle) do product recalls for companies. (Source). April 17, 2023

I used to work for Spar, Hallmark, In store, SRS and Stericycle. (Source). March 13, 2023

I miss Corp Research and Stericycle as well, they would REALLY bump of commissions on their blue & gold gas shops to where it was uber lucrative. (Source). September 26, 2022

Service Evaluations[/s] Sinclair Customer Metrics Six Star Solutions [s]Skilchek Services, Inc[/s] [s]Sneak PeakMS[/s] Sparks Research [s]Spies In Disguise[/s] Spot Check Services SQM Mystery Shopping - Sensors Quality Management Inc [s]Staceys Strategic Solutions[/s] [b]Statopex Field Marketing (merged with Intouch Insights) [/b] [s]Staying Connected[/s] [s]SteriCycle Mystery Shopping[/s] Strategic Reflections Summit Scheduling and Editing Superior Customer Solutions Sutter Marketing [b]T[/b] [s]Taylor and Associates[/s] Technology Store Shopper Test Track Research Texas Shoppers Network [s]The 420 Intel Agency[/s] The Brandt Group [s]The Hotel Shopping Network[/s] The Performance Edge The Shadow Agency [b]The Source (name changed; was TrendSource)[/b] The (Source). September 25, 2022

Inc Shoppers Critique International Shoppers View Shoppers, Inc Shoptalk Service Evaluations Sinclair Customer Metrics Six Star Solutions Skilchek Services, Inc Sneak PeakMS Sparks Research Spies In Disguise Spot Check Services SQM Mystery Shopping - Sensors Quality Management Inc Staceys Strategic Solutions Statopex Field Marketing Staying Connected SteriCycle Mystery Shopping Strategic Reflections Summit Scheduling and Editing Superior Customer Solutions Sutter Marketing [b]T[/b] Taylor and Associates Technology Store Shopper Test Track Research Texas Shoppers Network The 420 Intel Agency The Brandt Group The Hotel Shopping Network The Performance Edge The Shadow Agency The Training Factor TNS Global Mystery Shopping TrendSource (Source). September 21, 2022

Plus retail shops on their regular side. I was really disappointed when they were bought by Stericycle and their assisted living shops were no more. (Source). September 20, 2022

If it was a gas station shop, which is the only thing I saw with Stericycle, KSS schedules that gas station now. (Source). September 16, 2022