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Strategic Reflections sending incorrect 1099 for 2021

Anyone receive a 2021 form 1099-NEC from Strategic Reflections claiming that you did work for them in 2021, but you did not. If so what did you do about it?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections--a merger notice.

I applied for my first assignment with SR almost 14 years ago and have tallied far more shops, nearly 650, than for any other MSC. From the owner, Karen, through the manager of editing, Judy, down to all of the office staff, I was ALWAYS treated in an exemplary manner.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

ACE Mystery Shopping and Strategic Reflections

Did one company buy out the other company? Confusing emails with both company names stated for the job offer.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Pay Dates and Method

I have not been in the forum for a very long time. Is the search engine no longer working? I can't get anything close to answer that I know has to be among past posts a gazillion times. Hence, my question. When and how does Strategic Reflections... Continue Reading

1099 Forms from Strategic Reflections

Has anyone gotten theirs yet? Last one I need before submitting everything to our accountant.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflection checks

I got an email in December that checks were going out on the 11th. Has anyone received their checks this month.... Continue Reading

Experience with Strategic Reflections

Anyone complete shops for Strategic Reflections? If so, how was your experience working with them?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

Did anyone get the email yesterday about payment? Does that mean it will be delayed because their clients aren't paying?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections hidden jobs

Why would Strategic Reflections hide jobs from a shopper?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections payment

Has anyone received their Strategic Reflections checks this month? The email said they were mailed on Saturday February 16. Monday was a holiday, but mine should have been here by now.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

Is anyone else having a hard time getting in contact with someone at SR? I have called and emailed multiple times over the last week and can't get a hold of anyone. They used to be my favorite company because I could ALWAYS get in contact with... Continue Reading

today's Strategic Reflections payment

Actually, I received it yesterday, 11/21, for shops done as far back as August 30, but through 9/30. Still, 2+ months to get paid for minimum wage....Almost forgot about the work! And...there are no bonuses for SR anymore unless they are desperate, so SR has now been placed... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections payments?

I've only done two jobs for them, but based on the payment document, shouldn't we have checks for August jobs by now? Just wondering.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections shopper reviews

What are your experience with this company... Continue Reading

Contact info for Strategic Reflections

I have not received my Strategic Reflections checks for September and October. I have emailed the scheduler several times with no response. Anyone know how to reach payroll?... Continue Reading

Update on Strategic Reflections Pay Policy

Previously, this MSC was 'supposed' to run payroll (still their stated policy on Gigspot) for a previous month on the 27-30 of the current month and then inform shoppers via email when the checks (yes, they DO NOT use Paypal) would be mailed. I have learned that this policy has... Continue Reading

RESOLVED ----- Strategic Reflections... do they deactivate for being inactive?

****** Thank you all for additional contact info. Apparently something internal with my account that was just sending me in circles. I log in, says no account, I try to sign up says to reset password, I reset password and it says no account ***** you get the idea. One... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections - Help with Guidelines?

Turning again to the wisdom of the crowd. Just picked up a gas shop for SR via GigSpot and I have a question. The shop listing tells me there are 3 shifts and to check the Shopper Instructions to find the shift I'm supposed to shop. But there is no... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

please delete....... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

You all need to check your pay as I just found an error for reimbursement. I emailed Judy and Dawn. I got an email for Karen Register stating that my email saying I found a mistake enabled her to correct the programming error she found!! Check your pay and reimbursements... Continue Reading

Not seeing new shops from Sutter and Strategic Reflections like I normally do?

I'm new to Sutter and Strategic Reflections. Been doing several compliance shops for both of them for the last two months. The past two months, there's been an influx of shops at the beginning of the month. But I log on today, and crickets with both of them. Sutter has... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

I got an email saying that some shoppers notified them that the pay was messed up. They said they would send us an email when the checks were corrected. I still haven't gotten anything for February. Has anyone gotten their pay for Feb.?... Continue Reading

Amanda-Strategic Reflections

Amanda always responds quickly and answers my questions without alot of extra back-and-forths. Its so nice to know there is someone efficient to go to.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Anyone Paid for August Shops yet?

Come on... It's Oct 16 and no pay for AUGUST shops yet. What's up with this company?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Payments?

Have anybody received their payment for July yet? It seems like they are getting later and later every month.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

They call me all the time when they can't fill a shop. They called and asked if I could do this drive thru burger shop. It reimburses 8.00 for food( and you can't use a coupon) and pays 12.00. Its a drive thru REVEALED shop. I... Continue Reading

Has anyone been paid for April shops for Strategic Reflections?

Thanks!... Continue Reading

New guide lines for Strategic Reflections..way to harsh.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

How is this company to work for? I used to do their shops but they would have to call me every time they had a shop. Do they still do that? Any recent feedback would be appreciated.... Continue Reading

I am disappointed Strategic Reflections!

I was able to self assign a shop for Monday 5/9. I admit the shop stated weekend only, however, the available dates were 5/7-5/9. I accepted the shop and emailed the scheduler, questioning the Monday availability. I heard nothing back, and went ahead with the shop on Monday.... Continue Reading

Mobi Audit for Strategic Reflections?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

Middle of December, and STILL no pay from Strategic Reflections for October shops. I think it's time to dump them.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

I am getting more than a little annoyed by the Robocalls from this company. I know who their clients are in my area. I don't care to do any of their shops in my area. I haven't worked a single job for them in years because they... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflection's $3 candy company phone shop

Has anyone done these? You have to find an item to order, the msc gives you a bogus $50 gift card, you place the order and later the order is voided. Seems like a lot of work for $3 and you don't even get to keep the candy.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Payments for September Shops

I was just curious if anyone had received their September payment from Strategic Reflections yet. I did my first shop with them in September and I try to not do multiple shops for a company until I've been paid the first time. Their website lists the 27th-30th of the following... Continue Reading

"Name your price" shop with Strategic Reflections

I am considering a shop that is an hour drive because they are desperate and said "name your price". I said I would do it for $100 and they came back asking if I would do it for $80. Can I trust that they will actually pay me this... Continue Reading

Is Strategic Reflections losing a lot of clients?

I used to do quite a few shops for them in the past. For the last two months, I've seen a dramatic drop in shops available. For instance, when I used to see 20 different clients offered, I am now only seeing 1 or 2. I wonder... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections: Shop Timeframe, details

I'm not new to mystery shopping but I am new to SR. I have not seen any type of contact form for help. Are their due dates actual due dates - the shop can be completed any time as long as it is done before/on that date? I am so... Continue Reading

How does Strategic Reflections pay

I finally completed shops for Strategic, I see that the shops have been approved for pay but I don't know how I receive payment. It says something about putting on my pay statement. I cannot find any contact information to provide this information.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections payment

Has anyone heard from them about payment on February shops? I called and was told they usually mailed out checks on the 9th but I haven't seen an email that usually tells me. I find them to be easy shops but I dislike how they don't like telling you when... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections---again

Anyone paid for October shops yet? This company has disappointed me again and again... There was an e-mail 10 days ago, saying payments have been mailed. But nothing, so far... I'm not going to shop for them anymore.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Casino Shops

Has anyone done these before? I see that they have lowered the reimbursements. The hotel they reimburse for $150, but the cost of the hotel is more than that. In fact, on weekends the rooms are $250! The nice steakhouse they reimburse for $75 (it used... Continue Reading

strategic reflections

Anybody paid for September shops yet?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

Background: My father passed away very expectantly in August. He lives in Georgia and I live in Illinois. When I got the call that he was in critical condition, I dropped everything and went to Georgia. So I "flaked" out of quite a few shops with different companies. Every... Continue Reading

strategic reflections

I did a few shops for this company. When do they pay?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections is now bundling shops....

Has anyone else noticed this? I saw that they are bundling cell phone stores with fast-casual restaurants. The pay is exactly the same as if they were assigned separately. I might take them if the fee was higher, but for the exact same thanks. I... Continue Reading

FEEDBACK PLEASE: Strategic Reflections???

So how are they to work for please??? Many Thanks... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

Does anybody know what is going on with Strategic Reflections? I can no longer log in to their website. They still owe me money for December.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

Now it is my turn to ask, has anyone heard anything about pay? I have heard nothing, and for them it is late.... Continue Reading

Strategic reflections

I registered with this site and they sent me an email for a bank shop, opening a checking count. I've never done these before. Does this sound like a scam? Uou open the account with $1. They also said they are willing to negotiate bonuses. How... Continue Reading

Does Strategic Reflections Monitor This Board?

For the past week or so I have been unsuccessful in logging into the Strategic Reflections website. I get an authentication error and my attempts to have them send me my password informaiton are also stymied since the link does not seem to work. I checked their Facebook presence and it... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Website Issues

I am unable to login to the Strategic Reflections website. I get a error "Authentication Failure." When I try to get the system to email me the password it opens another screen and I enter my email address and zip code and press "Email my login information" and nothing happens. Similarly,... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections-dangerous web page?

I just tried logging in to Strategic Reflections and I'm getting a "Dangerous" page. Firefox won't let me sign in. Anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections having technical issues?

I've tried to log in at Strategic Reflections several times today from two different computers but it won't let me log in. I use a password manager that automatically logs me in but it's not accepting the password I've always used. Then when I click on 'Forgot password' and... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

Has anyone received payment. They said they pay between the 27-30. They would send a email when payment check is mailed. No email yet. No money yet.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflection???

How long does it take them to pay? Also, How do they pay?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

Hi, Did not see any information on Strategic Reflection via the search feature or the company listing, so let me try the direct approach: Has anyone worked with them & impressions (good and bad)? I am in my 3rd month of MS and trying to tread the waters carefully. Thanks... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Pay Issues

I still have not received my payment (or Email notification) of same from Strategic Reflections for the shops I completed in January. According to the website, the check should have been processed at the end of February but it is over a week into March and still nada. I contacted Payroll... Continue Reading

ACE & Strategic Reflections..shopmetrics ???

For some reason I can't see any jobs in my screen when I log in to these companies websites and yet every day without fail I get sent an email containing jobs in my area....anybody have any idea why? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections-BIG GRUMPY pay vent

OK, I had avoided Strat due to some negative posts here and on the V-God board. But, some peeps I trust said they were good and paid, etc. I checked out their pay cycle, 27th of the month following, so roughly a 60 day pay cycle if you do shops... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

Please do not trust this business to protect your identity. I contacted them by way of their website to be a Mystery Shopper and was shocked that no money was asked for up front. I have a shoppers page that shows my list of assignments, but have only gotten... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections

I did a couple of shops for this company in October. According to there pay policy I should be getting my money any day now. I can not find anywhere on their site how the pay. Do they direct deposit, PayPal, or check?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections - Shady shady shady

Assignment for a shoe store, $8 pay and $10 reimbursement. Instructions said do not shop Sunday or Monday; I wanted it for Tuesday. Calendar showed available dates to shop being from Tuesday to Friday, so assigned myself Tuesday, no error, all good. Did the shop, submitted a complete report with... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections-No payment yet this month

Has anyone else received anything indicating when or where our payment for this month is?... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Inc. and Secret Shopper

Has anyone worked for these companies and are they legit? I've received emails from them asking me to join.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Delayed Payment Tactics

The "Payroll Dept." only works on Fridays and leaves early. They will not address any missing checks for 60 days. This company will call you 2 or 3 times to remind you to do your job, but will make you wait 60 days to find out you have to wait... Continue Reading

Delayed Pay - Strategic Reflections

Their policy is to wait 60 days to address missing checks. The "Payroll Dept." only works on Fridays and typically leaves early. You can print your Pay Statement showing that you are due payment, but you are told that you are "S.O.L." if your check doesn't come.... Continue Reading

Shopmetrics / Strategic Reflections

Anybody works with them?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Strategic Reflections

I liked working with Ellie Himebauch when she was with Strategic Reflections. (Source). June 17, 2022

I do not recall when the situation of picking an exact date became the norm, but I figure that practice into my fee requirements. As an example, the pre-2022 Strategic Reflections had a shop window of three days, which was easily adjusted by phone; therefore, I worked for less. (Source). June 09, 2022

Strategic Reflections, pre-2022, had such a requirement, but the code was clearly indicated in the guidelines. (Source). May 31, 2022

Unfortunately for me, my #1, considering shops completed, the pre-2022 Strategic Reflections has folded their tent. (Source). April 30, 2022

[quote=hbbigdaddy] I forget who Strategic Reflections is now part of. (Source). April 22, 2022

I forget who Strategic Reflections is now part of. (Source). April 22, 2022

#1, considering total earned, is Maritz. They were easily accessible and never hesitated to, when needed, open their purse. #1, in total shops, is pre-2022 Strategic Reflections. (Source). April 21, 2022

If so, have you had any success with it? There are two convenience store shops (formerly Strategic Reflections) that normally pay $10 plus $10 reimbursement. (Source). April 04, 2022

Anyone receive a 2021 form 1099-NEC from Strategic Reflections claiming that you did work for them in 2021, but you did not. (Source). March 18, 2022

Further troubling is that when I logged into the Strategic Reflections website after signing up for GigSpot, it told me I had to choose whether to, for all future logins, log into the GigSpot site or the original Strategic Reflections website and that (Source). March 03, 2022