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MarketApproach, Kantar, TNS ??

Can someone tell me what the difference is between these three names? Are they all the same company?... Continue Reading

$65 Wireless Study Shops at Walmart with Kantar/TNS

TNS is near the end of the Walmart Wireless Phone Study and we have a handful of shops to schedule. We currently have the shops listed at $65. However, make us an offer for any of the currently open locations! Request at VENTURA, California, 93003 OXNARD, California, 93033 BAD... Continue Reading

Pharmacy shop for TNS

I just wanted to be a good mystery shopper forum member and give a heads up - TNS is scheduling shops where you speak with a pharmacist briefly about a specific vaccine - the pay is great and the report is the easiest I have yet to encounter for a... Continue Reading

TNS time shares

Anybody have any experience with these? They’re very tempting. A search for TNS returns nothing here, which seems strange.... Continue Reading

TNS Big Box Electronic Shops

Last month I did a shop at the yellow and blue big box store for TNS. It seemed easy and I got through it fine. Only problem is, you can only do one of these shops. Period. One shop at any location. Its frustrating as... Continue Reading


I did my first shop for them 10 days ago and it's still in review. Does anyone know the usual turn-around? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Anyone Registered With TNS Mystery Shopping

Are they legitimate? Feedback if any? Thank you in advance. :-)... Continue Reading


Hello! I just tried to go to the TNS website and it is no longer there.... Continue Reading

Kudos to Jess at TNS

Jessica recently left TNS after many year with TNS. She was a great scheduler. I did some pretty complicated shops with her. Anytime I had a question or problem she would get right back to me with an answer. She was so responsive and always upbeat.... Continue Reading

Anyone done a resort shop through TNS

I'm just wondering if it is as straightforward as it seems. I'd like to sign up for one, but am nervous about being out $$. Thanks for any insight!... Continue Reading


Is anyone having trouble logging into TNS Client Smart? Thanks.... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

New TNS shops

Just wanted to say that TNS has some really easy inquiry shops on their site at big box retailers (hardware themed). Its almost all Yes/No questions with one or two comments and they pay decently...not to mention the report isn't all the long. The first round of shops... Continue Reading

TNS nopay

A couple of years ago I accepted a dog food shop from TNS. It was in Cody, WY, a 110 mile round trip but the pay was good. I did the shop, reported in a timely manner and had the answers to all the questions. I checked the... Continue Reading

TNS prepaid cards

Has anyone completed these shop only to find that certain banks have absolutely no information on them?????????? And instead you are meeting with a banker who tries to talk you into opening a checking and savings account? This was the case for two out of the three assignments I had.... Continue Reading

TNS. What states they have shops in?

Do they have jobs on west coast. Just signed up with TNS and it seems like they only cover 6 states.... Continue Reading


Has anyone heard anything about this company. About how they pay etc.... Continue Reading

TNS delayed payments?

Just logged in to check their available assignments for my area, and saw a little yellow triangle at the top of my homepage on TNS, clicked it, and got this message: --------------------------------------------- 6/11/2013: Delayed Shopper Payments Please be advised that many checks from all payrolls in May (and first of June) are delayed.... Continue Reading

Are there two TNS -es ?

Hi, Does anyone know if the TNS listed here: and here: are the same company? The logos appear different, but I find it hard to believe there would be two shopping companies with the same name. Also I can log in to the Sassie system but not the other, but also the... Continue Reading

TNS Application

Can someone tell me if TNS is taking new shoppers? I am probably just missing it, but I can't find a place to apply on their website. Thanks!... Continue Reading

TNS Pet food shops

Have ya'll done the new pet food shops for TNS? Easy shop! A funny thing happened today. The rep. did not recommend the specific dog food so I told her a friend of mine recommended it and asked her thoughts. She said "I don't feed my dog XXX brand because... Continue Reading

TNS smartphone shops - current

Read the presurvey questions and guidelines. Are you supposed to ask about particular phones, just the Intuition or what? Shopping the we. Fall cycle. HELP! cyn... Continue Reading

TNS Weekend Warrior survey, need help.

The employee was not there, and the report keeps asking questions about the employee and won't let me close out the report. I have to have this completed by 8 PM this evening. I have six hours to turn it in. In another section it says I... Continue Reading


Just got an unsolicited email from TNS. Not signed up with them, so dont know why, but I gather they do revealed gas audits whatever that means, but what other kind of mystery shops do they do ? Thanks in advance.... Continue Reading


Has anyone had a problem submitting a receipt for TNS? I attached it just as I normally do and it doesn't show up in my submitted report. I tried over & over but it still doesn't show up. I let them know the problem but no response as of... Continue Reading

TNS candy bar audits

For some reason a search for TNS on all dates yeilded no results. I feel certain there have been threads about them. Has anyone done the candy bar audits? If so, how long did they take. How was the report?... Continue Reading

TNS Global

Has anyone ever heard of them? Are they legitimate?... Continue Reading

I saw someone wandering around a mall in New Jersey today wearing a black polo shirt that had the TNS logo on it.

I saw someone wandering around a mall in New Jersey today wearing a black polo shirt that had the TNS logo on it. What would that be about?... Continue Reading

Kudos to TNS!

Recently I received in the mail two checks from TNS in separate envelopes. I didn't think anything about it but realized, when I was marking payments received on my shop sheet, that they had issued two identical checks duplicating payment for work performed. The checks were identical down... Continue Reading

TNS - the SASSIE site

For a while TNS was posting to both their SASSIE and their Clientsmart sites. Has anyone seen anything posted on the SASSIE site in the past 6 months or more? I know the Clientsmart site is active.... Continue Reading


I was just wondering if anyone does work on a regular basis for TNS Rapid Movie Checks? I have been a member with them for over a year now and never heard a thing. Recently, I managed to get them on the phone and found out who the... Continue Reading


Dear TNS Shopper: TNS would like to take a moment to let you know about a new and exciting partnership we now have with Corporate Research International (CRI) regarding Mystery Shopping. With this new alliance, CRI is now conducting all of our Mystery Shopping work and we would... Continue Reading


Another merge on the horizon. Sounds like a win/win situation. Love both MSPs!... Continue Reading


Does anyone know anything about TNS? Have you done any shops for them? Reason I ask is I did a purchase/return shop for them last January - reports accepted and everything fine. However, I have yet to be paid - I have emailed them several times but nothing.... Continue Reading

Where can I find assignments for mystery shoppings or any such assignemtns here in Chiang Mai, THAILAND

Sirs: Where coould I find assignments fro mystery shopping or any such of a kindof part time job, here in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Could you please be kind enough to give me more details ind informations?... Continue Reading

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