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Is "TechnologyStoreShopper" still an active company?

Yesterday, I received an email from this company for a job in my area. I have completed a couple of jobs for the company over the past two years. When I went to log in, it would not recognize my email address and told me to update my password. ... Continue Reading


I complete my first shop for them on 2/28. I received a grade of 10. When should I expect my payment?... Continue Reading

Technology Store Shopper: 10 emails, really? Sassie abuse

10 back to back identical emails, first time I've been contacted by them. No one's Sassie agreement consents to being SPAMed. Bad first impression. All from: Deb Kavanah Continue Reading

Technology Store shopper - new person there

Deb is her name. I've been working for them for 2 years now, have always gotten 8s and 10s, now they have this new person there and my report is unacceptable. Anyone else having trouble with them now?... Continue Reading

Kudos to Technology Store Shopper

I received this email earlier today -- Dear Valued Technology Store Shopper, We were very disappointed to find out that your payment was not sent to your PayPal account in a timely manner for the shops completed by 5/16/14. We have discovered how the error took place, and have put new... Continue Reading

Anyone done work for Technology Store Shopper?

I just did a shop for them and I am a little confused! The guidelines asked for a phone call followed by a visit to a retailer. I made the phone call and the phone rang and rang. I then made the visit and could not find the location. I... Continue Reading

Technologystoreshopper - Anyone else seeing payment delays?

I do phone shops regularly for this MSC and my May shop got payed in one month. But I have two shops done in June still show pending. Is this normal? Anyone else seeing the same thing?... Continue Reading

Technology Store Shopper

Has anybody shopped for them? Looking for pay problem/success; any problems. the usual........ Ok I followed the "BLUE" dialog box after I wrote this question and since September 2009, various posters have been asking the same question. :-( Apparently TSS needs come on board and answer. They have two... Continue Reading

technology store shopper

anyone able to contact this company recently? thanks... Continue Reading

Technology Store Shopper, Inc.

Has anyone shopped for or heard of this company?... Continue Reading

Technology Store Shopper Payment

Has anyone here been paid yet for recently completed shops? I did two shops for them on 5/08 and they have yet to be paid. I did one on 5/15 and it now says Paid 5/28. I was curious why the third one would be paid before the two that I did a... Continue Reading

Technology Store shopper

Has anyone heard or shopped for Technology Store Shopper or Thanks!... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Technology Store Shopper

Sorry you were having so many issues! Please send an email to scheduler@technologystoreshopper. (Source). May 07, 2019

I just got two jobs with technology store shopper due Monday. (Source). March 10, 2019

shopping.technologystoreshopper. (Source). March 09, 2019

I tried to re-register only to be told my email was already registered. I went to their website, http://www.technologystoreshopper. (Source). March 09, 2019

Try Technology Store Shopper for $14 electronics store fillers. (Source). April 17, 2018

Have had the pleasure of working for MSC's that pay out the shop on the same month that it is performed Business solutions, technology store shopper, and GFK. (Source). December 01, 2017

Technology Store Shopper pays every 14 days. (Source). August 26, 2017

Hmm, it says: Technology Store shoppers - 1 to 2 weeks after the shop (paypal) I think I need to ask them why I was not paid within 60 days at least (Source). May 03, 2017

The sticky thread directly above yours shows MSC payment dates for a lot of MSCs, including Technology Store Shopper. (Source). May 03, 2017

Start with what you know... it will make things easier. Since you are a tech guy, sign up with Technology Store shopper. (Source). April 16, 2017