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The Shadow Agency Hard to get paid

Trouble getting paid?? did many jobs and haven't seen a penny I hear they look for ways not to pay you after its been set to pay they pull the invoice and begin to pick apart your work. I have a friend that refuses to work for them anymore because... Continue Reading

Is anyone else having trouble getting paid by The Shadow Agency?

I did two tiny jobs for them on 1/3 and 1/7 and the company is late paying me. I reached to Russell and got crickets. The payment policy, which is clearly posted online, says the company pays 45-60 days after the job has been completed. Well, they are over the... Continue Reading

Does anyone know how to reach people at The Shadow Agency? Or maybe answer my question.

I emailed a question today to "ShopperSupport" at The Shadow Agency and no one responded. I was supposed to do an apartment Web-inquiry job today. The instructions said in two different places I was to take a screenshot of an email reply and save it as a Word document in... Continue Reading

Grace Hill / The Shadow Agency / The Training Factor - VERY Slow payments

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

What's your experience with Grace Hill/Shadow Agency?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

The Shadow Agency-luxury perfume shop

I did a luxury perfume shop for them on 2/2/18 and part of the information/scenario packet said that I would be reimbursed for the perfume purchase plus shipping costs in advance of the shop pay due to the cost of the perfume. I was to purchase... Continue Reading

The Shadow Agency- PayPal MassPay problem

[b]Post deleted at member's request - Mod[/b]... Continue Reading

What is the relationship between Grace Hill, The Training Factor, and The Shadow Agency?

A scheduler for The Shadow Agency sent me an email about apartment shops in my area. The email said to log in at The Training Factor using the link provided in the email. When I clicked on the ink, the page for Grace Hill popped up. The Grace Hill log... Continue Reading

Leslie Mueller at The Shadow Agency

Leslie is my kudo vote this month! I had two high-end retail video shops scheduled as part of a cross-country route. I got the guidelines, and realized the store doesn't carry my size (it required a try-on, so I couldn't say it was for someone else). Leslie... Continue Reading

Shadow Agency - suspended? I just read about this MSC in the magazine and went to the website to check them out and I see the site is "suspended." HUH?... Continue Reading

Shadow Agency

Has anyone did any video shops for this company lately? There pay seems really slow, still waiting on pay from October....... Continue Reading

Shadow Agency--Filezilla Server Hacked

I just received an email from Lisa at The Shadow Agency. Their Filezilla server was hacked. Here is the full text: Our Filezilla Server has been hacked! UGH! We will be changing our Host information and pass along this information as soon as it is up and running. Please contact your scheduler for... Continue Reading

The Shadow Agency...late payments

Is anyone else having problems with late payments from The Shadow Agency?... Continue Reading

Has any worked for The Shadow Agency -Newmark

I chose an assignment with them and now I am blocked out of logging into their website. I have emailed twice and no response. I called and the person that I spoke to said that the person who was in charge of this is remote. Whatever... Continue Reading

The Shadow Agency - Newmark

Has anyone applied on their site? The site asks for your name, email and phone number but no one contacts you. It has been 3-weeks, is this normal? This company specializes in video shops. Continue Reading

Shadow Agency

Anyone have any feedback regarding Shadow Agency?... Continue Reading

Shadow Agency payment method

I'm reviewing my 2012 shops to verify payment for each one before I add it to my taxable income. I don't recall Shadow Agency's method of payment - can anyone let me know? I know they have paid me for at least some of my shops but I can't find... Continue Reading

Not paid by Shadow Agency

Has anyone done a shop for Shadow Agency? I seem to be having trouble getting paid. After several messages (all unanswered) I looked them up on the BBB. They have an "F" rating. Anything I can do about this? I did the job July 19... Continue Reading

Shadow Agency

What are the pluses and minuses of this company? There seems to be some confusion in the Shaddow Shopper thread. Shadow Shopper is not the same as Shadow Agency. I wanted to sign up for this company but my best girlfriend tells me that she stopped working for them because... Continue Reading

The Shadow Agency

Hi Any info on this company?... Continue Reading

Shadow Agency bad/Summit Scheduling good!

As I was going through some postings about a week ago I came across a note about Judith Gill with Summit Scheduling and it was very positive. I noticed I had done a shop for Summit Scheduling with Shadows Agency in August and had never gottten paid. I did as... Continue Reading

Shadow Agency

Not Shadow Shopper. Anyone ever have a problem with these guys? I did a shop of a new housing development back in May, and while their payment log says I was paid June 25, I have yet to actually receive anything, either in the mail or through Paypal. I've written them... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of The Shadow Agency

really motivated now and hope I can find a partner as it becomes much more cost effective when you share expenses), and the Video Training presented by Russell from The Shadow Agency. (Source). October 07, 2019

MSCs such as Shadow Agency, Clear Evaluations, Trendsource (now called The Source), A Closer Look, Servimer, Melinda Brody & Co (RIP to the founder), Preferred Investigation, SQM, Sales Research Group, Proliance, and Business Observations were among those that (Source). October 06, 2019

Special thanks to IMSC Pam for the special door prize giveaway yesterday evening with playing the "Dollar Game." There is video training at the host hotel with The Shadow Agency from 9 AM-5 PM for those that are still in town. (Source). October 06, 2019

My favorite reports are Gracehill/Shadow agency. (Source). July 26, 2019

.. I can only speak for my personal history with The Shadow Agency and Grace Hill. (Source). April 12, 2019

Past History: If you search “Shadow Agency,” you’ll find a long history of shoppers having to chase pay from Russell and Lisa Wood of The Shadow Agency. (Source). April 12, 2019

Hello, I am a scheduler for The Shadow Agency. (Source). March 24, 2019

I emailed a question today to "ShopperSupport" at The Shadow Agency and no one responded. (Source). January 03, 2019

The Shadow Agency has processed my payments the following month for me but I guess it depends on your timing for a company that pays at the end of the month, if you complete your shop (Source). November 16, 2018

Reach out to the general email for The Shadow Agency and ask for the owner. (Source). November 15, 2018