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The Training Factor and The Shadow Agency jobs available! Over 800 shops!

Happy Friday! Over 800 shops available, bonus available for quick turnarounds! If you are interested in obtaining a route please fill out this google form New to Mystery Shopping? Sign up to be included in our new shopper training Need a PV-500 to record video shops? Check out Continue Reading

Grace Hill / The Shadow Agency / The Training Factor - VERY Slow payments

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

EPMS vs Grace Hill/The Training Factor

For those who have done both, how do the reports compare? I've done EPMS and I agree that their reports are annoying and repetitive. I'm considering taking something from Grace Hill/The Training Factor. What would I be in for?... Continue Reading

Payroll- is it Grace Hill? The Training Factor? TSA Newmark

How do i get in touch with one of the above for a payroll issue? The 888-7-LEARNU IS DISCONNECTED.... Continue Reading

What is the relationship between Grace Hill, The Training Factor, and The Shadow Agency?

A scheduler for The Shadow Agency sent me an email about apartment shops in my area. The email said to log in at The Training Factor using the link provided in the email. When I clicked on the ink, the page for Grace Hill popped up. The Grace Hill log... Continue Reading

Grace Hill / The Training Factor: Pay

I recently completed my first several shops for Grace Hill... I like to track expected pay dates, but I can't find anything substantive about their pay periods...... Continue Reading

the training factor

Does anybody know the payment schedule for the training factor? How they pay when they pay ect? It was not listed under the msc payment dates and not to many threads are out there about this company and I cant find it on the website. Any info would be... Continue Reading

FYI - The Training Factor has been acquired by Grace Hill

The Training Factor has been acquired by a company called Grace Hill. It appears the acquisition is for training programs that probably are not tied to mystery shopping. Link below. Continue Reading

The Training Factor - Apt Shops

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Grammar Woes of The Training Factor

The Training Factor just sent out the following bit of advice in their shop instructions. "If your shops are inaccurate or grammatical full of excessive errors, your shop will be eligible for rejection." There were other errors in the instructions. This was the most egregious example. Will their editors really know... Continue Reading

The Training Factor Rocks!

I submitted my report on 2/4 and receive a check in the mail today with bonus, as promised! Paying on time. It can be done!... Continue Reading

The Training Factor

Has anyone worked for The Training Factor, Jamie Giles, an ACE scheduler, sent out an e-mail to ??? (I am assuming she is using ACE's shopper database) asking that shoppers check it out and sign up, giving her name so she can get a referral fee. I'm a little... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of The Training Factor

They are affiliated with The Shadow Agency, and formerly with The Training Factor. (Source). June 25, 2022

Grace Hill/The Training Factor has a lot of phone shops~ https://thetrainingfactor. (Source). February 18, 2022

Iím happy to follow up and report that Grace-Hill/The Training Factor paid me yesterday. (Source). May 12, 2020

I did an apartment shop for Grace-Hill/Training Factor on 3/4. (Source). April 01, 2020

Grace HIll and The Training Factor merged a year or so ago. (Source). October 27, 2019

When I click my Grace Hill link it goes to Training Factor. (Source). October 26, 2019

They're Ellis (they and the other one never have shops near me), RBG, and The Training Factor/Grace Hill. (Source). September 11, 2018

In 2011, I was paid $70 for an apt. non-targeted video shop by the Training Factor, which it is my understanding became Grace Hill. (Source). May 27, 2018

In 2011, I was paid $70 for an apt. non-targeted video shop by the Training Factor, which it is my understanding became Grace Hill. (Source). May 07, 2018

Can anyone log into the Grace Hill web site (Training Factor)? (Source). February 27, 2018