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This Company Appears to Be Out of Business

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Undercover Essentials Certificates of Training

I attempted their training program and I never received a certificate. I have stated that I attended the training in my profiles, and then I am asked for my certificate number. (Well, I never received one. Apparently, my training took place at about the same... Continue Reading

No more video training/certification by Undercover Essentials

Who will fill the void?... Continue Reading

Trying To Reach Carrie at Undercover Essentials

I will be attending the Atlanta conference at the end of May. I was told that Carrie P. with Undercover Essentials will be teaching a video workshop that same weekend. I e-mailed her in March and again today but I have yet to receive a response. I... Continue Reading

Does anyone know what's going on with Undercover Essentials?

I've sent them three emails over the last ten days and left two messages to find out about video certification. I've had no response to my emails and I just get the voicemail straight off when I call the phone number.... Continue Reading

Are the Undercover Essentials Workshops Still in Existence?

I'm probably going to the Las Vegas IMSC conference in 2 weeks, and emailed Undercover Essentials several weeks ago to get information about attending their November 7th workshop.... *crickets.* An acquaintance of mine paid $125 via PayPal for this workshop, but no correspondence or receipt, except from PayPal. What is going on... Continue Reading

Undercover Essentials online workshops...who has done them?

I have been following the threads to see the verdict on the Undercover Essentials online workshops, but cannot find anyone who has completed one and has an opinion. I have no doubt that attending these workshops in person would be valuable, but am curious what those of you that... Continue Reading

Undercover WORKSHOPS.

Undercover WORKSHOPS. ------------------------- ~ Just when you think gold should be enough..... Are these workshops a scam or does it have some legitimacy? Thanks. ;~0:)... Continue Reading

Undercover Essentials Video Shopping Certificat​ion

Has anyone attended this class? It cost $125 and they are trying to say you will have beter jobs available to you. Just wanted to get some of the veteren shoppers thoughts. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Undercover Essentials

I went to the seminar in Fort Lauderdale and picked up some useful information even though I have completed many video shops. Carrie did a great job of helping some people who are new to the video game. I learned of some video shopping companies that I did... Continue Reading

Undercover Essentials Video Mystery Shopping Workshops

I just got an email about one coming up near me. A day of training and "certification" (whatever that means) for $100. Has anyone ever done this and is it worth it?... Continue Reading

Undercover Essentials

Just a quick note to let you know that this company & Carrie are THE BEST! Her Video workshop is the best way for anyone to get a real feel for undercover video work and I learned a lot about Mystery Shopping, in general, from Carrie & the other workshop participants. Carrie... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Undercover Essentials LLC

My class was through the now defunct Undercover Essentials. (Source). February 27, 2016

My training was with the now defunct Undercover Essentials. (Source). March 31, 2015

Thanks to Jacob for moving the now defunct Undercover Essentials to the out-of-business list. (Source). December 30, 2014

Undercover Essentials in on the list of active MSCs. (Source). December 28, 2014

Connections Merchandise Concepts Mystique Shopper Nationwide Services Group Nationwide Services Group Nimble Support Services Peak Techniques Pinkerton Compliance Ramack Scheduling Services Restaurant Evaluators Secret Shopping Services Service Advantage Star Scheduling Total Research Solutions Truss Communications Undercover Essentials LLC Wireless Store Shopper Wonder Marketing Inc (heart) (Source). December 08, 2014

It seems they have been in business for almost two years now and filled the void created when the owner of Undercover Essentials changed careers. (Source). November 22, 2014

I don't see how Undercover Essentials video certification will not continue to be a gold standard despite the company being out of business. (Source). September 06, 2014

I only took one workshop with Undercover Essentials. (Source). August 12, 2014

Temarie, Undercover Essentials is no longer in business. (Source). June 23, 2014

Study what they have to offer before attempting to compare prices on eBay or some other web source. When I took the last Undercover Essentials workshop in Atlanta, Carrie said that MCP and other companies were no longer selling video equipment. (Source). February 23, 2014