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I would like to commen VeriTES on their ethics. I used to do trailer checks for them in the past. Today I open a letter from them to find that while doing housekeeping on their accounts, they came across a check that had never been cashed and asked to update their... Continue Reading

TRAILER CHECKS: Certifed, Verites and now a third provider????

Did a trailer check tonight and the manager tells me I am the third person doing them today. I did mine for one of the two major providers above and know the person who does them for the other major provider. BUT....have no clue as to who else may be... Continue Reading

Verites question

I tried to sign up with this company, and after I filled out their form I received an error telling me that I need to fill in the fields that are filled in. There is obviously something wrong with it. I emailed the address that they list where they want... Continue Reading


Is there any recent feedback about this company? It offers theater checking assignments and appears to have gone by two other names in the past, Theatrical Entertainment Services (TES) and TNS Media Intelligence. Continue Reading


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Verites theater evaluation (sneak peak)

I am doing my first shop for Verites tonight. It is a sneak peak theater evaluation. The instructions seem to contradict themselves. It says I must get a count of total seats in the theater but do not ask the manager. I also need to give... Continue Reading

Anyone heard of Verites/PSB Company

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Has anyone heard of Verites/SBC Global?

Has anyone heard of a company called Verites, they sent me an email to do a shop under the name SBC Global? I think they are a European company, there website does not seem to have much information on it.... Continue Reading

VeriTES job board?

Does anyone know if VeriTES has a job board? I registered with them but can't log in. I'm wondering if you only get access to the site if you have an assignment. Do they email you with any offers?... Continue Reading


Has anyone heard of this company? I am supposed to do my first assignment for them tomorrow, but I have not gotten any info from them. Any suggestions?... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of VeriTES

That's two new movie companies in two weeks. Hopefully, I will get an email.[/quote] It's not a new company. One of the verites folks uses this address for their postings. (Source). January 16, 2019

Had to be either Verites or Certified only, Checker Patrol does not do trailer checks at this time. (Source). January 05, 2019

Thank you !! I am a scheduler for Verites (Source). September 23, 2018

I would like to commen VeriTES on their ethics. (Source). September 22, 2018

...BUT....Verites has dropped checkers who stayed and watched the movie, so proceed with caution. (Source). August 29, 2018

Verites also does trailer checks. (Source). August 24, 2018

Does VeriTES have any shops in SC? (Source). August 10, 2018

please send me an e-mail to IFD.Forney@verites. (Source). August 05, 2018

I have informed Verites with no reaction. (Source). July 13, 2018

I have messaged Verites with no response. (Source). July 12, 2018