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Anybody here an experienced shopper with We Check?

Hi all, new shopper here. I recently joined a few mystery shopping companies. Among them are We Check, Bestmark, and Coyle. All the shops I've done so far is with We Check, mostly because it was dense with available jobs within my area. They were mostly retail shops, but it... Continue Reading

We Check - Survey Link

Just trying to wrap up my phone shops for We Check. The shop entails calling and asking about tire installation. The instructions state that there will be a survey link in my assignment email (on the shop log, it only allows me to fill in the date, time of the... Continue Reading

We Check (MSC)

We Check is on the List of Official MSCs but there are no discussions about them in the forum. Has anyone worked for them? They are located in Canada and it looks like they only have shops in Canada.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of We Check

We checked our directions first and there was nothing wrong with briefly leaving the property. (Source). May 28, 2019

I do one bar audit and we check to make sure under age are carded since the restaurant is responsible for drunk drivers getting into accidents and can be sued. (Source). May 12, 2019

I've always been paid within 30 days of completing the shop by We Check. (Source). April 15, 2019

However, they contract them out to We Check, that has done them for the last two years. (Source). April 15, 2019

And that was with my husband helping me by taking a lot of the photos! We checked in at 3:30 and I wrote about bell service, valet, check in and housekeeping until after 7pm. (Source). March 26, 2019

We checked and I had no EIC last year. (Source). March 17, 2019

Trailers checks were decent money when we checked all the screens for a film. (Source). January 28, 2019

Have had bedbugs before because we invited someone who was desperate to stay at our house for a while. She had a horrible infestation of bed bugs. Now, we check EVERYWHERE! (Source). November 15, 2018

The observations of associates where I work is this: if the customer offers a story more than one sentence long about a return, we smell bull, and we check the merchandise, tags, and receipt very, very, very carefully, which takes longer. (Source). September 18, 2018

Top 5 Companies in no particular order : Performalogics (easy shops, super easy reports!), We Check (They have my favorite shop), Marketforce (only when bonused), Mystery Shopping Canada, and Mintel (Do not even have to leave my house and I am making money from them. (Source). September 01, 2018