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Anybody here an experienced shopper with We Check?

Hi all, new shopper here. I recently joined a few mystery shopping companies. Among them are We Check, Bestmark, and Coyle. All the shops I've done so far is with We Check, mostly because it was dense with available jobs within my area. They were mostly retail shops, but it... Continue Reading

We Check - Survey Link

Just trying to wrap up my phone shops for We Check. The shop entails calling and asking about tire installation. The instructions state that there will be a survey link in my assignment email (on the shop log, it only allows me to fill in the date, time of the... Continue Reading

We Check (MSC)

We Check is on the List of Official MSCs but there are no discussions about them in the forum. Has anyone worked for them? They are located in Canada and it looks like they only have shops in Canada.... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of We Check

Nothing unusual yet, but we get to our next shop. (all of these but 3 are same client) and the same thing happens. We check black out dates and nothing is up and decide to keep doing shops as we still get half pay for an attempt. (Source). September 25, 2020

So far I have done work for Premier Service We Check Ipsos Canada Insight Shoppers Confidential if anyone can provide me with names of other companies, that would be greatly appreciated. (Source). August 09, 2020

My mom was fortunate enough to live in a pricey one. We checked on a few before she moved in because she loved food and was still able to do almost everything including eating almost everything. (Source). April 10, 2020

Neither of us had ever been to that town. We checked in, then went to dinner at local hot spot about 10 miles away. (Source). January 02, 2020

Some sites let us be our own model. We no longer need to ask, "Does this dress make my butt look fat?" We see this for ourselves when we check out the rear view. (Source). November 29, 2019

".... this widget, $799 for today only, is the only one on the market that comes in twelve colors including the inimitable rainbow font...yes, we checked. (Source). November 01, 2019

They couldn't have been more accommodating and refunded the charge. We've also had a situation where we checked into a hotel for a two-night stay, and it was so awful we cancelled the second night and found someplace else. (Source). September 12, 2019

If so, check out Shoppers Confidential, One Stop Shoppers, Premier Service, We Check Service, Mystery Shopping Canada. (Source). July 30, 2019

The next day we did all the sightseeing stuff, Horatio Hornblower, Butterfly Conservatory, etc. and had dinner at a nice restaurant. We checked out and went to Niagara on the Lake (about 20 miles North on Lake Ontario) and checked into a B&B for a few days at a lovely old mansion that was built in (Source). July 12, 2019

We checked our directions first and there was nothing wrong with briefly leaving the property. (Source). May 28, 2019